FNC’s War on Christmas…

FNC…contributing to the secular progressivism that is destroying the moral fabric our country was founded on? Didn’t they get the O’Reilly memo?


36 Responses to “FNC’s War on Christmas…”

  1. Ugh… must we go through this every year.

    There is a difference in saying “Happy Holidays” as your choice, and being forced to say it as to not “offend” anyone by your employer.

    It’s subtle… but there is a difference.

    Come on, we’re better than this kind of Media Matters pablum.

  2. Oh noes. 😦

  3. My ‘care’ about this issue is limited, but the most ridiculous thing is the part where liberals assign religious significance to the Christmas Tree. Attempting to mitigate that by referring to it as a “holiday” tree is absolutely bizarre.

  4. Totally agree, Laura.

    What that says to me, as a Jew, is “I think you’re too stupid to realize that I’m tricking you into celebrating your holiday MY way, by calling it something else.”

    It’s not a Hanukkah Tree… it’s a Christmas Tree. You have one, I don’t. The end.

    I have a Menorah… not a Holiday Candelabra. I have one, you don’t. And that’s okay too!

    I find “Holiday Tree” very insulting.

  5. Is this the only promo FNC is running? Didn’t they run Happy Hanukkah this weekend?

  6. ^ They usually run a Happy Hanukkah one.

  7. Blue, why run the “Happy Holidays” promo?
    I just find it ironic that FNC gets mad when others are forced to say “Happy Holidays” yet they are choosing to run a “Happy Holidays” promo.
    Just air the promos for the each holiday celebrated in December, as FNC already does, instead of the generic “Happy Holidays” promo.

  8. As an atheist, I find “Happy Holidays” offensive.

    ok, I’m over it now.

  9. Yes, FNC ran a “Happy Hanukkah” promo. I saw it yesterday.

  10. Manny… they run them all. They run a “Merry Christmas,” a “Happy Hanukkah” and a “Kwanza” one… and a “Happy New Year.” But a “Happy Holidays” covers all the bases. Why not just run them all? There’s nothing to get up set over for that.

    Besides, as I already said, there’s a difference between having an option, and being forced. Also, there’s a difference between FNC the network, and a bunch of their hosts. The notion that Hannity or O’Reilly speaks for everyone, is garbage. Heck, those who often disagree with each other. So there is no “speaking for the network.”

    Elle… I get the sarcasm, but you hit on the actual mentality of a lot of the “outraged” people. Being “offended” isn’t the same as “not agreeing with.” Just because someone doesn’t celebrate a holiday, or is wished a “happy” whatever… doesn’t mean entitled “offense.” When did people start believing that it did?

  11. A condition of employment is that you perform the job as requested. Christmas has been designated by society a Christian celebration (in spite of its pagan origins), and many people don’t celebrate it. An employer has every right to advise his/her employees to avoid religious context when greeting the public.

  12. So there is no “speaking for the network.”

    That’s a ridiculous statement. It is common knowledge that memos are handed down at FNC to push certain subjects across the platform. It’s no mystery why the War On Christmas meme starts with Fox & Friends in the morning.

  13. The moment someone starts talking about “pagan origins,” you know they’ve spent too much time looking at left-wing blogs, were people talk amongst themselves, and expect to be told how smart they are by knowing irrelevant ancient history, as if it means something.

    Great… and the Democrats used to be hardcore racists, and founded the KKK. So I guess useless information like that is now in play too.


    Additionally, the phrase “it’s common knowledge” is commonly used when the phrase, “I don’t actually have evidence, but me and my politically similar friends believe.”

    Where’s the memo, Joe? Where’s the one that says, “Talk about this, and take this opinion.” Come on, offer it up. Show the class, or move the goalposts (like you like to do).

  14. Merry Christmas to everyone but Joe who I hope his employer makes him eat Lump-of-coal Fruitcake.

  15. Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays… I don’t care what you say to me. Fact is, it’s a gesture of good will. I get extremely amused when people kirk out when someone says “Happy Holidays” to them.

    I do get tired of this fake “War on Christmas” FOX barks about every single year. It’s just another way to divide the public for ratings by telling them those evil liberals want to destroy Christmas. They’ve been doing this for close to ten years now. As a result, my Facebook feed is full of “It’s Merry CHRISTmas not Happy Holidays” and “Put CHRIST back in CHRISTmas” and all sorts of other nonsense.

    I don’t think there’s a single person who would get outraged over someone wishing them “Happy Holidays” if it wasn’t for FOX “News” Channel. It’s just another fake scandal they invented that they try to get everyone outraged about.

  16. “…people kirk out…”

    Is that a phrase I’m unfamiliar with, or a typo?

    And do you really think that FOX “invented” people requiring employees not to say “Merry Christmas?” Seriously?

    I mean, there’s a normal level of FOX paranoia… but that’s just spooky, Andy. FOX highlights the stories (obviously for ratings, but all networks do that). But to claim they only highlight them, they haven’t invented them. Come on… be real.

  17. You have to admit though, there’s a delicious irony in a “news” channel running around for an entire month talking about how people saying “Happy Holidays” is destroying America and destroying Christmas and then doing so themselves.

  18. “Is that a phrase I’m unfamiliar with, or a typo?”

    It’s a phrase you’re not familiar with.


    “And do you really think that FOX “invented” people requiring employees not to say “Merry Christmas?” Seriously?”

    No. FOX invented the outrage and pushes it every year for an agenda. For the record, I’ve worked at several retail outlets and have never ever ever been told what to say. Hell, I’ve said “Happy Holidays” to people out of goodwill and they’ve turned around and figuratively bit my head off.

