Free for All: 12/03/12

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  1. @JonahNRO
    I’m excited for all of the folks touting Clinton tax rates as part of 90s economy to also unveil their plan for new massive tech boom.

    And no one in the press ever questions them on that, or points out what a ridiculously Latin-named argument it is.

  2. BCS Championship Alabama Crimson Tide Vs Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish. Imus said this morning, he hopes Notre Dame whoops Bama. I bet Morning Joe was hoping the exact opposite.

  3. lonestar77 Says:

    Exactly, Laura. The minions in the media consistently let liberals equate the tax rates during the Clinton years with the boom during those years as if one had to do with another. They let them pretend that increasing taxes will lead to an economic boom.

    Reason # 899,278,789 why I hate the mainstream media.

  4. Not only did Clinten’s tech bubble burst at the his of term handing Bush a recession (who didn’t whine about it). his repeal of the1933 Glass-Steagall Act paved the way for the housing bubble burst to give us the Great Recession. Like given Nero credit for burning the trash.

  5. Congrats to David Letterman for getting a Kennedy Center Award. I believe he was handed the special JFK Fidelity in Marriage honor.

  6. ^ I see stupid comments.

  7. savefarris Says:

    Re BCS: I’m rooting for … the Mayans to be right. #latechgotshafted

  8. House Republican leaders have made a counteroffer to President Obama in the fiscal cliff negotiations, proposing to cut $2.2 trillion with a combination of spending cuts, entitlement reforms and $800 billion in new tax revenue.

    Erskne Bowlish.

  9. Bowles is irksome to Democratics.

  10. The GOP plan outline seems to be very light on specifics.

  11. savefarris Says:

    ^glass houses

  12. Of course, when I say “light on specifics”, I mean “no specifics”.

    What reforms are they going to do to increase revenue? What reforms are they proposing for “entitlement programs”? Where are those spending cuts going to be targeted?

  13. Bob Beckel is crazy with the Christmas Lights!! He can do no wrong, from here on out. Catch the replay of The Five.

  14. Roll Tide Y’all This ones for you Joe Scarborough.

  15. I didn’t mean the video to pop up Spud just the link.

  16. Okay, who wants to tell him how to do it. Al, it’s your turn.

    (I actually just want to hear from Al)

  17. icemannyr Says:

    When did Gerri Willis become a cranky republican?
    I’m not saying this to be nasty or a jerk.
    At CNN I remember her actually covering business news weekdays and on her weekend show.
    Since getting a regular show on FBN she’s just doing a partisan politics show on how awful Barack Obama and the DNC are.

    Unrelated, does anyone really care about Grover Norquist’s opinion?

  18. Girl gets to speak her mind now she has left CNN. They are awful.

  19. icemannyr Says:

    I’m not saying Gerri Willis is not allowed to have an opinion on the financial policies of the Obama administration.
    It would be nice though her show was more about business and less about politics.
    Unless the plan for is for FBN to become FNC2, then I guess there’s nothing wrong with the show.

  20. That’s Willis’ schtick as a guest on other Fox shows, too. It has a “tell ’em what they want to hear; get paid; go home” smell to it. Same with Bill Hemmer. When they show up from other networks and suddenly morph into bleating The Left Is Evil hawks, it’s a little suspect. And not a little depressing.

  21. Know he was sick, did not I.

  22. icemannyr Says:

    Michael Savage: “This is what’s going on now with the conservatives. They’re committing suicide. Just attacking Obama – although he deserves it – is not good radio,” Savage added. “Remember one thing, radio is primarily an entertainment medium. It was not created to be the voice of the Republican Party or the Democrat Party.”,0,7896505.story

    Take note Hannity, It’s not good television either.

  23. Just saw Bob Beckel’s Light Show. Incredible. I wish my place looked like that.

  24. icemannyr Says:

    A note to the Hannity producers,
    Melissa Harris Perry does not work for NBC News, she works as a host for MSNBC, and the on screen credit should say MSNBC not NBC News.
    Just because Hannity wants call MSNBC NBC News does not mean the on screen credits of MSNBC video should be incorrectly labeled as NBC News.

  25. icemannyr Says:

    Was Gerta’s interview of Governor Susana Martinez taped on VHS? The video quality is very bad and looks like SLP VHS video from the early 1980’s.

