Joe Muto Interview

Jim Romenesko inerviews Fox Mole and potential Darwin Award nominee Joe Muto…

You mentioned in an earlier email that “I really hate reading those [comments on the TV Newser post], especially now that I’ve got some perspective on the whole thing and realize what an ass I made of myself.” How do you now view the “Fox Mole” episode?

Well, I get into that kind of stuff a lot in the book, so I think the nice people at Dutton would appreciate me not spoiling it just yet. But let’s just say that when I answered my apartment door at 6:30am to find a detective from the New York District Attorney’s office armed with a search warrant, one of the first thoughts that crossed my head was “Hmm, there are probably one or two things I could have done differently here.”

Ya think?


One Response to “Joe Muto Interview”

  1. I hope for his sake Muto makes whatever money he earns from this book last a long time because it`s going to be nigh on impossible for him to get another job in the industry.Even people who hate Fox with a passion will be turned off by his lack of loyalty towards his former employers.Clown move bro.

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