Free for All: 12/21/12

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  1. savefarris Says:

    In honor of John Kerry’s nomination to SecState:

    Hillary Clinton had a fever of 99.2 and was unavailable for comment.

  2. The NRA Speech was totally useless and their usual talking points.
    As Bill O’Reilly said about The Presidents first Q&A after being re elected. We got nothing new from this press conference.

  3. They replaced Charleton Heston with THIS guy?

  4. Remember when the 47% video seemed designed to work for OUR side?

  5. FNC bailed out of the press conference while CNN and MSNBC are still airing it.
    Not even a discussion on what the NRA said with two guests they quickly moved on to other stories.
    Not very Fair & Balanced coverage.

  6. ARM EVERYBODY! Man, that was one of the most disastrous PR moves I’ve ever seen. If I were an NRA member, I would demand new leadership immediately. That dude is batshyte.

  7. FNC bailed and changed the subject? Wow.

  8. FNC is showing a conservative media bias FNC by cutting off the NRA Press Conference and having no discussion after.
    This is just bizarre.

  9. It was nerve wracking watching that guy talk. Made my skin crawl.

    Even if you do follow his prescription and fortify and put armed security in schools and ban violent video games and media; it doesn’t stop you from, at the same time, dealing with eliminating assault rifles , banning large magazines and doing background checks at gun shows. As well he offered no financial help from the gun industry for all the extra security. The taxpayer should pay for all the new weapons.

    This will appeal to the extreme gun lobby and no one else.

  10. The Republican Party got Mitt Romney; the NRA got Wayne La Pierre. It almost makes me nostalgic for the days when I had to pretend Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and John Kerry were “my guy”…

  11. Can we send this cutting of the NRA Press conference and not discussing it as a media bias segment for FOX News Watch?

  12. That was a bizarre press conference. So, the only solutions are to blame the media, blame Obama because politicians the NRA funds and supports are cutting budgets for police forces and schools and to put more war weapons in the hands of more people………

  13. And nothing says we’re going to have a serious conversation quite like refusing to take questions.

  14. It was exactly what I expected from that sociopath: A total standoff in favor of a fully armed society, and no empathy for the victims or anyone else. That dude is crazy.

  15. FNC did a quick report from James Rosen on the NRA press conference at 12:08pm then went back to ignoring it.
    No discussion segment with any guests.
    CNN and MSNBC are discussing the NRA speech in the 12pm hour.

  16. So it was “conservative bias” to not give a lot of air-time to a conservative speaker? Um… what?

    Wouldn’t it be “more biased” to give them extra air-time and a bigger platform? Shouldn’t you be happy they gave their audience less of of an chance to be persuaded by this guy?

    Perhaps FNC just doesn’t put as much weight on what a private group says about guns, as the rest of you and the media apparently do.

  17. The NRA should hire Blue ’cause he’s WAY better at spin. ^ That’s a thing of beauty right there. 😉

  18. HA! J$ noticed the same spin I did.

    FNC doesn’t carry the whole thing… and it’s bias.

    Had FNC carried the whole thing, and talked about it for longer than any other network… it would have been bias.

    Man, what a bunch of whiners you guys have become.

  19. Sorry, but bailing on the “press conference” and changing the subject is pretty cheesy. FNC doesn’t want to deal with the fact that the country is moving towards some level of gun control, so they’re just going to ignore it. They and their viewers are in the same place: Stop talking; hope it fades away like it always does. Good luck with that.

  20. They don’t want to deal with “the fact that the country is moving towards solve level of gun control,” and so to avoid dealing with that… they chose to cut out of a press conference by someone arguing AGAINST gun control legislation?

    Does that actually make sense to you?

    They avoid the topic they (allegedly) support, when it’s someone speaking on their (again, alleged) behalf?

    Dumb. Really really dumb, Joe. Even for you.

  21. I think that Fox should have covered the whole thing. I also think that the same people complaining now would have complained then, for one reason or another.

    What I find amusing is that it’s crystally clear which side most of the press takes on guns, but that’s okay because it’s the “right” side. It’s only when Fox takes a seemingly different view that it’s “biased”.

  22. ^ Agreed.

