Tweet of the Day…

CNN’s Carol Costello

FOX is interviewing Santa. Santa told the “Friends” ‘people used to call me Santa,’ but since this war on Christmas started… Seriously?


6 Responses to “Tweet of the Day…”

  1. I used to enjoy Carol Costello. She was a good fill-in on “TalkBack Live” and was smart and funny on “Daybreak.” But now her opinions come out on “News Room” and she sighs when she disagrees with things… And she loves picking on Fox News (but never MSNBC). I really hope that’s not the direction CNN is going.

  2. lonestar77 Says:

    If you can’t see that the left is trying to force Christmas out of people lives, you don’t have your eyes open. The whining about manger scenes and holiday trees and forcing cities to remove them and rename them. It’s actually happening. You may not like the fact that someone talks about it but the evidence is out there. There is no more fundamentalist group out there than activist atheists who seem to think the seperation of church and state means you’re not allowed to say the word God in public or put a Christmas tree on the town square.

    I get that it’s not “cool” to defend Christmas and it’s much easier to mock or pretend to be John Stewart.

  3. It’s time to start The War On Stupidity. First up..Fox & Friends.

  4. lonestar77 Says:

    Up next, the “banning scary looking guns will make the world safe” crowd.

  5. lonestar, with all due respect, the segment was comical.
    As comical as FNC ranting about “Happy Holidays” then airing “Happy Holidays” promos daily.

    Professional Santa won’t say ‘happy holiday’

    That was not the only goofy Christmas segment F&F did,
    Top government regulations Santa will break,

    Is this a news talk show or a comedy show?

  6. lonestar77 Says:

    I get that it was comical. But, I think it’s a real issue. And, it’s not really a news show, it’s a morning show. I don’t consider any of the morning shows, news shows.

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