Free for All: 12/20/12

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27 Responses to “Free for All: 12/20/12”

  1. lonestar77 Says:

    This explains Joe’s recent new found scary, scary, dangerous phrase:

  2. @ lone

    I realized that Joe reminds me of Tim Allen’s character from Home Improvement, after he talks with “Wilson.”

    Remember how that used to go? Wilson would give some interesting opinion or history lesson, and then Tim would come back, and try to repeat it, but get all flustered and stop making sense halfway through.

    The only difference is, Joe gets really angry when he gets flustered, and is easily confused when asked to support his (parroted) opinion… so he turns to insults and attacks.

    For his sake, let’s hope he also grunts. At least then he’d be somewhat comical… or at least as comical as Tim Allen.

  3. My argument is well-defined and consistent. But unless someone makes news about it again today, I’m not going to talk about it. If you have any confusion, you can go over my previous posts. See: rapid-fire capability combined with large magazines, NRA, militant, lunatic. Good luck.

  4. joeremi Says:
    December 20, 2012 at 9:05 am

    joeremi Says:
    December 19, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    Yeah, I get your mental health talking point. … The reality is I’ve discussed all three, but the only part you notice is the gun issue. Tunnel vision much?

    There are apparently a lot of people posting as “joeremi” on this site, because it seems that one doesn’t know what the other one is (or isn’t) doing.

    Where would I ever get the idea that Joe’s attention is hyper-focused on weapons, and not mental health? You know… outside of his comments.

  5. lonestar77 Says:

    I’m not letting you into my well armed compound when the financial crisis destroys the world and creates armageddon. Or, when Global Warming causes the sun to freeze and the Oceans to flood the world and such.

  6. Joe,
    I’m not letting you into my well armed compound when the financial crisis destroys the world and creates armageddon.

    I’m quite well aware of this manufactured scenario. Somebody is making a shyteload of money retitling that video every three months. Btw, “destroys the world” and “creates armageddon” are the same thing. You’re repeating yourself.

  7. lonestar77 Says:

    Well, maybe I just wanted it to have double the impact and twice the force. 🙂

  8. This multi-millionaire is truly psychotic about money. Remember Ann talking about sneaking around to turn the water heater back on so the kids didn’t have to take cold showers? Gee, I wonder if he skipped out on his taxes for 10 years, too..

  9. I’ll take the short-term ratings gain with a grain of salt. It’s the “bench” problem I find interesting, and have discussed here before. No, Greg Gutfeld is not the future of Fox News..

  10. Funny, I’ve been wondering how it is that you never see any of their other ‘stars’ on other networks. Certainly not Hannity. And we all remember how well Jonah Goldberg did with Piers Morgan. It might help the tiniest bit if more of their people got out of the bubble.

  11. It is cute watching all those folks who screamed, “Ratings don’t matter!” after every FOX win, now scream, “Look at the numbers!”

  12. Laura, Jeanine Pirro is often on The View, so is Laura Ingraham. Greta is a guest on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos quite often. O’Reilly is not only a frequent guest on The View, he is often on ABC’s and NBC’s morning shows. What “stars” from CNN and MSNBC do we see on other programs?

  13. Union thuggery in full effect.

    I know, Joe. They deserved it because you don’t like them and stuff.

  14. Jake Tapper to CNN.

  15. I got one random prediction off the cuff right. (Tapper to CNN) That mean I can become a pundit on cable news now?

  16. @ Chris

    At what point did getting a prediction right, mean you could be a pundit?

    Get it wrong, and still insist that you were right… then we’ll talk.

  17. lonestar77 Says:

    Tapper to CNN?

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. CNN is where you go to die. Or, yell crazy stuff at people in a British accent.

  18. At 8pm ET CNBC is doing special second hour of The Kudlow Report instead of regular taped programming and on FBN Cavuto is live instead of the usual taped show.

  19. Washington, DC is under a Coastal Flood Advisory tonight due to Boehner’s tears flooding the Potomac.

  20. The Republican Party had a screaming fit at each other and stormed out. That was amusing. And bad for the country. Congratulations, you worthless stooges. How is it your approval rating is all the way up to 12%?

  21. Yeah… big tent politics in action sucks.

    The Democrats do it right. Say you’re inclusive and open to all opinions, but then demand strict adherence and ostracise all those who disagree.

  22. Watching Hannity or O’Reilly debate with radical atheists is dreadful. They should invite a religious scholar to do that instead.

  23. I liked the part where Hannity asked if people were “offended” by whatever stupid poster this group put up. The whole point of putting such a sign up is to “offend” people. Why would you play along and let them know they’ve succeeded? And WHY would you give them air-time, which just guarantees that they do it again?

  24. Would be nice if Hannity could learn not to be so easily offended like Ann Coulter. Then again, there’s a whole business in getting offended.

  25. Seems as though conservatives used to be about not taking offense over every stupid thing. That was before they determined you could create a show out of it.

  26. Fox News was built on “offense”. Their slogan should be “Can you believe what they said about us?”

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