You Ask The Question, ICN Answers…

Mediate’s Noah Rothman asks the question…

Is Alex Wagner’s Opinion-Laced Now Changing The Face Of MSNBC’s ‘Straight News’ Programming?

ICN’s Answer:

No. Because Now was never a straight news show to begin with. This is a strawman question. Try to build up Now as something other than it ever was in order to tear it down. If Now had been a straight news show, Rothman’s question would have real meaning. But since it isn’t, the question seems kind of silly because it’s patently obvious that Now isn’t that kind of show and never has been.

It would be an interesting exercise to try and get someone from MSNBC on the record regarding what kind of show they think Now is, just as something similar was done by Dylan Byers regarding Martin Bashir’s opinion show which confirmes what many of us thought from day one…that Bashir’s show wasn’t a straight news show.


6 Responses to “You Ask The Question, ICN Answers…”

  1. This is what I meant yesterday, Laura, that there are still people carping about MSNBC not being a straight news channel. Spud has covered the subject many times. Maybe Griffin is to blame for his “not us” nonsense.

  2. I like Noah, but I’m a bit concerned with this need he has to point out the obvious. It was plain when I saw his headline that it would be discussed over here, because it’s nothing new.

  3. Wait, MSNBC is liberal? No sh1t?!?!? When did that happen?

  4. ^^ Yeah, laura, Noah was really late to the game on this one. Spud had him beat months ago!

  5. Noah is a young man playing a very basic game of right-wing “Hey guys, can you believe this liberal stuff going on over here?” It’s barely – often imperceptibly – above your average Some Guy On Twitter B!tching About The MSM.

  6. He missed the day when liberals finally admitted that MSNBC is no longer a news channel. Time to move on and accept it.

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