Free for All: 12/10/12

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  1. This explains so much of what’s going on, including the precipitous rise in “disability” payments that O’Reilly has been talking about.

  2. FOX News Channel says there is a war on Christmas by people saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” yet FOX News Channel is regularly airing a “Happy Holidays’ promo in December. 😛

  3. ^ No… they say there’s a “War on Christmas” because people are FORCED to say “Happy Holidays,” because employers and business owners are too a’scared to “offend” someone.

  4. FNC has been running a very nice Happy Hanukkah announcement with emphasis on its religious significance.

  5. Laura, interesting, when I read that article, my initial reaction is that free birth control sounds like a really smart policy idea. 😉

    Kidding aside…
    When we talk about Social Security solvency, instead of ratcheting up the retirement age, perhaps we need to address the creeping definition of disability. This applies to people of all ages. If someone pulls their kid out of school for fear of losing a disability check (whether they are right or not, they believe it) then something’s not right with the system. I have definitely seen SS disability abused by adults in the workplace.

  6. Ha, anyone else find it funny our conservative commenters are quoting the nytimes?

    Warms my little liberal heart.

  7. It’s always heartwarming when lifelong liberals finally get a clue.. 😉

  8. Is it possible for Newsbusters to become less relevant?

  9. lonestar77 Says:

    “Is it possible for Newsbusters to become less relevant?”

    They could be joeremi!


  10. Jamie Faux cowboy.

  11. If a do-gooder doctor recklessly endangers himself why put our soldiers at risk rescuing his sorry butt. One dead Seal that never would have died under General Kelly’s command.

  12. Houston, we have a problem.

  13. Belief becomes business, then business trumps belief.
    He also references the Kristof NYT article, which I don’t know how much attention that has gotten elsewhere.

  14. How did that quote get screwed up? I watched Cavuto’s special on the lunar missions last night, and the quote is “Houston, we’ve had a problem”.

  15. Golly, that Breitbart comment section is a delight.

  16. Yeah, I have to wonder what the angle was on posting the clip. The commenters were clearly not in agreement with the sentiment.

  17. I would assume it’s a Joe Scarborough Is Evil post. He warned for a year that the party was headed for disaster, and they still don’t think he’s a conservative who might know what he’s talking about.

  18. Joe, Denial is more than just a river in Egypt, it’s where the GOP lives. They actually have told themselves THEY won the election because the GOP held the House and that America voted for THEIR agenda.

  19. Andy, there’s a few idiots saying that, but I don’t agree that the majority of Republicans buy that BS.

  20. Joe, in my world, which is Reality, when your party wins a Presidential Election and picks up seats in both chambers of Congress… in my world, that’s a mandate.

  21. I’m not arguing against that. I’m just saying I don’t think the average sane Republican thinks losing is winning. Maybe the freaks on that Breitbart page do..

  22. Losing is losing, but one battle does make a war you morons. Two short years ago Republicans picked up more seats since FDR stopped kissing Eleanor. A Democrat “thumping”. Hell, I heard the same crap when Pelosi took over Congress in 2006. By 2016 people will have had their fill of Obama… as long as he doesn’t start sticking cigars into interns and we try to impeach him.

  23. You’re disgusting, Kelly. Whatever you’re smoking..switch brands.

  24. Last weeks numbers have a few interesting tidbits. Greta and Hannity continue to show some weakness in the demo and it has now spread to the 35-64 numbers. LOD and RM won 3 of 5 days in the demo and LOD also won the 35-64 numbers on 4 of 5 days. On Friday Greta just beat LOD in the demo but lost the 35-64 which is very odd. Maddow also won the Tuesday 35-64 number.

    FNC had very strong Wednesday numbers throughout which saved the week for their PT hosts and i assume there was a news event that their viewers were tuning in to see discussed; but I can’t think of what that news story was.

  25. Sometimes an ellipse is best left incomplete.

  26. Greta beating LOD in the demo on Friday is not a thing. He’s not on that night..they use guest hosts. Last Friday was Alex Wagner.

  27. I’ve had enough of Ed Schultz’s shtick.

  28. Yep. I sit through it while I wait for Rachel and Lawrence, but I don’t pay much attention. He does that ‘outrage’ schtick that is more of a conservative specialty. It’s just as annoying when I agree with it..

  29. — outrage —

    I think that’s what puts people off. “Conservative media” used to be about changing peoples’ minds, now it’s about affirming what they already think. People who already agree with you don’t mind hearing the other guy shouted down. If that’s all the audience you care about, that’s fine.