  23. A news organization which refuses to discuss the biggest topic in the country right now is abdicating their responsibility as journalists. Imagine my surprise that the gun fanatics don’t see this. Yawny McYawnster.

  24. Megyn is “discussing” it now. I don’t wonder why anti-gun fanatics don’t bother with that.

  25. Oh, and here comes John Lott and some gun control babe. Gee, balanced coverage. Imagine my shock at the ignorance that will inevitably follow.

  26. Joe… define “gun nut.”

    Apparently, anyone who doesn’t see things the way your Liberal brain-trust tell you to think, is a “gun nut” to you.

    It’s such a strange way of thinking. Or more accurately, a strange way of abdicating though, and regurgitating unrealistic nonsense.

  27. though = thought

  28. A gun nut is someone who thinks limits on firepower are some bizarre affront to their constitutional rights, and considers gun ownership a defense against the government. That would be you guys.

    It’s good to hear that FNC has finally decided to clue their viewers into what the rest of the country is talking about. Welcome to reality.

  29. Remember the other day when I told you didn’t know what you were talking about? And asked you to share what my opinion was? And then you ran away like the coward you are, and claimed you never said things I was able to copy paste into a follow-up comment?

    Well, let’s play that game again, shall we?

    Why don’t you try putting up or shutting up. Since I’m part of the “you guys,” and since you apparently know my opinion… why don’t you tell it to me. Prove it.

    Or you know, take the second option. And shut up.

  30. Since you wouldn’t know what Fox was discussing without the heads up, I’ll judge the rest of your learned critique accordingly. I’ll also judge your representation of discussions with other “gun nuts” on the same level. In other words, anyone who disagrees with your irrational desires is a “nut”.

  31. Anyone who objects to restrictions on firepower is a nut. Period.

  32. My guess; re FNC dropping the NRA newser and not commenting for a couple of hours; is that they were stunned at how out of touch with the nation the guy sounded. They didn’t want to support his comments and it took a couple of hours to figure out a suitable response. MSNBC and CNN had no such qualms about how to reply and so needed no response delay.

  33. ^^ Then don’t expect anyone to attempt a rational discussion with you. You’re dishonest.

  34. And where have “we” said that, Joe?

    Or admit you can’t prove it, but you believe it anyone because… well, the voices tell you what to believe.

  35. @ Fritz

    A couple of hours?

    Judging by the comments from folks on this site, it was a couple of minutes. Where are you getting hours from?

  36. LaPierre is a jackass militant whackjob.

  37. @ Andy

    I think the idea of arming teachers and having schools patrolled by cops is really stupid and dangerous. I’ve known teachers I wouldn’t trust with a cup of coffee, let alone a gun.

    And while I understand the idea that being without any kind of defense, leaves you in a position of vulnerability… arming educators isn’t the correct response.

    As for LaPierre… he reminds me of any other Union or Lobby leader. He wants “more” for his group, will spin it any way he can to make it look like it’s good for “everyone,” but often doesn’t reflect the ideas or views of a much more moderate (even as far as the NRA is concerned) group of supporters and followers. It’s the same whether it’s the NRA, the Labor Unions, a bunch of the Women’s groups, the Pro-Choice folks, the Catholic Lobby, whatever… it’s all the same.

  38. It might have been nice if LaPierre could have trotted out a pop-culture reference less than 20-years-old, as well. Natural Born Killers? Maybe we should talk about Ice-T while we’re at it..

  39. Yeah, NRA supporters will give lip service to La Pierre not representing them, then go ahead with his intention of blocking all limits on firepower. The truth is gun nuts refuse to give up s single bullet, and lie about it.

  40. Joe… aside from reality… is there anything you don’t know?!

    So educated on “gun nuts,” and what they believe. Can spot a “gun nut” from miles away, even if they’ve never given any indication that they are in fact, a “gun nut!”

    He’s Joe! See-er of things! Know-er of stuff!

    Liar of lies.

    Still waiting on that quote buddy…

  41. Enjoy the wait. Bud.

  42. My answer to the claim would have been “No, don’t be stupid”. No one’s cause is enhanced by idiotic statements like this.

