What’s Hot/What’s Not: 12/23/12

What’s Hot:

FNC and Gun Control discussion – Whether FNC discussed Gun Control over the weekend or not (it did) or whether or not it discussed it the way some wanted it discussed (debatable depending on your ideology), this story ran like wildfire over the internet the first half of the week thanks to…

Gabriel Sherman – Sherman has been a thorn in FNC’s side for a while now (and will be even more so when his Roger Ailes book comes out). Twice this week Sherman wrote about FNC and the gun control story. The first article about David Clark’s editorial judgement was interesting (mostly because of how FNC chose to push back on it). The second article about about the spiking of John Lott’s gun control Op-Ed, less so.

Richard who? – Everyone in the industry knew Richard Engel was missing in Syria earlier this week. But just about the only way you’d know is if you read Turkish or Twitter because, as is customary among news organizations when such a situation arises, almost nobody was writing about it except Gawker.

Jake Tapper to CNN – In a surprise move, CNN announced that it had hire Jake Tapper. It wasn’t a surprise that Tapper would choose to leave ABC; not after getting passed over for This Week twice. But it was a surprise that CNN got him. It was easily their best pick up in over a decade.

What’s Not:

The Hollywood Reporter – If you’re going to take what FNC feeds you without doing your due diligence, you should be prepared for fallout.

Target: Gabriel Sherman – The tenacity and venom in the pushback to Sherman’s first story was so over the top, it was suspect. I will wager it had less to do with shooting down Sherman’s story and more to do laying groundwork and poisoning the well for Sherman’s upcoming Ailes book.

Nielsen and Twitter – The two joined up to measure something vague having to do with TV reach on Twitter. I remain skeptical that it will lead to anything substantive.

Do as I say, not as I do – Why is it that news organizations carve out an exception for themselves when one of their own gets kidnapped? In just about every other case, news organizations won’t hesitate to write about a kidnapping or hostage situation if they get wind of it. The old boy network in action I guess…

Ben Sherwood – Whenever Sherwood steps down from ABC it should be noted in the write ups that he was the one who let Tapper slip through ABC’s fingers. He’ll never make as mistake as bad as that the rest of his career.


4 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 12/23/12”

  1. Wayne LaPierre’s appearances on Friday and Sunday were pure madness. It was all “more guns everywhere” and “anyone who disagrees with us are anti-Second Amendment zealots”. Probably great for short-term fundraising, but for pushing the NRA forward as a serious player in the conversation? Not so much.

  2. Man, this was quite a week.

  3. Over 58 million Americans have been diagnosed with some kind of mental illness. Does he really believe we can institutionalize 58 million Americans? LaPierre is a whackjob.

  4. I thought he only wanted “list” those people.

    It’s still crazy stupid, impossible, and insulting… but it’s slightly better than the “lock’em up” notion.

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