  26. Hannity REALLY needs another Colmes. C’mon… somebody… ANYBODY…

  27. Well, anybody but him. That is a train wreck waiting to happen.

  28. Well, Andy Devine is dead.

  29. Or maybe he and Maddow could do a ten minute Skype every night.

  30. Gosh, a pointless argument between Sean and Leo Terrell. How long before he walks off the show?

  31. As soon as OJ came in the conversation, I fled.

  32. Sean revels in asking the most obvious questions imaginable. And honestly, is Leo Terrell known for anything else?

  33. Lemme guess, Hannity criticized MHP for having a liberal opinion on a liberal opinion show. Spoiler Alert: Sean. She’s doing the same type of show you are. Genius.

  34. peter alexander gets promoted what does it mean for mike viquiera

  35. OK, let’s break it down slowly…

    Tax rates went up in Clinton budget to help deal with debt. Tech boom also happened and the economic growth (through corresponding increases in federal revenue) helped pay down the debt. Higher tax rates did not kill employment nor did it kill growth. As you just admit in your ideological comments, there are OTHER factors that contribute to job creation and growth other than tax rates (ya know, like an innovation boom). Democrats are not claiming that increasing tax rates will ignite economic growth (it won’t), we are simply saying, as in other points in history, it will not lead to job destruction. It is a relatively safe way to increase federal revenue without destroying jobs. Disagree if you want, but let’s raise the rates and find out. Many factors affect employment and GDP growth other than marginal income tax rates. MANY MORE FACTORS. The belief that income tax rates will fix everything led Bush to cut rates AND give rebates with very little positive effect on the economy and that was with a housing boom for a tailwind. That is called the law of diminishing return.

    If it makes you feel better, I admit on behalf of all democrats that Clinton was helped enormously by the internet bubble. On behalf of all democrats, I also admit we raised taxes (which is how you capitalize on a bubble) to leave the Republicans a budget surplus (neener-neener). Republicans p!ssed away their revenue from the housing bubble on tax cuts and two wars (whoops).

    Oh, glad you brought up Glass-Steagall, larry. In retrospect that was a very bad move by Clinton, IMHO. Of course, if you admit that Glass-Steagall was bad (as you did) that must mean you also think letting Wall Street run amok was the cause of the financial crisis because that was precisely what Glass-Steagall allowed.

  36. Sean Hannity is too stupid to be on television.

  37. savefarris Says:

    Democrats are not claiming that increasing tax rates will ignite economic growth

    They ARE claiming they will erase the deficit, which they won’t. Even Obama himself admitted that raising taxes would take more demand out of the economy which means the reduced growth in the economy would outweigh any expected increases in revenue.

    Disagree if you want, but let’s raise the rates and find out.

    We don’t have too: Britain, Spain and Portugal all raised their rates within the past 5 years. Each of them saw a drop in revenues after the rate raise.

  38. Elle, not that I’m a defender of Wall Street excesses, but Glass–Steagall Act is four provisions of the Banking Act of 1933 that limited commercial bank securities activities and affiliations between commercial banks and securities firms. Kept the banks from getting to big to fail. The Republican Congress partnered with Clinton to balance the budget. They also partnered with him to fu€k this up.

  39. Liberals just are drooling to pick the pocket of those that have money in it. They could care less about facts.

  40. The latest conspiracy theory from the right wing dumbassophere: ACORN (which no longer exists) stole the election for Obama.

  41. Conservatives don’t believe in government helping people or fixing roads. They’d rather see the rich folks sit on their cash while they bItch about “the lazy 47%”. Conservatism is stupid.

  42. I see stupid comments.

  43. Generalized stand-alone Liberals Bad comments are ignorant.

  44. From Spud’s Twitter feed:

    » Leave it to the Daily Caller to come up with an assinine Jeff Zucker story featuring decades old information……8 hours ago

  45. No smart, rational rich person would just leave money sitting around and let inflation eat away at it. They invest it. This is a very important theory in the economics of financial markets. Who benefits from the investments and the impact on others? It’s debatable.

  46. icemannyr Says:

    Andy, even conservatives are getting tired of Hannity’s act and it shows in the ratings.
    You can’t keep doing the same show every night about how liberals are nasty people who say nasty things and keep an audience.

    The interview segments with Hannity and a conservative not allowing the liberal guest to give their opinion without getting interrupted are getting more and more comical and are real bad television.

