Free for All: 11/29/12

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  1. November 2012 Ratings: Fox News Daytime Shows Have Best Months Ever (TVNewser)

    November makes it 131 straight months — since January 2002 — that Fox News Channel has been the most-watched cable news network in total viewers. Fox News had nine out of the top 10 programs in cable news based on total viewers, and seven out of the top 10 in adults 25-54 viewers.

    (the rest of the story)

  2. Zucker officially new CNN head. Let the bitching and whining begin.

  3. Imus mentioned that his contract is up on December 3rd. Haven’t read anything in the NY media or industry pubs about a new contract or potential retirement. The I-Man hasn’t given an indication about wanting to renew or retire. Any info spud?

  4. @fritz

    There are two types of people who should be concerned (aka whining) about CNN’s hire… fans of CNN, and fans of MSNBC.

    If Zucker drags them to the left (which I’m not convinced he’ll do… this is all business and marketing strategy, ideology is down the list) they might start to cut into MSNBC’s lead. That should worry, MSNBC fans (who care about ratings) because he’s “Ross Perot” the left-of-center audience. As for CNN fans, who want less commentary and more straight news, this should be equally worrying for obvious reasons.

    As I see it, however, FNC fans have little to care about.

  5. Exactly, he’ll just bring the CNN liberal bias out in the sunshine a bit. That’s a good thing. Let the real Gloria Borger stand up… or just go away.

  6. Yeah blue FNC doesn’t have to worry about CNN yet, but they do have to watch MSNBC creeping slowly up on there Prime Time left flank.

    I do hope Larry’s right and long time CNN boring stalwarts like Blitzer, King and Crowley are on there way out.

  7. Rachel Maddow has a theory that senators like John McCain, Susan Collins, and Kelly Ayotte are against Amb. Susan Rice becoming Secretary of State because if John Kerry gets the job Scott Brown gets another chance to run for senate.

  8. “Rachel Maddow has a theory that senators like John McCain, Susan Collins, and Kelly Ayotte are against Amb. Susan Rice becoming Secretary of State because if John Kerry gets the job Scott Brown gets another chance to run for senate.”

    ^^That theory has been floated around for a couple of weeks but it’s pretty far fetched. Even if Kerry is named to some post; Brown is no shoe-in to win in Mass. Congressmen Ed Markey and ‘Joe’ Kennedy III are apparently interested in running and either would be very hard to beat in Mass.

    My favorite conspiracy theory for the Rice story is that Obama should name Susan Collins SOS or to some other Cabinet post. It would drive the Repubs crazy. It’s not going to happen because Maine has a batsh*t crazy Governor at the moment and, I think, he would get to name her successor until the new election was held. Still, I’d love to see it happen just to see the Republican reaction.

  9. I think the theory has merit because several Republicans have stated flat-out that they think Kerry would be super awesome as SoS. My other theory about the disgusting attacks against Amabassador Rice is that some Republicans are a$$holes.

  10. You say disgusting attacks, I say legitimate criticism. But wait, it’s coming from Republicans and they are meanies! Please…

  11. “Incompetent” and “not very bright” go beyond legitimate criticism. Susan Rice is a Rhodes Scholar who was asked to relay to the press what the CIA had as available unclassified information at that time. If you dont like it, take it up with the President and David Petraeus. Calling her stupid is way beyond the pale.

  12. Is she stupid? No. Is she an incompetent liar? Yes. Just because she has high academic achievements still doesn’t excuse the fact that her story keeps on changing by the day and she is spewing out excuse after excuse. Incompetence we can deal with, but we need answers which apparently she (or anybody else for that matter in that joke called an administration) doesn’t feel like giving.

    Or republicans are meanies. Whichever floats your boat.

  13. I’m not big on the Kerry-Conspiracy. If not SOS, good chance Obama will nominate him Secretary of Defense

  14. The questions have been answered. The CIA has changed the details of the Benghazi account as they have sorted through the intelligence. As Thomas Ricks tried to explain to an incompetent Jon Scott, sometimes we never learn exactly what happened in a firefight.

    Yesterday, after meeting with Amb. Rice, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said she believes the premeditated terror attack was abetted on scene by Libyans angry about the video. John McCain and Fox News are in the business of “being troubled” and “asking questions”. The actual answers must be found elsewhere.

