Lynn Berry Leaves NBC/MSNBC…

Early Today/First Look anchor Lynn Berry’s last day on the air was today. She put a tweet out about the news this morning…

A bittersweet goodbye to one heck of a staff. Thx you so much for all the well wishes. I’ll keep u posted on next step!

I’ll bet that Berry winds up at CNN. So who will be the new Early Today/First Look anchor?

Update: TVNewser’s Alex Weprin reports that Mata Schiavocampo is getting the gig…

14 Responses to “Lynn Berry Leaves NBC/MSNBC…”

  1. Lynn’s sarcastic jabs at Bill were becoming predictable and boring. She seemed to be trying to be Mica but could not pull it off! Anyway, I wish her luck wherever she may go.

  2. Mara Schiavocampo gets the job,no word on what happens to Veronica.

  3. Veronica is pregnant and is leaving soon on maternity leave

  4. VDLC is pregnant?Really?

  5. Has anyone ever moved up from anchoring First Look to having any other on-air gig at MSNBC or NBC?

  6. I am pretty sure VDLC is with child. She has definitely been showing and is like 7 months along already I think. I love watching her in the morning!!! I will miss her when she has her baby

  7. Has anyone ever moved up from anchoring First Look to having any other on-air gig at MSNBC or NBC?

    Not First Look, per se…but Early Today in decades past used to be a sprinboard to bigger things. Deborah Norville for one.

  8. Wasn’t Natalie Morales a FIrstlook/EarlyToday host for a short time?

  9. I like Lynn a lot. It would be nice to see her get a better gig.

  10. We love Lynn Berry. Her warm, charming demeanor is quite welcome, first thing in the morning. Releasing her is a decision I question.

  11. The job should go to Veronica, regardless of anything else. Her fan base has increased, and she just does a better job reporting the news. I’d like to see her have top billing on the Today Show. NBC should promote her if they have any sense.

  12. misterbill99 Says:

    So, Lynn ended up at WPIX as the 4-6am news anchor with some clown named Lionel. Which begs the question WHY?????

  13. misterbill99 Says:

    PS I agree that VDLC should have gotten the full-time job. She’s great!

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    Lynn Berry Leaves NBC/MSNBC… | Inside Cable News

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