  43. That segment about “Plan B” on The Cycle was… um…. that was bizarre.

  44. This just marked the day that gun control is no longer a losing issue for the Democrats. I don’t think LaPierre was speaking to the mainstream. Of course, I’ve always disagreed with LaPierre but it sounds like even many NRA members and Republicans were not convinced by LaPierre’s speech. I don’t know how the final legislation will bear out but the NRA looks like a far less intimidating force than it used to.

  45. ^^ OMG Andy you are right. I think those on the Cycle totally forgot they were on TV.

  46. I don’t have an issue with armed security guards protecting students or teachers being allowed to carry. But to say that’s the only solution and that’s it — LaPierre is a militant who wants a gun in every hand (so the gun manufacturers profit). He doesn’t give a crap about who’s killed.

  47. The cost of putting an armed guard(s) in EVERY school sounds insanely expensive with limited effectiveness. Is it just gonna be one fat dude with a revolver sitting at the main entrance? I have visions of mediocre mall security sucking up money and resources with no hope of stopping violence. All this will do is guarantee the rent-a-cop gets shot first.

  48. “I think those on the Cycle totally forgot they were on TV.”

    Steve Kornacki wanted no part of that. It was just bizarre…

  49. “FNC bailed out of the press conference while CNN and MSNBC are still airing it.
    Not even a discussion on what the NRA said with two guests they quickly moved on to other stories.
    FNC is showing a conservative media bias FNC by cutting off the NRA Press Conference and having no discussion after.
    FNC bailed and changed the subject? Wow.
    FNC did a quick report from James Rosen on the NRA press conference at 12:08pm then went back to ignoring it.”

    ^^ Blue:Maybe not a couple of hours but not a couple of minutes either.

  50. It was not until Megyn’s show that FNC actually had a discussion on the NRA speech.
    FNC did one report on it at 12:08pm.

    If we are talking about a discussion with guests FNC waited at least an hour while the other news channels discussed it as soon as the speech was over.

  51. President Obama will address the nation at 5pm EST from the White House Briefing Room regarding the “Fiscal Cliff”.

  52. I heard “Plan B” in the car. I had no idea what was going chaos.

  53. I have no clue where the producers were. It was bizarre and borderline inappropriate.

  54. MSNBC’s commercial breaks are turning in to marathons.

  55. Steve did his best to pull them out of it but no avail. It was strange. The whole segment, not just the Plan B part was chaotic and descending quickly. Four people talking across one another as if they were oblivious anyone else was watching. At least Toure acknowledged it as a bad, weird segment, NOT to be repeated again. Pity, I hardly ever watch the show so it wasn’t a good impression.

  56. David Shuster lit Touré up on Twitter.

  57. Between a strange The Cycle episode leading in to Bashir, it was easy for me to change back to CNN. Can’t stand Bashir and Dyson isn’t much better.

  58. Bashir does the liberal version of the Hannity show and I don’t like either.

    Greg’s jokes on The Five are getting annoying.
    Save them for Red Eye where they are more appropriate.

  59. I can’t stand Eric Bolling who doesn’t like liberals and now “squishy republicans” and obviously democrats. “squishy republicans” or moderates are the old fashioned democrats! Someone whose for the people, for the party, and the voters that got them in.

    Moderate republicans – I don’t have a problem in my opinion

    The world cannot go back to 1776. People like Boling are just jerks. I can’t find any other word than he’s a dumbass

    Bolling is a jerk and being a former oil trader makes him ZERO credibility to be a newsman.

  60. “Bashir does the liberal version of the Hannity show and I don’t like either.”

    Yep, exactly.

    Okay, Obama, is this just a cumbaya lecture? Well, that’s 7 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  61. lonestar77 Says:

    You’ve got to hand it to the Democrat Media Complex. They’ve completely put the NRA on the defensive. There’s absolutely no reason why they should be forced to say anything. A loner lunatic shot up a school.

    I guess we should make car clubs or wine clubs hold a press conference everytime a drunk driver kills somebody.

    The NRA defends the 2nd amendment. Liberals hate that. That’s about as close of a tie as you can make between the NRA and the shooting. If you’re going to blame the NRA or use them as your bogey man, then you’re going to have to blame every gun owner in the country. Their guns could conceivably be stolen by a lunatic and used to shoot up a school.

