FNC Wants DVR Viewers…Badly…


Sometime fairly recently, perhaps within the past week. FNC started making a brazen appeal for viewers to DVR its programming. It has been embedding a “DVR it NOW” bug into programming spots.

This isn’t the first time someone at the network has gone down this path. Years ago when there was still something of a dispute between some of the cable nets about whether Live or Live+SD ratings should be the standard to measure ratings by, Bill O’Reilly practically begged viewers to DVR his show. Now, of course, everyone goes by Live+SD (and even that may go the way of Live ratings as C7 gains momentum) ratings.

Still this is a really silly campaign for FNC to mount. What’s the point? Not enough people are DVR-ing FNC shows? Is this, like O’Reilly’s plea five years ago, an attempt to boost the network’s ratings?

I doubt it will work. People with DVRs already DVR the shows they can’t watch live. It might have some impact on the less DVR savvy who don’t have recording queues a mile long…such as mine which has 217 programs to record over the next two weeks. But the impact will probably be negligible. Ultimately this campaign’s main achievement will probably be to focus attention on the network’s appeal (and the speculation as to why) and the benefit of that is dubious at best.

Update: It’s worse than I thought. FNC’s website has a DVR FAQ


Have a question about your DVR? We have the answer.
What is a DVR?

It’s like a VCR, but it does not require a video tape. Instead, it records and plays back video digitally right from your cable or satellite box. It contains a hard drive, like a computer, that stores the information.

Anybody ignorant of what a DVR is is probably too ignorant to find this web page…


7 Responses to “FNC Wants DVR Viewers…Badly…”

  1. I hardly ever DVR cable news shows as, with few exceptions, whatever they are talking about on cable news is out of date 12 hours after the show airs. As well you can get any segment that you want to see online.

    I prefer to DVR shows on HBO, PBS docs, Brit crime shows and movies. They generally on in the middle of the night and I can watch when i get an hour of free time.

  2. I’d say they’re getting worried about MSNBC’s ratings boost — especially with all that mean spirited crap they send out saying that they rock and everyone else sucks.

  3. They even have an FAQ 😛 http://foxnewsinsider.com/dvr-faq/

  4. This will end soon. It’s like when the spinning FNC logo during newscasts would flash a “#1” periodically, for being the number one cable channel. Interesting to note, but nothing to fuss or lose sleep over.

    Andy… *sigh*.

  5. Grandpa Dave Says:

    Does it count when I AVR* a show? I’m a bit of an equipment luddite.

    * Analog Video Recorder with VHS tape.

  6. ^ My kid took a DVD player and a VCR to a pawnshop, and they took the VCR. Surprising.

  7. Cheap DVD players are everywhere. Anybody with VHS tapes looking for a VCR player is gonna head to the pawn shop.

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