The Hazards of LiveTV: #25,183

I don’t know about you but I think Bartiromo just plain lost it. You should never lose it as an anchor, no matter how annoyed with the guest you are.


16 Responses to “The Hazards of LiveTV: #25,183”

  1. This is the problem with business reporters. They get into that line of work via a fascination with, and worship of, Wall Street. It bleeds through every interview, and Maria has done lots of this before, albeit on a slightly calmer scale. “Business news” is a joke.

  2. Joe’s inane comment aside, this wasn’t a goof for her. There are better ways to form a debate and regardless of if she’s right, she looked combative even in commentator terms. I understand if she’s frustrated, but like take a walk or something.

  3. There was nothing “inane” about my comment. The business news industry is made up of people who worship big business and Wall Street. It’s money people preaching to money people..a closed world babblng at itself. It has no relationship to the everyday realities of the average working stiff.

  4. And everyone know… Liberal academics are the only one’s who can identify with “the working man.” The people who hire, employ, and work with “working man” don’t know anything.

  5. The people who yap on those useless shows don’t know shyte about the working man.

  6. Don’t tell that to Big Ed. He thinks he’s a hero.

    And might burn your house down, if you disagree.

  7. A. He’s not a business reporter. B. Cracks about houses burning isn’t funny to anyone who’s bothered to watch the news the last couple days.

  8. A) That’s right. I forgot to check the goalposts, before I kicked. Apparently they were moving leftward… and here I thought they’d stay still. Silly me. Ed isn’t a business guy… so OF COURSE he knows about the average worker! I mean, how could he not? That’s part of the pundit test!

    B) Seriously? That’s how you want to play that comment? Yeesh.

  9. Those channels are business news for business people. You know the people who are making and managing businesses in the country. If you don’t like it Joe then don’t watch it, it’s pretty clear you have no reason to watch it anyway. But to demonize an entire section of news as a broad definition of “worship of Wall Street” is completely naive, and once again, inane.

  10. When its really goes so over the top is when Michelle Caruso Cabrera looses it.

    Watching her rip various people of power and attacking CNBC’s “Rise Up” campaign, never mind of her own network is really absurd.

    Not that they broadcast at their E.C. studios as much anymore, but something in Jersey ether the water or air must make some of the other people crazy. Many of the people on CNBC live in NJ except for Bartiromo one of the few Manhattanites.

    BTW: Merry Christmas!

  11. The goalposts are business news. You can tell by the topic of this thread. What Ed Schultz has to do with it is beyond me.

  12. I’m not really all that surprised that Bartiromo is getting antsy about the end of the year. Even if going over the cliff doesn’t cause any real damage it will cause the markets to drop a few percentage points and that not good for her hubby’s investments. That second yacht might may be in jeopardy.

    Same goes for MCC. She’s married to a guy who is the son of a famous corporate raider and makes a living defending corporations against class action law suits.

    You can’t be surprised they both bring their spouses POV’s into on air discussions at CNBC. Both would be much happier at FBN except hardly anyone watches that ‘network’.

  13. tinafromtampa Says:

    Why is this even headlined; this is mild compared to how Piers, O’Donnell, Matthews, Hannity and Rachel act on a regular basis. I thought she was spot on and straight forward.

  14. Fritz3,

    You can’t say that last paragraph, FBN is getting better ratings. Obviously its a fraction of what the Corporate News & Betting Channelâ„¢* gets, there was a post on this blog last week about FBN’s ratings growth.

    *trademark of Gravatar:Steven3400 😛

    Didn’t know who MCC was married to, but I knew she’s married to a latino man.

    Ps: Though MCC got all googly eyed a week ago when Marc Andreesson (the co creator of Netscape, first commercial web browser) when he was in favor of the fiscal cliff because Silicon Valley would benefit of no government. MCC proposed to Andresson on air. I was like “WTF?” These Tea Party people can get really crazy if they are in agreement with anyone! After that “proposal”, MCC then attacked CNBC’s “Rising up” campaign.

    I wouldn’t want any of the characters in E.C. to be at 1211 6th Ave, because they are really yakkers, and FBN tries to report some business news.

  15. Sorry jackyboy, but joeremi’s remarks are spot on. CNBC isn’t taken seriously by real business people. They have been so wrong and off the mark for the last several years that it is embarrassing. They don’t know or care about working people. They are completely disconnected from most of the professional class as well. I don’t think they have any idea what happens outside Wall Street which is NOT the end all and be all of business. Bloomberg does a much better job covering business and they are not a laughing stock like CNBC. Yes, jackyboy, I don’t have the watch CNBC and I choose not to anymore but I tend to be more vocal when that Wall Street claptrap shows up on CNN and MSNBC.

  16. Fritz, you make a good point about nobody watching FBN but I think Steven may be right. I would never underestimate Fox.

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