  47. If I have to listen to One More interminable bitchfest about how some poor, put-upon conservative got picked-on by evil liberals via Twitter, email or whatever-the-hell, I’m gonna puke. The special graphics about “Liberal Hate Speech” and “They Want You Dead”, with the occasional liberal guest managing to sneak in a “You should see MY email!”. But, of course, that doesn’t count..unless it’s another liberal who’s upset that this liberal appears on Fox. It’s Victimization Television.

  48. ^ That’s some wisdom goin’ on right there.

    A fascinating segment about Princess Catherine I saw on OutFront with Erin Burnett:

    Erin introduced a story about how the law had been changed to allow a female to ascend to the monarchy. So Erin says that, then asks the guest about it. Guest: “The law has been changed to allow a female to ascend to the monarchy.” Erin: “When will the law go into effect?” Guest: “The law is in effect.” Erin: “Ok then..Catherine is hospitalized for sever morning sickness. Do we know when we can expect her to be released?” Guest: “We hope she will be released soon.”

    I don’t know about you, but I found this damn funny.

  49. Ice and Laura, tons of conservatives still eat it up. Go on conservative web forums and you’ll read everyday how THEY’RE the victims. Not all conservatives are this way, but a lot are. Hell, half of Republicans think ACORN stole the election for Obama. Many of them still think he’s a Muslim who was born in Kenya. And this is who Hannity appeals to… the nutties who believe anyone who isn’t a TEA Party Conservative is a socialist liberal fascist commie who’s out to take their guns, freedom, bible and let the atheist terrorists take over America.

    I have way too many friends who are conservative and believe EVERYTHING Hannity and Limbaugh tell them. Hell, many of my friends, right now because it’s the annual FOX News paranoia “War on Christmas” bull… you can’t even say “Happy Holidays” to them because they’ll turn around and bark at you demanding you say “Merry CHRISTMAS” because “we’re a Christian nation”.

  50. I’m sure Billo and Sean were first in line to protest all the “hate speech” Bob Costas got on Twitter Sunday night…

  51. LOL Joe, that’s doubtful. In their world, only liberals compose hate speech. When Conservatives do it, they’re exercising “free speech”.

    Which gets me to another point about the dumbassophere. I get not being “politically correct”. I’m not the most PC person in the world either. But there’s a difference between not being PC and going out of your way to be rude and offensive (see: Rush Limbaugh). I don’t mind most of what people say… but when you say things that are blatantly racist and sexist (and you know it is), don’t sit there and say “we’ve become a pussified PC nation” when people get offended by the remarks that were intended to be offensive. If you intend to offend other people with a blatantly offensive remark, don’t hide behind this “people are too PC” crap, man up and admit what your intentions were.

  52. “I refuse to be PC” is code for “I’ll say whatever damn thing pops in my head, and don’t care who it bothers”.

  53. There are no words to express how I feel about the Republican Senators who voted against the treaty to protect disabled people. Actually, there are a few words, but I’ll refrain from using that kind of vocabulary.

  54. Joe, they’re just so simple minded. Hell, I loved all the intellectual analysis after Obama won, about how he only won because “people want free stuff” or “they want to open the borders and let everyone else in”. The dumbassophere deals in absolutes. If you’re not on their side on every issue, you’re the enemy. If you don’t agree with their far-right philosophy, you’re a socialist commie. Even hardcore conservatives have the “RINO” label thrown at them.

    And people wonder why Congress can’t work to avoid the Fiscal Cliff, pass a DREAM Act (which used to be a Republican idea before the TEA Party hijacked their platform) and work on fixing the economy and dialing down our debt.

  55. Dumba$$ Tea Partiers babbling something about home schooling being threatened by a disabilities act. There’s been an American Disabilities Act for 22 years! 38 chickenshyte Republicans voted against it. It’s shameful.

  56. Joe, it’s because they’re paranoid that the UN’s going to take all their rights away…… I bet it requires a lot of energy to live in the perpetual state of paranoia and outrage Conservatives live in.

  57. Who should make the critical health-care decisions for a child with a disability? A well-meaning, but faceless and distant United Nations bureaucrat, or a parent who has known, loved, and cared for the child since before birth?

    Faith in the United Nations is the mark of liberal stupidity.

  58. The Disabilities Act provides for access to things likes sidewalks and buildings. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  59. Rick Santorum is a paranoid lunatic.

  60. Thanks for that insightful comment, Andy.

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