What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…

Post your nominations for this week’s What’s Hot/What’s Not. I’ll post the finalists on Sunday night…


31 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…”

  1. HOT: Gun control debate, fiscal cliffhanger, Kerry gets the nod. A busy week in Washington.

    NOT: FOX cuts out of Wayne LaPierre speech, waits over an hour to discuss it.

    HOT: Jake Tapper to CNN.

    NOT: ABC letting Tapper go.

  2. NOT HOT – The talk of taking peoples guns.

    Dems/Repubs actually want you to buy MORE guns. So, one day when marital law is laid down, they will be slaughtering armed citizens. I mean, it sure beats having your prey only holding a sling shot, eh?

  3. I’ve been concerned about marital law for years. Among other things.

  4. Not: Jeanine Pirro’s show covering nothing except Benghazi and ignoring the NRA speech.

  5. And she keeps implying that Sec. Clinton is faking a concussion. Based on what, Judge? She’s been ordered to rest and not travel, which tells me the concussion is worse than she wants to admit. Leave the woman alone; let her get better; and stop accusing her of faking it based on vapor. Idiot.

  6. Since people got on Alex Wagner for the same thing,
    Jeanine Pirro is very strange with the smiling while covering serious stories.
    Also the joking around when talking about Benghazi and Clinton is very inappropriate.

  7. Justice with Judge Jeanine is Current Affair/Inside Edition tabloid hackery.

  8. ^^To be fair to Jeanine, the Botox might have something to do with that. #CheapShot

  9. It’s that FNC double standard where they can mock a liberal and it’s ok and MSNBC can’t mock conservatives or it’s hate speech and Hannity gets outraged.

    Pirro’s smiling and joking when talking about Benghazi and Hillary Clinton are very inappropriate.
    She does that all the time with the awkward smiling and joking around.

  10. Now we have Steven Crowder talking about the Fiscal Cliff! They’re just not even trying anymore.

  11. At least MSNBC attempts to give the appearance of balance. FOX isn’t even trying anymore. Now that conservatives are on the unpopular side of public opinion on guns and the fiscal cliff, FOX has to go back to being Benghazi’s News Channel.

  12. Crowder: “We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem!” Came up with that all by yourself, eh?

  13. I can’t get over the fact that Fox Files is doing a segment on the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr. How old IS their audience?

  14. One thing you have to remember about Pirro. She was set to run against Hillary for her New York Senate seat in 2006 before she dropped out of the race because she was doing so badly in the polls. She’s hardly fair and balanced when it comes to Hillary.

  15. Grandpa Dave Says:

    HOT: Jake Tapper moves to CNN.
    HOT: Richard Engel released from captivity in Syria.
    HOT: The ongoing Gabriel Sherman saga.
    HOT: Dave Briggs leaving FNC.

    NOT: Nielsen and Twitter join forces. Why?

  16. “At least MSNBC attempts to give the appearance of balance. FOX isn’t even trying anymore.” – Andy

    Huh? Are you sure you’re watching MSNBC?

  17. Laura, I’m old enough to remember Frank, Jr.’s kidnapping.

  18. ^ It just seems like a weirdly random thing to do for a story. What I didn’t realize is that it happened a couple weeks after the Kennedy assassination, so I’d imagine that even at the time it didn’t get as much attention as it might.

  19. Now that I’m watching Reliable Sources, the first segment on gun control was surprisingly evenhanded and fair. The tweets from Kurtz gave it an odd slant, which I may have misinterpreted.

  20. NOT: FOX News Watch is talking about an anti gun media agenda in the coverage of the CT shooting while FNC takes the conservative pro gun agenda to have minimal discussion segments on the NRA speech.

    I also think it’s biased to have an NRA member and gun owner Jon Scott moderating discussion of the topic without saying he is an NRA member and gun owner as he did earlier in the week on Happening Now.

  21. FOX News Watch is just another way FOX claims everyone else is biased. It’s a shame because that used to be a fair program.

  22. The Mayans were wrong, Larry, you can come out from under the bed.

    Leave the gun, please.

  23. Manny, I could have sworn Jon Scott mentioned he was an NRA member on Fox News Watch. But you can’t rely on my memory – I’m old enough to remember Frank, Jr.’s kidnapping.

  24. HOT: Sen. Dianne Feinstein has a concealed carry weapon permit. Bloomberg and Mort Zuckerman and Rupert Murdoch have bodyguards who are armed to the teeth with guns.
    NOT: No one mentioning the hypocrisy of the above people.

  25. Fox News Watch was ridiculous, as usual. Their idea of “bias” were clips of Bloomberg and Toure giving opinions, then they debated gun control! It made no sense.

    I saw Wayne LaPierre on MTP. Psycho.

  26. FOX News Watch is nothing but a show that picks on the media and presses their buttons to call out for bias especially from the left.

    I watched bits and pieces last night, and I’m not surprised to see them avoiding the story. They discussed Benghazi media saga last night (IIRC).

    I’m no Jon Scott fan, he’s one of the few I think is just biased.

    Reliable Sources is a slightly-better program (but of course you got a leftie Howard Kurtz running that show) but at least they try to play it fair and be in the middle.

  27. Wait, people watch FOX News Watch still? I gave up after Eric Burns left/was let go and the show began to feel like the rest of FOX.

  28. Fox News Watch does exactly what Fox gets upset about when it’s done to them: They purposely conflate opinion with straight news. They should just be honest and have it hosted by Hannity.

  29. Dear rightwing noisemakers: Questioning a concussion is not an opinion.

  30. I just watched the whole Fox Files on the Frank Sinatra, Jr. kidnapping. Claudia Cowan, the reporter, is the daughter of actress Barbara Rush, who was friends with Frank, Sr., and was in the movie “Robin and the Seven Hoods,” which Sinatra was filming when his son was kidnapped. Claudia got a chance to interview her mom and get her personal insight. Maybe that’s why they did the story.

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