    We don’t have a media in this country. We have a Super PAC.

  62. @ Joe

    At least you admit you’ve got nothing, and are talking out your backside.

    @ Shuster

    Really? David Shuster lecturing anyone about “telling the truth.” That’s not really his forte.

  63. Agree on the Eric Bolling. He just has to get in those nasty comments.
    After The President speaks he starts to whine because The President is going on vacation.

    This is the same guy who was supposed to be doing a business show on FBN and instead spent weeks ranting that he did not want a mosque near the World Trade Center.

  64. I have nothing more to offer on the topic, Blue. I’m not here to answer your creepy demands. Buh bye.

  65. What was more useless on the Five, the presidents comments or the rodeo segment? For me it’s a toss up.

  66. Steve Siebold, on Hardball, saying teachers should be REQUIRED to be armed in schools.

    These gun nuts are batcrap crazy. Idiots bark about how we should cut teachers’ pay so we can give the rich more money and how education is too regulated but they want to require teachers to carry guns?

    This is the most insane week in a long time in politics.

  67. The Republican Party is doubling down on crazy after losing the election.

    The Mayans didn’t predict the end of the world, they predicted the end of the Republican Party.

  68. Our teachers are overworked and underpaid. Let’s add law enforcement to their schedule.

  69. We are peeved at the NRA for their irrational, rigid lobbying effort that, in the liberal opinion, is harmful to the country. Blocking the ATF from publishing gun purchase and crime data is just crazy. Paying politicians to block ANY reasonable restrictions on assault weapons or high capacity magazines or cop-killer bullets. Evading background checks has been on the agenda of the NRA for a long time. They go well beyond defending the second amendment. Its about time you get over that dead straw man.

    If, FOR ONCE, the NRA is feeling defensive, I think that is a proud victory for the Democratic Party. You call the media a Super PAC but the poor widdle NRA is just a tiny innocuous advocacy group? Whatever.

    Geez, this debate is old. We know the sides – let the legislation follow majority will, whatever that may be.

    Lonestar77, I understand your side and your point, I just think you are wrong and your continuous b/tching isn’t going to change any minds. You comparison to car and wine clubs is just stupid and not worthy of a conservative argument. Those 26 people weren’t slaughtered in 20 minutes by a car or a drunk.

  70. lonestar77 Says:

    ” Idiots bark about how we should cut teachers’ pay so we can give the rich more money”

    And, in other news, Andy Marquis likes to make crap up.

    I’m guessing they didn’t have anybody on hardball like say, oh , Cuomo, saying the always helpful government may need to start confiscating people’s weapons? No, that didn’t make that show. Weird.

  71. lonestar77 Says:

    ” Those 26 people weren’t slaughtered in 20 minutes by a car or a drunk.”

    They weren’t slaughtered by the NRA either, genius. They were slaughtered by a mentally disturbed whack job. A mentally disturbed whackjob who could have pulled the same thing with any firearm…because he went after defenseless kids. Your side won’t admit that because they see this as their time to go after a political enemy. They don’t care about those kids. They care about winning a political victory. If they cared about the kids, they’d be honest. And, they’re not. None of them. In the media or anywhere.

    My continuous b!tching isn’t going to change minds? So, only your side gets to b!tch? At least I’m not lying. The Deomcrat Media Complex is a corrupt entity. And, I’m a little sick and tired of their lying, and of their using the death of children to score political points.

  72. I don’t understand why the NRA was expected to make a statement after the Newtown shootings. Are knife manufacturers expected to say something after people are stabbed to death? Did fertilizer manufacturers issue a statement after Timothy McVeigh made a bomb using fertilizer and killing 168 people, including young children? And, BTW, Columbine happened DURING a very strict ban on assault weapons.

  73. Lonestar77, are you f**king illiterate? Did you read my post? Did I ever blame the NRA for Newtown? NO. I outlined my real problem with them.

    For that matter, the so-called corrupt liberal media didn’t kill them either. How did the media lie? All they did was show LaPierre’s trainwreck press conference. That speaks for itself. Lying? Apparently, you don’t know the difference between lying and disagreeing. Don’t ever lecture me about caring for those kids. Just stfu about it. I would have never accused you of disrespecting those victims.

