Free for All: 12/05/12

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  1. There is a small ledge on the other side of the fiscal cliff. But you can’t stay on it very long.

  2. lonestar77 Says:

    Bob Costas apparently wants to ban semi-automatic weapons. He asks “what possible use is there”? Well, I own 4 semi-automatic weapons and they have plenty of uses. But, by all means, Bob, come take them from me. Idiot.

  3. Like the murdering football player couldn’t have used a revolver or shotgun… or his bare hands. Costas is attempting damage control as a large part of his audience is not welcoming of gun control advocates.

  4. Oh yes, let’s debate gun control.

  5. lonestar77 Says:

    Not debating gun control. Debating the idiocy of Costas. Costas wants to ban semi-automatic weapons. Most people who hunt dove, quail, ducks or anything else that flies use semi automatic shotguns. Many people hunt 4-legged animals with semi-automatic rifles (I actually use a bolt action). Damn near every handgun is a semi-automatic. If Costas wants to be the left’s new gun control advocate he should maybe learn a little bit about what he’s talking about…and not just be a reactionary midget who gets frightened by scary phrases like “semi-automatic”.

  6. Short-Joke ALERT!

  7. Oh go away all ye faithful: liberal judges, media, and atheist activists have already won the war on a public Christmas. Only small skirmishes left. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  8. You have to understand, lonestar… when most people (well, most non-hunting people) hear “semi-automatic,” all they really hear is “automatic.” They have no idea what the difference is between a semi, and a full automatic… and imagine that the gun is capable of spraying bullets across a crowded room in ten seconds flat.

    They don’t realize they don’t know.

  9. Um. Semi-autos can spray bullies around a room in ten seconds flat. I can empty fifteen rounds from my Glock in less time, but to restate your point, I shot a full-auto Uzi once that emptied its 30 round mag in less than five seconds.

  10. bullets, not bullies, LOL

  11. See! People don’t know the fire rate of these things.

    But the point still stands… many people don’t know the difference between semi and fully-automatic.

  12. savefarris Says:

    If there was any justice in the world, Roger Goodell would suspend Bob Costas for 2 games.

  13. I don’t give a rat’s ass what Costas said, except that he should have stuck with it and skipped the attempt to backtrack and “explain”. That never works.
    I do think that if he had a pair, he would have criticized the league for playing the scheduled game to begin with. He talks about a “culture of violence”, which is perfectly valid, while presiding over a game that celebrates it in the wake of these two deaths. Take a friggin day off, and show us that those two lives meant anything to you.

  14. Oh bunk. If somebody at my workplace murdered his girlfriend, my company wouldn’t have cancelled all contracts and told every one to take the day off. That’s just silly. To many people are grieving for the “star” murderer and paying scant attention to the victim as it is.

  15. We had a guy at where I worked who murdered his brother and then tried to claim his three day bereavement pay. Company didn’t pay it. Didn’t hear anything about the culture of working in a factory being a cause. Something had to be the cause though. After all, Dad liked Able best, so Cain killed him. Not sure if Cain played ball.

  16. They should have rescheduled the game.

  17. You’re pushing your luck, son.

  18. Come on. Take a shot. You’ll never lay a glove on me.

  19. lonestar77 Says:

    INB is correct; people like Costas hear “automatic” and pee their lefty britches.

    And, they shouldn’t have re-scheduled the game.

  20. Obama has an ambassador and three others killed and jumps next day on the campaign trail. That showed how much the four lives meant to him.

    Not a criticism of him… just how stupid the issue is.

  21. – Obama –
    Uh, yeah, and all conservatives bitched about it. What an idiotic counter-statement.

  22. Total missed the point.

  23. The show must go on.

    He would have wanted it that way.

    The play’s the thing,

    I’m dedicating this ________ to my ________.

  24. About Ailes/Petraeus:

    Jon Scott will be back Saturday, smugly accusing liberal opinion hosts of bias, while completely ignoring that his boss was prepared to fund a campaign to oust the incumbent president. If Jeff Zucker was smart, he would offer CNN up as the honest conservative opposition to MSNBC..

  25. Jeff Zucker: Diogenes of Sinope meets cable news.

  26. Joe, that’s FOX News … fair and balanced.

  27. Let’s cue fake outrage from Andy and Joe…

  28. I don’t do fake outrage. Commenting on things I disagree with does not qualify as outrage unless I’m truly outraged. And when I am, you know it.

  29. I have, on rare occasions, felt the ground rumble..

  30. icemannyr Says:

    It’s ironic NBC News breaks the story that “the Syrian military is prepared to use chemical weapons against its own people and is awaiting final orders from President Bashar Assad”
    and MSNBC is not even covering it much on the 8pm-11pm shows.
    The channel doing the most coverage and crediting NBC News is CNN.

  31. It’s on, too. Because NBC carries NBC’s news, and MSNBC is The Place For Politics.

  32. he would offer CNN up as the honest conservative opposition to MSNBC..

    Out-fox Fox by making CNN truly fair and balanced. Present conservative aspects of stories on equal footing with the liberal ones where appropriate, and where such reporting isn’t appropriate simply dig for and present the facts as honestly as humanly possible.

    MSNBC is not even covering it much.. MSNBC is not a news channel. They aren’t covering much because that’s not what they do, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  33. MSNBC is a megaphone for liberals. Why some people seem to think they have to pretend otherwise I’m not sure. When the transition was going on, maybe, but that’s long gone.