  30. Ed is just like Hannity. He’s so angry all the time, and he’s only interested in listening to people who agree with him.

  31. Tell me again why you people watch the shows that irritate you? It sounds like the definition of insanity.

  32. It gives us something to talk about. “Hey, that Last Word show was great tonight. I agreed with everything and the guests were pretty.” Not very scintillating conversation..

  33. I swear, the only reason to watch Hannity is to see how useless and counterproductive he is on a given evening. Did he spend a minute talking about Kristof? Certainly not as much time as he spent whinging about Jamie Foxx saying something that no one really cares about.

  34. I swear. A black comic doing a riff on black stereotypes. Who cares?

  35. They are just dead set and determined that if a lefty says something ‘bad’, they’re going to beat on it the way that they imagine the rest of the press would if Rush said something. And for what? What exactly does that ever accomplish? Have ANY of these bitch-sessions ever broken through to the “mainstream media”? Ever?

  36. If someone can promise me Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the white guys Jamie kills in his movie, I might go see it.

  37. Then they’ll immediately turn around and holler about FREE SPEECH and I REFUSE TO ACCEPT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Without irony.

  38. Conservatives got no reason
    Conservatives got no reason
    Conservatives got no reason
    To live

    They got little minds
    And little eyes
    And they walk around
    Tellin’ great big lies
    They got little noses
    And tiny little teeth
    They wear conservative shoes
    On their nasty little fett

  39. “Then they’ll immediately turn around and holler about FREE SPEECH and I REFUSE TO ACCEPT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Without irony.”


  40. A liberal politician talking to liberal opinion hosts from a liberal talk station. Yes, it’s all terribly shocking.

  41. “MSNBC Is President Obama’s Pravda”



  42. Willing lapdog apologists.


  43. Gee, let’s play “I know you are, but what am I?”

  44. Forgot my “Yep”


  45. I like the new NOW set; a semicircle of chairs around a coffee table; much more than the old long desk one that forced people to turn hard to left or right to talk to someone.

    It also has the advantage of cutting down on gear (laptops, coffee cups, smart-phones, papers etc.) that often clutter up big desk sets.

  46. The Ben Jacobs article establishes a false premise, then complains about it. The people at that meeting are all liberal opinion hosts, not journalists. POTUS obviously brought them in to get feedback on how he could better connect with their audience, and no doubt took some heat for not being the raging progressive they hoped him to be.

    I see no reason why a private session like this needs to be made public. I also don’t see that anything interesting would be generated. “Well..look. I want to raise taxes on the rich. Uhhh, what should I do?” ‘Talk more about fairness, and say mean stuff about the right.’ “Great, thanks.” Fascinating.

  47. “I like turtles.”

    ^^ Twitter bot? 😉


    Democrats threaten violence on Michigan House floor.

    You get to do that if you’re a liberal. Whatever it takes for the cause, is always allowable.

  49. Jay Carney should have his own show on MSNBC. He could be spokesman for the licensed to spread propaganda ” opinion hosts” who work out the Obama talking points in secret and spread them on TV as if they were not coordinated from dear leader.

  50. Let’s see, Republicans introduced it during a lame duck session. Bill never went through committee or debate. Did it now because they wouldn’t have the votes when the 2013 session convened. Doesn’t sound like Democracy to me. People have every right to protest.

  51. A liberal politician talking to liberal opinion hosts from a liberal talk station. Yes, it’s all terribly shocking.

    Sounds reasonable … except you left out, IMHO, the most important note in the story:

    Yet no sooner had they left the White House with their latest Obama marching orders than they blasted Fox News for being a “mouthpiece” for the GOP. … Maddow asserted the audio made clear that Fox “seriously is not like anything else in news.” “They are officially just a media arm of the Republican Party,” she added. “They are a political operation serving the needs of the Republican Party.”

    You’re excusing MSNBC’s conduct saying “everybody does it” while MSNBC uses it’s airtime to claim “only FOX does it” … a day after they themselves did it.

    You can’t see the hypocrisy?!?

  52. and THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Of course the Brotherhood of Teamster is now and has always been a Muslim Brotherhood sort of thug outfit. Inciting violence is already turning into physical violent reality.

  53. “You can’t see the hypocrisy?!?”

    of course they can. just don’t care.

    nothing new


    ……. yep


  54. No, Farris, I’m not going to explain the difference between opinion and party propaganda, or the different models MSNBC and FNC operate under again. You don’t listen; you don’t care.

