Last night, The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul Bond had pushback from FNC regarding Gabriel Sherman’s piece on David Clark’s alleged edict on Gun Control disucssion…

One problem with that narrative, though: Fox News insiders say it isn’t true, and that, in fact, both sides of the gun-control debate were represented many times throughout the weekend’s programming.


But a cursory look at the programming that Fox News aired over the weekend indicates that gun-control was a topic at least five times, including a lengthy discussion between host Chris Wallace and a Democratic lawmaker followed by Wallace with a Republican lawmaker. That segment is embedded below, and similar segments where gun control was a topic over the weekend can be seen at FoxNews.com.

Then there’s this…

And sources say the initial email from Clark was not the network-wide edict it has been portrayed as, but an email to three people concerning a panel discussion on one show.

The initial email from Clark to three panelists reads: “Gentlemen, it is too soon to talk the politics of gun control. The victims’ families still don’t even have the bodies of their loved ones. Let’s leave it for another time. Thanks.”

New York Magazine quotes from follow-up emails Clark sent to those who were involved with the segment. A Fox News representative said they are not authorized to share private emails between executives and on-air panelists and could not comment further on those exchanges.

Let me get this straight. Elements at FNC were authorized to give out Clark’s original email, if that was the sum total of Clark’s original email. But those same elements were not authorized to give a fuller picture of subsequent emails nor shed any more light on the substance of those emails? That’s a very odd stance to take. It doesn’t make sense if the end goal is a full accounting of what happened and why. Remember, the point of this article is ostensibly to shoot down Sherman’s story. So why hold back on what appear to be key details?

It’s clear that Gun Control was discussed on FNC on Sunday. At least three examples have been publicly cited; The Fox News Sunday segment (per Sherman himself), a discussion on Fox and Friends Sunday and another in the evening during a special Special Report hour (as mentioned by Alex Weprin Merril Knox on TVNewser today). But what happened during the time period between Fox and Friends and Special Report (Fox News Sunday airs on FOX broadcast and may or may not fall outside of Clark’s editorial jurisdiction)? That’s a huge chunk of hours when the subject seems to have not been discussed at all or at the very least has not been demonstrated to have been discussed at all.

I just don’t feel like we have a complete picture of what transpired over the weekend. It’s like looking at a jigsaw puzzle that’s only partially assembled.

4 Responses to “Pushback…”

  1. stewartiii Says:

    Most of FOX News’ weekend programing is hard/straight news reporting. Their opinion programing is only on in the morning and at night, but shows like America’s News HQ do have on experts/pundits from time to time to give their opinions on certain topics.

  2. And Merrill did the TVNewser piece, not Alex.

  3. Oh point taken. I’l fix it.

  4. I’m guessing Fox was waiting for the NRA to figure out its talking points. I’m already hearing the same citations and soundbites on the web and on TV

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