Soledad O’Brien Interview…

The New York Times’ Andrew Goldman interviews Soledad O’Brien…

Jeff Zucker, who rose to the top of NBC Universal after producing “Today,” was just named head of CNN Worldwide, and he reportedly plans to immediately focus on your morning show, which is behind in the ratings. How scared are you?

Not at all. He was my boss years ago when I worked at the “Today” show. I’m absolutely thrilled to have him back.

But can you seriously be so calm, considering that The New York Post reported that Zucker’s considering moving Erin Burnett to your slot?

Listen, I have been doing this gig for a while. People go crazy with speculation every time there’s a shift in leadership. I can’t comment on every rumor, but so far I’ve read reports on me, Anderson, Piers, Ann Curry and Erin Burnett, and all that’s clear to me is that somebody’s busy dialing Page Six.

Who? Can you be a little more specific?


When you were weekend co-host of “Today,” you said that the recognition you got for softer stories, like one about a trapeze school, felt “a little hollow.” Would you be willing to go lighter now?

I’m fairly confident that I’m not going to be cooking salmon and doing fashion shows on CNN.


2 Responses to “Soledad O’Brien Interview…”

  1. I sure hope she wins that bet… for CNN’s sake.

  2. Zucker has had a bad reputation at a former employer. He almost killed a ship called 30 Rock and almost took a Big 4 network (if you count Fox) to become submerged. It was like seeing an implosion and hoping people were quick enough to run away and jump ship and not loosing their future jobs in TV.

    I thought for sure NBC was going to go off the air by 2010 before a miracle from Comcast would happen.

    Zucker might had started in the edit rooms for the [NBC News] Today in 1986, but he sure worked up the ranks and forgot about creativity and creating a decent product.

    He started to suck up to the GE head Jeffery Immelt and started to ruin a network because Immelt believed the only viewers of NBC were casual watchers, and that the future was really cable and the Internet. Big mistake. (Loosing Bob Wright was not the best decision of the company ether since he headed NBC since the RCA buyout in 1986.) Not to mention to draw a huge “profit”, they needed to cut the expenses to show they were #1 in profit, and who gives a darn if they were a distant 4th place behind most nights.

    To hell with the 200something local affiliates and the jobs that were likely going to get lost by the drunken sailors of 30 Rock. To hell with the owned and operated affiliates in the big markets adding extra cash to NBC – Nothing But Crap and everyone turning the dial to another station -and receiving some awesome (sucky) ratings in some markets in the midst of the debacle!

    Given that Cliff Notes history of Zucker – do you really think he’ll turn around CNN? Me thinks not. He’ll be a another kissa– to TIme Warner and they’ll cut the fat and make even more “profit” to the CNN franchise.

    And I’m still waiting for “Irish in America” from Soledad. Shes like a third white, and hey some people identify themselves as Irish-Americans! (I’m a total mix – can’t fully attest!) Though, she’s not the same since she did a little tech show called “The Site” back in 1990s when MSNBC was WORTH watching before became all leftie all the time. I admit back in my pre/teen I had the hots for her back in the day – not so much now with her agenda she’s forcing on CNN.

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