What’s Hot/What’s Not: 12/09/12

What’s Hot:

Roger Ailes and David Patraeus – The media made much hay over Roger Ailes’ alleged overtures to David Patraeus to run for President.

Jack Cafferty out at CNN – Even more surprising is that Cafferty left before Thanksgiving but it took until this week for the news to get out…

Phil Griffin vs. FNC – Griffin took some shots at his chief competitor this week while trying to distance his network from theirs…

What’s Not:

Jesse Watters’ political donations record – Sure it was dug up to try and embarrass Watters but it was over the line if you ask me…

Jake Tapper – It’s off topic but it needs to be said again…Jake Tapper gets repeatedly screwed by his network. Why is he still with them?


10 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 12/09/12”

  1. I don’t see why Watters’ business would “embarrass” him, anyway. If anything, he’s got a pretty good scam going on. This comes from the idea that people will clutch their pearls over such “deception”. For me, it adds interest to a segment I used to skip.

  2. No secret ailes was once a republican campaign strategist..and he still is. but yet he claims fox is “fair and balanced”. Hog wash. but what a laugh his antics can’t get a republican elected to the white house. not sure what will be worse…4 more years of whining all day everyday on fox…or obama!

  3. If Tapper is any good as a host maybe he has a future with CNN depending on what changes we start seeing,

  4. Harry… why would you think that one person, way behind the scenes… would be able to control an entire election?

  5. I agree Chris, Tapper would be a great get for CNN.

  6. Harry eating the hay. Cows eat hay, puke it up, and eat it again.

  7. Tapper could replace Kandy Krowly on Sundays. Would save them a fortune on the green room food budget.

  8. That is if Tapper can break free from the abusive environment. He suffers from battered woman syndrome at ABC.

  9. Griffin counterpunches. Doesn’t know he’s shadow boxing.

  10. Cafferty news didn’t get out ’cause CNN is ashamed of itself. Sending him to the Larry King Memorial Boneyard.

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