More Ann Curry Gossip…

Radar Online’s Jen Heger writes about the latest buzz surrounding Ann Curry and CNN… (via J$)

“Ann would love to enter formal talks to explore the opportunity of working at CNN for Jeff Zucker, but NBC has told her lawyer that the Peacock network won’t let her out of her contract. Ann wouldn’t necessarily jump ship because there is just as much tumult at CNN as there is at NBC in the news division,” a source close to the situation tells exclusively.

“It’s a frustrating situation for Ann because she has been at NBC for over 15 years, but she is basically just being kept in the background, and not being utilized,” the insider added.


2 Responses to “More Ann Curry Gossip…”

  1. So much for my “contract shmontract” theory.

    Wow, those guys at NBC are being real pr!cks.

  2. This sounds like a plant by the Curry camp to pressure NBC into getting a better deal or releasing her from her contract. I don;t see Curry as a savior at CNN, but rather just another in a long line of female hosts from other networks they thought they could make stars.

    BTW: i watched AC-360 last night, for the first time in months, and i was quite surprised that the show now seems to have evolved into a Dateline/Predator style clone. After a couple of stories on the days news you got a number of segments on true crime and local government wrongdoing. The silliest was the dolphin serial killer story that would be hard to justify airing on a local station in a small city. Hardly the stuff of a network claiming to be a major source of world news.

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