    And I don’t think he could have pulled off that many victims with a simple, small firearm. He would have been stopped shortly after getting in the door because he would have been out of bullets.

  74. I care about those kids, which is why I gave up my embargo on debating gun control. I don’t think that level of firepower should have been legal and in that home, and I don’t think he could have done so much damage so fast if it hadn’t. I’m pissed off and I’m not backing down. My side is going to win this debate because we’re RIGHT.

  75. Carol, we did change regulations on who and how much fertilizer could be purchased. We learned from that incident.

    And it wasn’t a STRICT assault weapons ban. Nothing was done about existing assault weapons. There was also an armed police officer at Columbine when it happened.

  76. “And, in other news, Andy Marquis likes to make crap up.”

    Hey scientist, did Seibold say it should be a requirement for teachers to be armed? Yes or no. If you’re going to accuse me of lying, have your facts right and be a man about it.

  77. The Assault Weapons Ban had over 900 exemptions, including the type of rifle used in the massacre. Merely reintroducing the bill is useless. We need specific controls on rapid-fire capability, and the size of clips/strips/drums.

  78. Yes, calling people nuts and liars adds so much to the “discussion”.

  79. If people are going to refuse weapons limits, then lie about why they refuse them, they’re gonna get what they came for. I don’t like being lied to.

  80. You “debate” right up to the point where persuasion is no longer a possibility, then you start calling names. “Shill for the rich”. “Nuts and liars”. Those are just the ones I can remember. I’m sure there are others. Don’t ever talk about “respecting” other points of view, because that’s the lie.

  81. Some ‘progressives’ on both sides of the border could learn what real diversity is from this conservative:
    “As a Sikh, I am not offended when Christians celebrate Christmas in a traditional way. Rather, I am pleased to celebrate with my Christian friends.
    True diversity means respecting the traditions of all Canadians, including those of the Christian majority.
    Please join with me in wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.”

  82. I really enjoyed Harry Reid’s concern-trolling over Boehner. I haven’t heard “Gee whiz” said with such conviction since Radar left MASH.

  83. Yeah, that did nothing for me.

    I’ve never seen anyone get offended over celebrating Christmas, ever. Actually, I’ve seen people get offended when other people DON’T celebrate Christmas.

    The “War on Christmas” is a pile of dog feces invented by FOX News to divide the public and boost their ratings.

  84. @icemannyr

    Exactly! His show was just so out there! One block that was etched into my brain from that show was “The Corruption Matrix” – crazy to say the least!

    — The Five is a great show, regardless of the quirks between Bolling, Gutfeld and Beckel – since the show is all about him, which is why I watch it to get a laugh!

  85. There are points of view that disgust me. Shilling for the rich and opposition to weapons limits are two of them. Respect? Hell no.

  86. Then don’t lie about it. And spare me the happy horsesh\t about Tip and Ronnie,

  87. “And, in other news, Andy Marquis likes to make crap up.”

    Hey rocket scientist, I’m still waiting for you to back this statement up….

  88. Lonestar makes me miss LarryKelly.

  89. Tip and Ronnie? Ok, that’s as far back into the Wayback Machine as I’m going to go. Somebody told me to stay off the blog tonight, and I’m going to take her advice.

  90. Some of us are cursed with memories that go beyond last week. I

  91. @Andy:
    I wouldn’t say the War on Christmas is made up by O’Reilly. He just noticed a trend and then blew it out of proportion for ratings. Criticizing retailers for not using the word Xmas is silly but preventing people from singing carols with the word is a legitimate issue, though a very minor one. It’s real, even in Canada. There’s this jerk who is going to bring the city of Saskatoon to a phoney court (a human rights tribunal) because the buses there had ‘Merry Christmas’ flashing on the destination sign.

  92. It happens every Christmas — and it’s not a trend. Just a couple of kooks. And since FOX is a political operation, they blow the stories up and make it out to be some plot by “secular progressives” (their code for Democrats) to get rid of Christmas entirely. And it’s worked. Their viewers believe that Democrats are waging a war on Christmas and trying to force them not to celebrate it…..same group of people defends stores being open on Christmas and forcing employees to spend Christmas working their slave wage jobs instead of spending it with their family.