  55. Perhaps the point is that people who visit the White House shouldn’t throw stones.

  56. ..unless I missed the Press Release where the brilliant Rachel admitted that MSNBC is no longer a news-channel.

  57. You did, it was right after the Andrea Michelle Press Conference admitting the same.

  58. What began as a peaceful protest in Michigan’s capital has quickly spiraled into a full-blown riot. As anger escalated among the 10,000 protestors in Lansing, police donning riot gear arrived with pepper spray, immediately arresting two activists. The demonstration comes in response to sweeping legislation passed earlier Tuesday that will make it illegal to require financial contributions to unions as a condition of employment—in either the public or the private sector. The two bills, passed by the Senate, will not become active until signed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

    Read it at Detroit Free Press

  59. “Perhaps the point is that people who visit the White House shouldn’t throw stones.” – laura

    That sho is what Laura Ingraham found out. tee hee hee.

  60. Honestly, I just wish MSNBC would stop b!tching about Fox. MSNBC has got a good thing going for them right now – no need to get cocky and snarky. Just do your thing and let it go. Besides, Jon Stewart does a much better job calling out the BS.

  61. Oh, and FNC lovers, spare me the hypocrisy talk. I mean, really.

  62. NEVER! MSNBC built their brand on the foundation of calling out “BILLO-THE -CLOWN”. Their faithful enjoy the Faux News belittling and would never stand for its absence. Just listen to the anti-FNC chatter around here. Joe’s morning starts at 6:00 AM with I’VE GOT YOU! BABE blasting from his clock radio. Each and every day.

  63. ^ Oh please, you clearly don’t watch that much MSNBC. I don’t need to watch MSBNC to be p!ssed about the stupid stuff on FNC. Jon Stewart picked that fight a long time ago – and people LOVE IT!!!

  64. You talking about Jon Stewart’s bit on gun control? I loved that.
    Believe it or not, I don’t have a problem with people talking gun control (mostly because I know it won’t amount to anything). I have a problem when people blame these incidents on conservatism, and that’s pretty much it. Also, I’m able to disagree on gun control without denigrating, generating memes, or questioning the personal grooming of the people who promote it, for the most part.

  65. ^ Oh yeah, it was great. His segments called BS Mountain are hilarious too.

    I always find the gun control debate exhausting. I’m all for more gun control but as you said, right now it isn’t going to amount to anything. Democrats have surrendered that fight for the time being. I would rather b!tch about something where we have a chance at moving the needle.

  66. I think that a giant “IRONY” light (or an on-screen graphic) needs to flash every time the word “hypocrisy” exudes from any of Fox’s resident “experts”.

  67. Rachel’s comment about FNC being a media arm of the GOP was related to FNC personalities having skin in the game, then pronouncing Romney a landslide victor. That’s not opinion; that’s Republican operatives spinning/campaigning for their guy. You’re supposed to get that stuff from actual proclaimed campagn operatives, not paid employees of the network.

    In related news, FNC is paying Mike Huckabee to run for President. Geraldo interveiwed him about the fiscal cliff last weekend, wherein he pretended to give POTUS “advice”. This “advice” was a GOP-talking-point campaign speech. There wasn’t a shred of honest analysis in it, and Huckabee should have paid them for the time.

  68. It’s a losing fight. If you’re wrangling over subtleties,you’re losing. Both networks have chosen sides, it’s just a matter of degree.

  69. I don’t think the difference between opinion and selling something is subtle. FNC proclaims itself a fair news channel, yet large segments of it are devoted to telling their audience a reality they want them to accept, as opposed to simply reporting and commenting on things as they are.

  70. Which is fine for you to say. It makes Rachel et al look foolish, since straight news is, for them, an afterthought,

  71. No matter how many times Joe does his FOX bad MSNBC good routine it remains the old self-serving routine.

  72. Bill Karins has been anchoring Way Too Early all week and hasn’t been horrible.

  73. I particularly enjoyed this segment about how FNC personalities being paid to shill for the GOP are also being paid by private donors to…good luck trying to figure out what the fundraising is for.

    My favorite is Mike Huckabee requesting $2500 to “help me repeal Obamacare by staying on TV”. Unless he actually is paying Fox for his timeslot, I fail to see how lining Huckster’s pockets helps him stay on TV. Or how this repeals Obamacare.