  34. I haven’t seen too many people around here “pretending otherwise” about MSNBC. I see a lot of people ignoring honest comments on the subject, however.

  35. Beckel still stands. Firing demand ….
    ……………….. thud.

  36. Another imaginary occurrence. One-or-two people thinking that Beckel should be canned hardly constitutes a “demand”.

  37. I believe the “demand” consisted of me and Spud. Whoop-de-freakin-do.

  38. One of the 10 most influential media commentators and his hard charging liberal sidekick. That ain’t hay.

  39. savefarris Says:

    What the *#$^ is Jim DeMint thinking?!?

  40. Don’t know. I used to work with his son until I retired so my best source has gone.

  41. I haven’t seen John Heilemann on Morning Joe (or anywhere else on MSNBC, for that matter) since he made his little “joke” last week; but I missed a lot of viewing hours lately. Has he been on MJ or other MSNBC shows, since his gaffe, and I just missed it; or are we seeing an unofficial ban of Mr. Heilemann by the network?

  42. DeMint sees the writing on the wall: The Tea Party lost their bid to take over the GOP, so he’s gonna cash Heritage’s checks and bleat about his Cro-magnan version of conservatism as a guest – and possibly paid contributor – on Fox News.

  43. Commentators comment. They hoped repetition would make it the big deal they tought it was. Didn’t work. I found it also interesting Sam Donaldson thinks Ed Henry one of the best on the beat.

  44. My guess is Ed Henry knows his network turned a real story into a partisan “outrage” which focused on one UN ambassador at the expense of more important questions, and trivialized it. I’d love to hear his take on Judge Jeanine being presented as FNC’s resident Benghazi expert…

  45. He didn’t say that the network over-covered it as a “news” story, just that the “commentators” overdid it. Mostly Sean, one would assume, with Greta and The Five in second and third. Since about half their schedule is “commentating”, it may be a distinction without a difference.

  46. That may be the distinction he was trying to make, but I doubt he was impressed with the weekend staight news shift’s treatment of it, either. Gregg Jarrett did a pretty good job of continuing the “it’s all The Evil Susan Rice’s fault” mantra for weeks, including allowing himself to be part of a created news segment to set up a Judge Jeanine screed.

  47. What Fox basically did was to turn Benghazi into Terry Schaivo, IE a story about which they go on for weeks/months, toward no particular end. Well, in that case she died, and Sean went on to whatever the next “story” was. And if memory serves, that story was seen as being not particularly helpful to Republicans in the ’06 election.

  48. Oh, and then there was Jon Scott on Happening Now with his “new concerns” about Ambassador Rice. It was a directive from the top to support the Republican Party’s attempt to talk POTUS out of nominating her for SoS. As a journalistic search for truth in the Benghazi incident, it was a joke.

  49. They may have riled up enough of a fuss to convince Obama not to nominate Rice or at least help to defeat her nomination. Good.

  50. The story is hardly over. Obama administration has yet to release the results of their investigation.

  51. No one says it’s over. Just that the push from Fox has been as counter as it’s been productive.

  52. Right. So subjugating a real investigation into Benghazi so they could extend the GOP’s pushback against a Rice nomination is a good thing. Nice to know we’re all finally in a greement with what FNC is up to here.

  53. Good seems to have outweighed the harm. I’ve no complaints.

  54. Fox commentators holding Rice’s feet to the fire. Cable news at its best.

  55. Glad to see Benghazi’s still the top story when serious stuff is destined to happen in Syria.

  56. Let’s talk about NASCAR.

  57. If Assad decides to use sarin gas on civilians, what are these people going to do about it? Write on a piece of paper at the UN to express the outrage? Foreign ministers saying how angry they are?

  58. I think it’s pretty clear what happens next in Syria.

  59. Syria is going nowhere good, and going down that road in a hurry.

  60. “The bloodletting begins. I hate this.

    ^^ He’s a hired bit player like Jeanne Moos. I grew tired of his shtick years ago and won’t miss him.

  61. I haven’t understood Jack’s purpose for awhile, as the uncomfortable buddy of the monotone Wolf? Moos at least plays the humorous piece of the day well.

  62. FNC’s obsession with Benghazi and Rice is bordering on humorous. Go ahead, keep kvetching about Rice – y’all are barking up the wrong tree. If you REALLY want to get to the heart of the Benghazi issue, you need to go after Clinton, Panetta, and Petraeus. If you don’t have the guts to go after those three, then shut the f*** up.

  63. Did Jack Cafferty do anything other than his report on TSR? I know he used to but that little blurb was all he had left, right? Why give up that sweet little gig? Paid to b!tch about whatever you want for 15 minutes a day on CNN. Sign me up!!!!

  64. I always thought Jack was pleasant, like me. He actually growled at everyone and everything. Perhaps too critical of Obama and Democrats to entice CNN to renew his contract.

  65. Clinton didn’t see that her people got the protection they deserved. Panetta as head of DOD bears little responsibility, but perhaps left Petraeus with a CIA too timid in the Mideast. Maybe Petraeus should have not been screwing around. Rice was a non-entity put out as a spokesman to bury everybody’s crap sandwich as a blue-plate special catered by film critics. She did so with vigor.

  66. This is kind of a big deal, especially for those of us with childlike faith in government oversight.

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