    I see that stupid “It’s Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays” meme 947,234,467 times a day on Facebook. People genuinely get offended by it because they think inclusiveness of all holidays is a bad thing and it’s “too politically correct” and so on.

  93. There are stupid people every year who do stupid things. But to say it’s a deep seeded plot by Democrats to destroy Christmas is barking mad.

  94. @ Joe

    Are you really whining about “lies” despite not daring to answer my question about evidence?

    Oh, that’s right… you called it creepy. You made a comment, couldn’t back it up, dodged it like a coward, and then blame others.

    So a new question… as an over liar, as you undeniably are, and as a coward who is perpetually unpleasant and rude to any and everyone… why should we care what a dishonest malcontent like yourself has to say? Why should anyone give a sh!t what you think, when you’ll so blatantly lie over and over again?


  95. @ Andy

    Resolve “just a couple of kooks” who don’t represent Liberals. And “just a couple of kooks” who do represent gun owners and enthusiasts.

  96. Some anonymous weirdo called me a coward on the internet. #sadface

  97. Blue, the NRA claims to speak for gun owners (in reality, they speak for ammunition manufacturers).

    Liberals speak up all the time and say “this War on Christmas is a farce” and “I celebrate Christmas” and whatever. Maybe gun enthusiasts should quit giving the NRA money and make it clear that Wayne LaPierre doesn’t speak for them.

  98. I’m tired of the internet superheroes saying we need more guns on the street because they claim they could respond to high pressure situations with a gun with the accuracy of a trained NAVY Seal. If someone came in with an AR-15 and was unloading on them, they’d either be the first person to curl up in fetal position or they’d be the first victim. I don’t see too many of them volunteering to join the military or joining the police force. Instead, they’re drinking beer, watching Cowboys games and chewing Red Man.

  99. what drove me nuts about the NRA was how long they waited to make a statement, then the NRA comes out and the CEO gives a filibuster lecture for on and on and on. I hate to say this, but I got a kick out of the hecklers and how he tried to go back on his point.

    He couldve done a 2 minute statement, answered questions and left. But no, he waited a week later to go full force to defend the 2nd amendment by going overboard.

  100. “He couldve done a 2 minute statement, answered questions and left. But no, he waited a week later to go full force to defend the 2nd amendment by going overboard.”

    Because carrying a gun around instantly turns you in to John McClane.

  101. I’m not sure what putting an armed guard in every school would accomplish. i don’t have any real objection; other than it seems to be a huge waist of money.

    Even if you did put guns in every school in the country it would do little to stop mass killings. Assume protecting every school works to perfection; the mass killer just moves on to some other unprotected target like daycare centers. It never ends.

  102. @ Andy

    I think a lot of Liberals sand up and say, “The ‘War on Christmas’ is fake and FOX blah blah blah.” But at the same time, have no time advocating or supporting those who advocate being ‘offended’ by Christmas and religion in general. Remember O’Reilly vs Chafee and the “Holiday Tree?

    It’s kinda the same thing, no?

  103. @ Fritz

    That’s as true as the folks who say, “If you limit assault weapons, they’ll us semi’s or manuals or big sticks… etc.”

    It NEVER ends. It’s called humanity, and it’s flawed. Sometimes the best we can do is only a small step, and hope it does better than nothing.

  104. @ Joe

    Aren’t you embarrassed?

    Caught lying… and then too scared and dishonest to come clean.

    If your kid read this… would you be proud? I sure hope not.

  105. “Sometimes the best we can do is only a small step, and hope it does better than nothing.”

    ^^ That’s the same argument we on the gun control side use to make our case.

  106. Blue..I’m sad and angry. I obviously lost my mind this week. Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed. Happy? Good. Now leave me alone.

  107. Having some of the teachers armed would serve as a deterrent to the criminal mind but would do nothing to stop a crazy person who plans to shoot himself in the end. No, talking about armed guards or teachers is as much of a waste of time as is most of the conversations taking place about gun control.