  74. It was nice to see Karl back last night on SPECIAL REPORT.
    He and Joe Trippi demonstrated how a fiscal cliff agreement could be hammered out.

  75. I like Bill Karins and will have to sample WTE. Guy has a wicked sense of humor.

  76. Yup… it’s a good thing folks like Sharpton and Schultz aren’t paid by those outside MSNBC. Yup… good thing, otherwise that talking point would sound really stupid, and like the person saying it only knows how to copy/paste Media Matters talking points, and forgot how to think for himself.

    Good thing.

  77. Fundraising to put money into a cause is quite different from fundraising for yourself. If you think “help me stay on TV to repeal Obamacare” is a cause, you’re nuts.

  78. I’m starting a PAYPAL fund to stay on this blog. Contributions will much appreciated. I will use it initialy to fund my new “My Favorite” series of comments. Example:

    My favorite Democrat Racist: the beloved Woodrow Wilson.

  79. I don’t actually care that conservatives are being grifted by people who claim to be on their side. Free country and all that. I just find it amusing.

    Please send $2500 to help me stay on this blog so I can defeat the fascist armies of fascist fascism.

  80. ^^ It’s especially nuts cuz Huckabee has no influence, authority, or HOPE to repeal Obamacare. That paystream will make his grandkids wealthy. Cynically, its pure f@#king genius.

  81. ^^ Joe, check’s in the mail.

  82. Those teabaggers in Michigan are pretty violent.
    Union protesters chanting ‘this is what democracy looks like’. Looks like democracy is an angry mob.

  83. MSNBC is doing the unthinkable… they’re covering, what’s it called, news.

  84. RE: Violent protests.

    I saw the video on The Blaze and I’m suspicious of it. The camera was rolling the whole time yet there’s no video of how the confrontations started. The fight was already in progress when that was shown. And the rest was just argument — and that was also already loud and heated when the video was rolling.

  85. Not really. Just their opinion of the news. Put a dollar in the Joe Cup

  86. I saw the early footage. FNC guy called the union guy “scab bait” and all hell broke lose.

  87. Give MSNBC a few hours and they’ll use the Portland shooting as a reason to bark about gun control.

    Give FOX a few hours and they’ll claim the Portland shooting is part of the “War on Christmas”.

  88. MSNBC sticking with breaking news at 8pm.

  89. “I saw the early footage. FNC guy called the union guy “scab bait” and all hell broke lose.”

    Incredible professionalism from a news organization *sarcasm*

  90. Crowder later posted photos on his Twitter account showing a chipped tooth and “minor cut on forehead.” He told the website that the scuffle started when protesters tried to tear down a tent set up by conservative organization Americans for Prosperity.
    “They were trying to tear down the tent and people were trying to pull them off. … And as they did that, a few people tripped,” he told the website. “This guy tripped over a tent peg and then got up and hit me.”
    The Lansing Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but a spokesperson said police would have further information on the incident some time Tuesday night.

    Reportedly work at home blogger, Andy LePew, is most suspicious of this account.

  91. More awesome news to put everyone in the holiday spirit:

    “Japanese government says North Korea launched missile – @Reuters”

  92. An Oregon mall shooting is being covered by the cable news networks.
    FNC oddly is only covering it with Shepard Smith during The O’Reilly Factor commercial breaks while CNN and MSNBC are giving it full coverage.
    Is there some rule in Bill contract they are not allowed to pre-empt his show unless it’s a major news story or they just don’t believe the story is worthy of live coverage?

  93. There’s a mass shooting in a mall, and we’re still talking about Steven Crowder?

  94. At 8:19pm, MSNBC still on air with Breaking News.

  95. “There’s a mass shooting in a mall, and we’re still talking about Steven Crowder?”

    They have to be “outraged” over something today.

    Personally, where I come from, if you go out of your way to stir up violence, that’s generally what you get. I don’t feel any sympathy for him.

    As for the Oregon shooting, can you imagine having a psychopath open fire on you while you’re Christmas shopping?

  96. We shouldn’t even be covering these mass shootings on national TV.. Voyeuristic encouragement of imitators. Fascination of people with these things is ghoulish. Would diminish if left to local news.

  97. FNC has regular programming in a smaller window and a Breaking News lower third saying North Korea has fired a long-range rocket and another L3rd for the mall shooting.
    I wonder how many people are switching to CNN and MSNBC for live coverage while FNC says on tape?

