Megyn Kelly ‘Freaked’ by New Fox News Alert

FNC changed its Fox News Alert and apparently it caught Megyn Kelly off gaurd…

7 Responses to “Megyn Kelly ‘Freaked’ by New Fox News Alert”

  1. Cute, but yet another terrifying “ALERT” that will soon enough be ignored.

  2. I hadn’t noticed it until I saw it here. I’m happy to be the first to ignore.

  3. What’s neat about it is that when “ALERT” comes down, there’s a little jerk or a shake or something, that gives the impression that the word is being stamped on the screen.

  4. there‚Äôs a little jerk…

    I didn’t know he worked there.

  5. Watch it, buddy…

  6. That reads “jerk” not “idiot”, idiot.

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