  108. Watching the beginning of that press conference, and it’s sorta painful. The last few minutes that I saw seemed okay, and I’m not sure how I’d have reacted to the beginning in real time, before the critiques. He’s got that nasty comb-over, he’s citing movies and games that are unknown by anyone in their 20’s, and he comes across as a flailing opportunist in discussing what is otherwise a valid issue. The only thing missing is a belt-line up above his navel.
    Security sounds good, initially, but the flaws have been amply pointed-out on Fox, mostly Special Report. If localities want to do it and pay for it, fine, but shut up about Congress enacting it. It’s clearly an overreach, and an attempt to say that if you feel compelled to legislate, then do this instead of that.

  109. @ Fritz

    Yes, it sure is.

    And I think that’s a fair opinion too. I have no problem with enhanced gun control. I have no problem taking away assault weapons. But I recognize it’s only a small part, and probably won’t solve or prevent something like this from happening again.

    It’s one element, and it’s going to take a lot of little things. If we have the ability and attention span to keep caring about it.

  110. THIS woman should be representing the NRA. I wish I could find the clip of her talking to Brooke Baldwin, today. Brooke didn’t seem to appreciate learning that “assault weapon” is a made up term.

  111. What are you barking about, Blue?

  112. -flailing-

    His answers to the problem are every bit as irrelevant as are those from the gun control crowd. People who are offended by guns want them banned. People who are offended by violent lyrics, movies, and video games want them banned. Neither offer substantive solutions.

    Didn’t escape my notice that he tried to blame a freedom that’s protected by the same Bill of Rights his organisation professes to protect.

  113. 12:21 am Eastern just past Sat am, and nothing has happened as per to the Myans. Thankfully the world didn’t end today/yesterday and we’ll probably fall into the Fiscal Cliff and our obese debt will be the end of the world as we knew it. The world will end some day, but not yesterday.

  114. The Mayan civilisation would be in what is now our “Central” time zone. Wait twenty minutes before celebrating.

    I’ll have to read the Fiscal Cliff notes before commenting about that.

  115. Another note on the NRA speech coverage,
    FNC conveniently had taped programming already scheduled for 9pm and 10pm so they did not have to discuss it then.

    Piers was live on CNN at 9pm.

    MSNBC is apparently keeping live programming at 10pm Fridays so Lawrence was on and talked about the NRA speech.

  116. FOX always tapes 9pm and 10pm Friday.

  117. MSNBC had Hardball live at 5pm and 7pm b/c of President Obama’s speech. It was an extremely busy day, glad MSNBC stepped up.

  118. Still waiting for Lonestar to tell me what I made up………

  119. Formal Reprimand Issued To Flatulent Federal Worker

    Why didn’t this guy just strap a piece of fabric softner to his bloomers? Because he’s obviously a FNC patriot and thinks others in the workplace should be subject to his vile stench.

  120. Even On The Record is taped on Fridays?

    It is the week of Christmas, but I’m surprised that Gretas show would be taped on Fridays all the time.

    BTW: FNC has continued to the Euro/Minimalism approach just recently. The “live” bug has gone even more unnoticed its now where the red band below the FNC logo is. The red side of the bug is more busier because it flips between the time, the “channel” and if you happen to have your eye catching that the show is “live” consider yourself lucky.

    Hate to sound conspiratorial, but maybe they’ve done this to cover up that their shows aren’t always “live”?

  121. Yesterday Megyn Kelly had a focus group of families of the impacted victims in Newtown. They were on the set. The block looked as if it was taped, but at the same time it felt like it was live. Anyway, I tried to see the bug and I didn’t see it being “live”.

    Their artists need to go back and design a better bug that makes it clear the segment/show is “Live”

  122. lonestar77 Says:

    So, MSNBC hosts call the NRA “lobbyists for mass murders” and a group that “wants massacres” and “wants the mentally ill to have guns”.

    That’s neat. Thanks, exploitative wingnuts.

  123. lonestar77 Says:

    “Still waiting for Lonestar to tell me what I made up………”

    Who wants to cut teachers pay so they can give the rich more money? That’s incredibly stupid. First, who wants to cut teachers pay? Maybe some of us want to get pensions under control. But, who says “we should cut teacher’s pay’?

