CNBC’s Wall Street Journal Report Changes Name…

In a move that should surprise no one,  CNBC tersely announced that the syndicated Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo is getting a new name..

Starting January 1st, “The Wall Street Journal Report” will be renamed “On the Money with Maria Bartiromo”.

What wasn’t mentioned is the reason why. But it’s obvious. On December 31st, CNBC’s agreement with Dow Jones expires. Starting January 1st, don’t expect to see the Wall Street Journal brand anywhere on cable other than News Corp. properties…


4 Responses to “CNBC’s Wall Street Journal Report Changes Name…”

  1. “Starting January 1st, “The Wall Street Journal Report” will be renamed “On the Money with Maria Bartiromo”.”

    ^^They should have called it “Money Honey with Maria Bartiromo”.
    I didn’t watch TWSJR and i won’t be watching this show either.

  2. I saw it a couple weeks ago. Your standard-issue pro-Wall Street claptrap.

  3. Well, I guess CNBC had that name to reuse for the third time. Started as a general business news show, transformed into a call in show, and now it’s being slapped on the syndicated program.

  4. I remember it originally replaced a Post-Hurricane Katrina, the first time. Never knew about a callin show.

    Wonder if they’ll bring back the graphics and music that was used when Melissa Francis did the program.

    I do not approve of NewsCorp making The WSJ exclusive to their properties. Their relationship status with CNBC was like forever. Nor do I like The WSJ anymore, its for ditzy people that want to look fancy. I read Barron’s because I like to read the fancy charts and dig into the deep stock tables. I hope i get a subscription for Christmas, because I can’t waste $5x/ a Saturday to get something that is worth reading.

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