CNN = Comedy News Network?

The New York Daily News’ Don Kaplan is the latest beat writer to contribute to the “What will CNN do next?” narrative that’s taken off like wildfire since Jeff Zucker was announced as the new head of CNN Worldwide…

CNN’s new chief is looking to liven up the ailing channel’s late-night slate with a news-driven satire program, like “The Daily Show,” industry sources tell the Daily News.

Jeff Zucker, 47, who was named President of CNN Worldwide last month, has quietly been sending out feelers to talent agents who represent, “smart, funny comics like (“Daily Show” host) Jon Stewart” for a potential “late night comedy,” a source close to the network said.


3 Responses to “CNN = Comedy News Network?”

  1. Oh, I’m afraid this idea is gonna end badly. Didn’t they try something like this with DL Hughley? Besides, who are they gonna get? Lizz Winstead? Samantha Bee? Chelsea Handler is funny but there is no way CNN will put her on given the stuff she says – she makes Bill Maher blush (and she is very, very liberal). They have no hope of peeling away Stewart or Colbert. I think the closest CNN is gonna get to a late night show is Piers Morgan if they loosen his leash.

  2. I don’t know how many here read Politico, but every day Dylan Byers posts a Daily Shep video clip. Its kinda funny. Yesterday, Shep had the day off so he emailed Byers…


  3. Do we really need another comedy news show ? come on CNN ,should focus on i don’t know… the news .

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