    And, who wants to give the rich more money? How exactly do you give them more money? I assume you mean letting them keep what they’ve earned? That’s not giving them money. But it’s nice to see that you view your take home pay as what the government gives you. That’s very telling.

  124. @ Andy

    Fritz was talking about how having an armed guard at schools wouldn’t prevent things.

    And while I agree it probably wouldn’t “prevent” something, it could impact or slow an attack down.

    It’s all part of the little steps we need to take to do better. Better school security. Better gun control and enforcement. And better mental healthcare.

    They’re all moves in the right direction, no?

  125. I think there is a new War on Christmas – i.e. should non-essential businesses be open for Christmas? on Cashin’ In, they just had debated that issue.

    I’m more concerned if Christmas will no longer be a Federal Holiday just so people can go to work and make money.

    I’m no perfect Christian, but it is sick for places like McDonald’s that is demanding some of the franchises to be open on the second “true” holiday that remains in this country.

    We are becoming a secular nation, and that’s a sad thing to see.

  126. It wasn’t really contentious, but you can always tell that they don’t like having their narrative questioned.

    Massacre survivor defends gun rights!

  127. — Cliff Notes —

    I’ll just copy off Al’s paper.

  128. Steven you are correct, the Megyn Kelly discussion segment was taped earlier. She did a preview earlier in her show.
    Another clue to the segment being taped, the video was 16:9 SD.

    When I checked FNC early in the afternoon, there was report on the NRA Speech then again there was no segment discussing the speech as FNC does with other stories.

    I could be wrong, the appearance is that FNC is not doing any discussion segments on the NRA speech except what Megyn Kelly did.

  129. @icemannyr

    How can you tell it was in 16:9 SD? It looked native when I had it on the HD feed when I was watching that block.

    I watch the news thruout the day, and once the other networks went right to the NRA presser, FNC was still talking about John Kerry “reporting to duty”* taking over SOTUS for a significant number of minutes before switching over to the NRA in progress.

    *a common Kerry catchphrase in New England talk radio from a specific soundbyte.

  130. I’m not doing your research for you, LS77. Your party, the GOP, has no problem raising my taxes. They never have a problem raising taxes on the poor, hence why they want EITC gone. And it’s been explained to you righties 9,000 different ways how teacher pay is being cut.

    So, you’re admitting I didn’t “make up” what was said on Hardball and had to deflect? Thank you.

  131. The video on the taped panel discussion was softer then the live HD video.

  132. I did a check of the am political discussion shows and all did one if not more full segments on gun control and the NRA speech except FOX News Sunday.

    On FNS they did 1 minuet on the NRA speech followed by Chris Wallice saying the full segment was an internet only video.

    The impression I get is FOX News has an agenda to limit the discussion on the NRA speech from Friday.

  133. ^ Which should be viewed no differently from the rest of the media, whose stated goal is to “keep gun control on the front burner”, per Howard Kurtz. Fox treats gun control no differently than the rest of the press did Benghazi, which is to ignore it until absolutely required. Everybody has an angle.

  134. Am I the only one who finds it odd that on “Weekends With Alex Witt” Alex Witt always refers to her show saying the full name?
    For example she always says “Welcome to Weekends With Alex Witt.”

    I don’t know of any other host of a news or talk show that always says their full name when referring to the show name.

  135. To differentiate from Alex Wagner?

  136. Laura, thanks for the “contentious” CNN link. And I agree with you that this woman should be the head of the NRA (at least I think it was you who said it the other day).

  137. I cannot imagine having been there during the shooting, as she was, and being able to discuss it publicly. You’ll see that more on the first clip that I posted. That level of composure is beyond me.

  138. I love this. It’s nice to see a celebrity use Twitter for something other than making an ass of himself.

  139. 10 minutes after the Opening Bell on the stock markets on Christmas Eve, FBN spend the last 10 minutes talking about gun control. FBN did a decent amount of discussion on gun control last week, not sure about FNC. And yet Fox Business, is supposed to be a financial channel…maybe FNC outsourced their gun coverage to a channel that less people watch than the granddaddy “news” channel.

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