  15. Joe must have some time on his hands as he is babbling cluelessly: “Sometimes we never learn what happened in a firefight?”

    They had DRONES watching it!

    And remember to always do your own research on any of his statements.

  16. Speaking of incompetence, here was McCain’s “question” the other day: “How come we know all the details of the bin Laden raid, but are having trouble sorting out Benghazi?” Uhh..bin Laden was our raid. We planned it, genius!

  17. Uh huh. DRONES can’t tell you who was motivated by what on the ground. All it does is track movements.

  18. Protester were waving their anti-movie signs too fast for the drones to read?

  19. Canada’s healthcare system has been broken for so long that most Canadians have finally stopped complaining about it and learnt to accept mediocrity (or below that in many cases). The lesson here is that whether healthcare, customer service, the economy, etc., people will learn to accept mediocrity. 30 days on average to see a specialist is apparently not something to complain about.

  20. Joe, you are drawing a conclusion from something that Collins didn’t say as strongly as you seem to believe.

    She said that a few people may have been motivated day of, but there was no evidence that the attack was caused by the video. In other words, the video didn’t play a significant role in the attack.

  21. At 8pm while CNN and MSNBC are live and covering the “breaking news” that the White House unveils its fiscal cliff offer,
    Bill O’Reilly who is on tape opens with an interview of Lincoln Chafee about the Rhode Island holiday tree that was taped yesterday.
    They agreed to disagree about the Christmas Tree vs Holiday Tree naming and it was a totally useless interview.

  22. Gee Outsider, I’ve been told government provided health care is wonderful. Health expert Michael Moore says so.

  23. WH fiscal cliff offer a joke.

  24. Blue, look up “abetted”. Collins, you and I are all saying the same thing. It has been reported before that the attack seems to have been some combination of premeditated terror, and spontaneous assistance partially inspired by the video protests in Cairo hours earlier. Sen. Collins confirmed this.

  25. Joe… not a significant portion saw or was motivated by the video!

    It’s like blaming the riot on a bad dinner, because a few people didn’t like their meal.

    Come on.

  26. You have no knowledge of how many people were aware of the video. Richard Engel reported immediately after the riots in Cairo that the “movie” was being promoted by radical clerics on the radio as a major American blockbuster scheduled to open on 9/11. I have no doubt that this word was on the street in Libya, too. Just because the right wing wants to pretend no one in those two countries was angry about this, doesn’t make it true.

    It is clear the attack on the consulate was orchestrated terror. It is also clear a lot else was going on on the streets of the Middle East that day, and we will probably never know all the details down to an absolute certainty.

  27. Why is Louis Gohmert still in Congress? He’s claiming POTUS helped oust Ghaddafi so al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood could be installed in power. He should be impeached for talk like that against a sitting president.

  28. It’s a free country. Hopefully his constitutes will vote him out if he said such a nutzo thing.

  29. Bill Cunningham please STOP YELLING!

  30. It’s a free country. Hopefully his constituients will vote him out if he said such a nutzo thing.

    No “if”…it’s on tape. And it’s Texas, so I’m not hopeful.

  31. – Hannity –
    If I agree with you, and you’re still annoying the hell out of me, it’s time to reconsider. Sean’s love affair with Bill Cunningham has always escaped me.

    Speaking of annoying things, what the hell is wrong with these idiots at Hostess? You’re in a situation where you can comfortably blame the unions for the “demise” of the company, so what do you do? Give millions in bonuses to the execs. I’m as pro-business as anyone, but sh\t like this is why people hate them with such passion. It’s also what creates an opening for government to play Mr Nice Guy.

  32. Bill Cunningham became a joke when he started his lame copy of the Maury and Jerry Springer Show.

  33. Louis Gohmert says this crazy stuff all the time. No one notices or cares.

  34. “Brent Bozell, a prominent conservative activist and fundraiser, is threatening to steer donors away from the Republican Party if GOP lawmakers sign a deal to raise taxes.”
    Bozell is a bully clown. No wonder he on Hannity’s show every week.

  35. There’s always a representative number of crazy people representing us. It’s what makes America great.

  36. You’re in a situation where you can comfortably blame the unions for the “demise” of the company, so what do you do? Give millions in bonuses to the execs.

