Dave Briggs Departs Fox and Friends Weekend…

Dave Briggs’ surprise announcement that he’s leaving Fox and Friends (via J$)


14 Responses to “Dave Briggs Departs Fox and Friends Weekend…”

  1. What Fox SHOULD do, of course, is give the job to Ainsley, but it’ll probably go to Mike Jerrick.

  2. Didn’t know who this guys name was… and I typically watch the weekend show because they are better than the weekday. (not as dare I say “dumb”?)

    I like Mike Jerrick it would be ideal; but he’s based out of Philly (IIRC)…not sure if he would be willing to do a NY job again.

    Ainsley would be ideal too, and then somehow upgrade Allyson. 2 blond chicks wouldn’t work. I’d love to see Gretchen get demoted somehow. I can’t stand her.

  3. Mike Jerrick fills in occasionally…He was on Fox and Freinds weekend…as a host about 5 yrs ago with Julliet Huddy.
    He is a Fox channel 29 anchor in Philly

  4. I remember him being a regular F&F host

    He was also the host on Dayside where Jullliet cohosted the show at 1PM.

    I don’t know why he’s been on-and-off with FNC. He’s got decent reporting skills and has the morning show personality. I’d assume maybe FNC underlooked at his potential or whathaveyou.

    So he is working in Philly….well then that might not work ether. Depending on his schedule at WTXF (which happens to be a Fox O&O), working on the weekend F&F could be a conflict.

    Though I’d love to see him again on FNC.

  5. Mike and Juliet also hosted “The Morning Show” on the FOX Broadcast Network.

  6. That was around the 2007-2009 seasons, I remember that program.

  7. Mike is better as a fill in. I wouldn’t watch him as a regular.

  8. I agree with commrnt on Grethen, but never should let Brian go or Alysen, they are irreplacable and are delight and joy.

  9. I will miss Dave Briggs very much I love the 3 weekend people.
    the Fox Network is making a mistake in letting him leave. Good Luck Dave.

  10. I thought Dave was an excellent co-host for Fox and Friends week-ends. It’s always nice to see young blood carrying the torch. No offense, but I wish I could say the same for the House Senate.. has anyone ever thought to think and say, that is why I Country is so messed up? It’s time to replace the old dinasours with young blood. The current Senate keep up too much Drama, that’s why the budget hasn’t been balanced in 4 years! hello?!? Plus some of these elderly’s are too stumborn. It’s time to clean House and stop with the Discrimination and put some yound blood in our Senate so we can start getting the job done…. hmph! they all appeared as grinches, to wait right upon our Christmas and New Years to play games with our lives with this Fiscal Cliff, when they had 4 years in advance to fix the thing. Then they had the nerve to break and go home to be with their own families for Christmas, while leaving the rest of us sitting on the edge of our seats wondering if they will make the right decision regarding this Fiscal Cliff. YES! you guys ruined my Thanksgiving, my Christmas and my New Years Day!, so there! you have it…. happy now? I betcha all of you can sleep better now, while the rest of us worry ourselves batty/craaaaazy!

  11. The weekday F&F has become a joke! It’s so hokie it is embarrassing! Gretchen is so clueless and annoying, I just cannot watch it anymore! I have resorted to dealing with CNN til I leave in AM. It’s less painful than listening to her trying to be heard and her inane comments! Dave was the best part of the weekends! BIG LOSS! AC is only slightly less annoying than Gretchen!

  12. To Ralph C. Borghese: FYI – Gretchen Carlson is a graduate of Stanford and was a Rhodes Scholar at Cambridge. She is certainly not clueless. Being a Rhodes Scholar is VERY prestigious, and only the very brightest and best receive this honor.

  13. Grechen just goes to show attending a fine school, does not relate to intelligence.

  14. Gretchen Carlson may have attended outstanding schools but that doesn’t mean she knows people. She spends way too much time commenting in the negetive on any thing Brian says. I know he’s a big boy and can take care of hisself But she’s so annoying. Love Allison and she works so well with Steve & Brian. Maybe you need to make a change. Ca

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