  98. still think Andy is a phony

  99. MSNBC covering the Portland shooting with Thomas Roberts anchoring. CNN covering the shooting with Anderson Cooper anchoring. FOX News covering the “secular progressive” War on Christmas

  100. Betcha Hannity spends the entire hour barking about the Steven Crowder “Assault” (which we still don’t know how it started because the video was edited).

    I bet Hannity doesn’t ask if he thinks it’s proper decorum for a FOX News “reporter” to get in peoples’ faces in a confrontational manner when asked to back off.

  101. More of the same on FNC. Only doing live updates during the commercial breaks.
    CNN is now covering North Korea.

  102. MSNBC at regular programming at 9pm with Breaking News.

  103. FOX News covering “Breaking News” about “left wing thugs” attacking an AFP tent.

  104. Crowder: “I’m not that hurt”

    Yet, earlier, he said they were trying to kill him.

    “I was trying to ask them why they opposed RTW”

    No, he was being a confrontational dick.

  105. Hannity had the shooting and Korea prior to Crowder.,

  106. Hannitys already announced he’ll have live coverage of the shooting and the N Korean rocket launch. Morons and idiot can relax. Liberal 3 Stooges: Fritz, Andy, and Curly Joe.

  107. “I went out to prove the left for who they are which is union thugs”

    There you have it folks. He went there trying to get the reaction. In my world, people who go out of their way to stir up a violent reaction usually get it.

    Followed up by him challenging the dude to a fight.

  108. Thugs are easy to provoke I guess. But you don’t get to throw a punch in our country. Certainly not on TV. Watch this thug get what’s coming to him. They will identify him and he will be made sorry for his act of violence.

  109. Crowder is a tool. If he went there looking for a fight, he got the one deserved. I wish the union guy hadn’t taken the bait, though. Now that little-known, arrogant prck will be a Fox News martyr. Yippee.

  110. So he said he didn’t try to provoke a fight, but also says he went there to expose them for the “thugs” they are… Crowder’s a punk.

  111. CNN and FNC covered the news conference on the mall shooting while MSNBC ignored it and is doing their regular politics show.

    Steven Crowder is not a reporter he’s a comedian.
    When he’s been on FNC as a guest it’s been mostly lame comedy in his comments.

    I’m not saying anyone should be attacked though
    you are a regular guest FOX News and have anti union agenda,
    what did he expect from the pro union people at the protest rally?
    Why even bother to go there?

    It was a bad thing for the union guy to do that, plus FNC is going cover this on every show as the evil union thug attacking a republican.

  112. I take back any good thing I ever said about you, Joe.

  113. Just hang out with your piece of crap buddy, Andy. I’m gone.

  114. Oh golly, LK, don’t be mad. I’ve seen Crowder many times on Red Eye. He’s an arrogant jerk, and he went looking for a fight. If you’re gonna try to emulate Breitbart, it helps to bring a little of his glee and charm with you. Crowder is devoid of either.

  115. Steven Crowder always reminds me of a Nickelodeon character past his prime.

  116. You would think with the Internet and all, FNC would cover the shooting live and stream the Factor online and have a graphic underneath telling viewers who’d rather watch the Factor to go online.

  117. Bill is not going to let FNC pre-empt his show.
    That’s why FNC did their breaking news coverage during the commercials breaks.

    CNN is live at 11pm. Ashleigh Banfield is subbing for Erin who is in the Middle East.

    CNNi has pre-empted the Situation Room rebroadcast for live coverage of North Korea.

    FNC and MSNBC are regular programming.
    It appears MSNBC taped the Ed Show which got pre-empted by breaking news in the 8pm hour.

  118. lonestar77 Says:

    How dare Crowder show up there? Certainly cause for violence. Just like Marrow showing up at CPAC. Or, any lefty/media member showing up at a tea party rally. Tonight, Joe and andy have shown they’re nothing but hypocritical, hyper partisan hacks.

  119. Yes, LS, tell me how you and Kelly were all super supportive of me until I dared go after that little punk. An idiot punched an idiot. I’ll live.

  120. How about posting the full un edited video?

    Steven Crowder’s lame jokes during his interview on Hannity does not help him either. He sounds foolish.

  121. And it’s yet another story where FOX was totally uninterested in the other side of the story.

  122. The best part about FOX News Channel… they’ve been airing an ad for a DVD about some patriot fighting against the “War on Christmas”. It’s an absolute comedy.

  123. That DVD is hilarious. Pander much?

  124. In the movie ad Bill appears in the movie doing a “War on Christmas” segment. 😛

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