    It’s especially hilarious because FOX doesn’t have a problem with businesses telling employees they should vote for Mitt Romney or they’ll probably be fired. They don’t have a problem with a lot of things businesses do. But businesses suggest employees say “Happy Holidays” and FOX claims it’s a secular progressive Atheist plot to destroy Christmas. C’mon, be real.

    “I mean, there’s a normal level of FOX paranoia… but that’s just spooky, Andy. FOX highlights the stories (obviously for ratings, but all networks do that). But to claim they only highlight them, they haven’t invented them. Come on… be real.”

    They spend an entire month every year attacking businesses for doing the exact same thing that they already do themselves. It’s not paranoia. Personally, I get amused by it every year because the people who watch their crap eat it up like Thanksgiving turkey.

  19. ^You don’t watch FNC at all, do you?

  20. Susan Rice was made the focus of the Benghazi story for a month across multiple platforms. Now it’s the annual War On Christmas, which starts on Fox & Friends, then moves to The Factor and Hannity. You’re gonna tell me all that happens coincidentally? Please. They got the memo.

  21. Ya know, Blue, it’s not that hard to search “Christmas origins”. Give it a whirl if you’re interested. I would recommend most folks don’t, though. It’s pretty bizarre.

  22. “the annual War On Christmas,”

    ^^The key word there is annual. I put these ‘War on Christmas” stories on the same long list of negative Christmas theme stories that get filed at this time of year. Some are; malls advertising Christmas sales in October, vandalized or banned nativity scenes, stolen Salvation Army kettles and people complaining about over the top light displays or loud seasonal music in residential areas. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

  23. If Christians had the balls of our Muslin brothers,
    it would be a war FOR Christmas.
    A little eggnog and hot cider while we string atheist ears to decorate the tree.
    They heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight,
    “Merry Christmas to all, and Allahu Akbar!”

  24. I think Spud got a response from the source. Bill O’Reilly’s poll question tonight: Is their coverage of the War on Christmas over the top?

  25. Cable news show polls are idiotic… like those polls on The Ed Show.

  26. ^ Agreed, Andy. I think we can blame Lou Dobbs for that. Ed’s polls are dumb. Of course, so is Ed.

  27. Ugh… must we go through this every year.

    As long as O’Reilly continues to cherry pick a few outliers and use them to paint a broad bush concerning alleged “secular progressivism” (or “progressive secularism”) as some sort of insidious fifth column….YES!

    Come on, we’re better than this kind of Media Matters pablum.

    True. But I just felt like getting out my pointed stick and poking it…

  28. There once was a war on ChistMAS,
    and Bill-O who thought it was CRASS.
    Spud’s favorite trick, was to use a sharp stick,
    and poke him while giving him SASS.

  29. @ Andy

    Kirk out! That’s awesome! I’m going to have to use that at some point.

    joeremi Says:
    They got the memo.

    Sure they did. Right after the one that talked about how they’re going to kill Kennedy, and to stay away from the Twin Towers in early September.


    As for the origins of Christmas… who cares? If you search for the origins of anything, you’ll find something you don’t like. Like I said, search the origins of the KKK, and you’ll find Democrats. Do you then think it’s reasonable to talk about that all the time? Things change, evolve, and grow up.

    At least, most things do.


    The thing that bothers me the most about the “War on Christmas,” is that O’Reilly STOLE it. The original premise was from John Gibson, from a book of the same title. I remember O’Reilly interviewing Gibson about it, and after that… Mr. O ran with it!

    This is the source, as I recall:

  30. imnotblue, you are right. You and Bill-O and John Gibson, you smoked us out. Me and my atheist friends are plotting to purge the world of any joy of Xmas. We recruit other atheists and teach them the secret handshake and we run around screaming Happy Holidays just to p!ss you off. Its working. On a good day, we force other people to say Happy Holidays at knife-point. I would say we put a gun to your head but we are all good liberals, we don’t carry guns.

    Do you feel better now that you know the truth?

  31. Blue, quit moving the posts. My reference to Christmas having pagan origins was in relation to it being perceived as a Christian holiday, which I’ve always found a little strange. I don’t have a “problem” with it. You’re the one who decided to throw a fit.

  32. @ Elle

    What are you talking about? Are you denying that there are businesses that have restricted people from saying “Merry Christmas,” for fear of offending someone? Seriously?

    Is this the new Liberal strategy… just to say, “Nuh-uh” whenever confronted with uncomfortable facts? Yeesh

    @ Joe

    What goalposts?

    The people who babble about pagan this and that, are the pseudo-intellectuals who think that knowing that somehow grants them the ability to lecture everyone else.

    So I’ll ask, why is that relevant to this discussion at all… and the reminders of Democrats and their racist past, unacceptable or irrelevant to the very same people?

  33. You just keep asking your little questions, Blue. I long since explained my position on employers restricting religious-tinged greetings.

  34. Joe, don’t get mad because I ask you to explain your comments.

    Get mad at the people who feed you your ideas. They’re apparently not doing a very good job.

    But then again, nobody really expects to have a conversation with a parrot.

  35. I know there are several Jewish anchors at Fox Business on their daytime programming, and Fox Business is VERY Secular, because they need to tailor to their non-Christan staff. You also got Joshi, an Indian decent. I am very surprised that FNC had to crack to be fair to their Jewish employees…

    Not saying being jewish is wrong, it just sucks if a Christian working in newsrooms where there are a significant number of non-Christians that are the majority.

    We need to put CHRIST back into Christmas. Please!

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