FBN Gains Viewers in 2012

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens has FBN’s numbers for 2012 and the numbers appear to be showing promise…

CNBC, which in April will celebrate 24 years on the air, is not having a stellar 2012 in the ratings department. And while it still doubles or even more than triples the viewership of its only rated competitor Fox Business (Bloomberg is not publicly rated), CNBC is declining while FBN is showing growth. The 2012 ratings year ends Dec. 30, but here’s how the networks are stacking up as we go into the holidays.

12/26/11 – 12/17/12:

CNBC Total Day Average: 171,000 Total Viewers / 51,000 A25-54
FBN Total Day Average: 63,000 Total Viewers / 14,000 A25-54


One Response to “FBN Gains Viewers in 2012”

  1. I do watch FBN over the Corporate News & Betting Channel (I don’t like their over focus on derivatives and futures coverage.) I’m not surprised to see a ratings drop in Englewood Cliffs.

    Though FBN needs to get a better graphics package! It’s been painful to watch since September. They had the best graphic package for the entire cable news in the last few years. CNBC was good before the early 2010 change – really painful with their fonts they used. And FNC has gone down hill since about 2006, and they still transitioning over to their new gfx package from earlier last year, and some shows still has that 2009-era Avante Garde font – so 80s – eeck!

    I’m not trying to get too picky on graphics, but since Fox Business is a business news channel, they need to fix the graphics, because in business news – graphics matter!

    And for Bloomberg, they have gone just as left of the views of Park Row at the Mayor’s office. Its sick to watch. They used to be at least center of right a few years ago, their liberal views have made it painful to watch! And it shows because they can’t disclose the Nielsen books!

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