    Which is precisely the kind of thing that created unions. Believe it or not, man is inherently greedy, and left to his own devices, a large percentage of them will take every last cent they can get away with, and do it on the backs of the workers making it. “Big business” became a slur for a reason..

  37. And “man” is in charge of the union, which have also, in this case, been “left to their devices”. “Unions” have also become a slur for a reason.

  38. Certainly 47% will.

  39. I bet half of Hannity’s audience are liberals who just aren’t angry enough to be happy. Ma Kelly gave this boy the sense not to watch that show.

  40. Hannity is angry about everything, then wonders why no one notices it about that one thing.

  41. That’s the whole point of negotiations: The employer’s man haggles with the worker’s man. Without unions, the worker gets what right-to-work states have..crappy wages and crappy benefits. Because that’s what the vaunted “free market” allows. Greed is good..

  42. “He should be impeached for talk like that against a sitting president.”

    ….and then would his constituents vote him out?

    “And it’s Texas, so I’m not hopeful.”

    So exactly how would this impeachment work? Maybe you, I, Andy, Fritz, and CAPS could send a petition to Nancy Pelosi to get things rolling?

  43. As opposed to no wage and no benefits. Good luck with that.

  44. No mystery about it. People that buy guns legally have an instant background check via the FBI before they can leave with it. Odds they are going to do anything but use the gun in self defense are minimal. The evil doers get their guns in ways that don’t show in the statistics. Since the concealed-carry law was passed in Ohio the liberals predictions of turning the state into the “wild west” proved to be oh so very wrong. Crimes with guns went down. Robbing someone or breaking into their home is just more risky these days.

  45. Unions. I’ve been a union member and worked as a laborer in both union and non-union shops. I’ve also been on the other side in management. My judgement over the years is that if unions didn’t exits, the pendulum would swing too far toward abuse by management. If they get too entrenched and powerful the pendulum goes the other way and the whole enterprise might fail, move, or be outsourced. In my last fifteen years our labor force was non-union, but the threat of them organizing was always there. Management seemed to bend over backwards to keep that from happening. Everyone just kept on trucking.

  46. ^ That’s how you do a fair and balanced critique, people. (Don’t get cocky, kid).

  47. There was a very good interview of Newt Gingrich by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.
    To bad the media paid more attention to his ex wives because though he may not have been smart in his relationships he is smart politically.

  48. savefarris Says:

    Without unions, the worker gets what right-to-work states have


  49. Below-poverty-level jobs are not a good thing, and it’s where this country is headed: A few rich guys; millions of poor; no middle class. Congratulations, free market.

  50. below poverty level jobs lead to more govt dependency on medicaid and food stamps which leads to higher taxes

  51. So what do you do, outlaw low income jobs? Are they better than no job? The rich can not be taxed enough to solve all the problems. Destroy the upper class and society becomes corrupt. Any society that has tried economic systems ending in “ism” has proven a disastrous failure. Capitalism built the middle class.

  52. Pay living wages. Be like Costco not like WalMart. This is not new.

  53. Walmart alone is ruining capitalism by sucking the govt dry instead of paying a living wage.

  54. Every time you hear the register beep at Walmart think of the jobs lost in America to lower the price a penny. Also, think of the cost to the federal govt. to give that cashier medical and food stamps because walmart will not pay a non poverty level wage.

    (read the world is flat from 2005, he praises walmart)

  55. I’ve asked by you haven’t answered so I’ll shout: WHAT DO YOU WANT DONE ABOUT IT?

  56. I want companies with huge profits to pay more, I would like the public to pay more attention. Asking people to shop somewhere else may be asking too much because shoppers there may need low prices. The govt intervention I would like to see is either real canadian style health care that levels the playing field so costco is not penalized for doing the right thing while walmart profits and workers suffer. Fair media coverage of reality would be nice.

  57. I want the Easter Bunny to come twice a year, but he has other ideas, and I don’t have a way to make him so I guess I just listen to myself talk. And our Canadian friend on the blog, THE OUTSIDER, just explained how they have to queue in line for a month to see a specialist in the Great White North. No Thanks.

    Wasn’t OBAMACARE going to insure people that had poor choices? I thought that’s what they are raiding MEDICARE to pay for.

  58. What is the wait time in the states?

  59. Oddly enough it depends on the need. I seen a cardiologist next day. I have never waited long enough to upset me and I have sampled many crafts. My insurance company pays them well.

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