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FNC’s War on Christmas…

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FNC…contributing to the secular progressivism that is destroying the moral fabric our country was founded on? Didn’t they get the O’Reilly memo?


Free for All: 12/10/12

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What’s on your mind?

CNN Changes?

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Page Six is reporting some CNN rumors…

New CNN chief Jeff Zucker is looking at Erin Burnett to revive the cabler’s moribund morning ratings, writes The Post’s Richard Johnson. Burnett, who burst onto the TV news field at CNBC, is now hosting the 7 to 8 p.m. hour on CNN. “Zucker thinks she’s a real talent,” a source said. “He’ll team her up with a guy, and they’ll go after the audience watching ‘Today’ and ‘Good Morning America.’ One thing Zucker knows how to do is a morning show.” Zucker became “Today” executive producer in 1992 at the age of 26 and orchestrated its 16 years of ratings dominance.

I don’t know…seems unlikely to me. That would create three headaches right off the bat…

– What do you put on at 7?
– What do you do with Burnett?
– How do you contain the damage to Soledad O’Brien which will occur if you move her off and she gets tagged with a “twice a failure in mornings” label?

Zucker will have to contend with the first point regardless of whether he does what Page Six suggests or not because Burnett just hasn’t caught fire in that timeslot after being on more than a year. But, that last point is probably the biggest reason not to make this move at this time. It’s too soon. Starting Point hasn’t been on for a whole year yet.