Your 2012 Pipedream of The Year…

Comes courtesy of Carpe Diem

Hopefully, 2013 will be a time for new beginnings–for FNC and Kiran. A time for Roger Ailes to forgive Kiran after her sojourn in the desert. And, a time for Bill Shine to give Kiran that “very special opportunity“ to team up with Aly again (and Clayton) to make more F&FW magic.

We pause to let the laughter die down at the Avenue of the Americas…

Still waiting…

I’ll just say this. Keith Olbermann probably stands a better chance of returning to MSNBC then Chetry does of returning to FNC…


5 Responses to “Your 2012 Pipedream of The Year…”

  1. The guy that writes that blog is always going off on Kiran.He’s over the top.I doubt he has any real connections.As for Kiran,frankly I’d be surprised to see her ever reappear on a national network.Too many burned bridges and floods over dams.A career that has more peaks and valleys than the Rockies.If she really wants back in a news position,she should get real and put out feelers to local markets.

  2. What is so bad about Kiran? I thought Fox should have given her the Gretchen job, but they did not so she went to CNN. She seemed OK there, but apparently was let go. Why would there be any problem with her landing another national-level position?

  3. Looks to me like Rich Reichmuth will get the slot. He’s already on the show anyway, and he gets along with Aly and Clayton.

  4. I thought Fox should have given her the Gretchen job, but they did not so she went to CNN.

    That’s an inaccurate telling of history. Here is a more accurate telling of history.

    Chetry or representatikves of Chetry pushed to dislodge Carlson off of Fox and Friends either by locking it in contractually that she’d get the gig or by other means and it pissed off upper management so they fired/dropped/not renewed/otherwise parted company with her. Then she went to CNN.

    You make it sound like it was FNC’s mistake when the mistake was made by team Chetry.

  5. If Chetry signed a new agent maybe she could blame that pissy episode on the old one, assuming she even wants to go back to Fox News. But if she did get hired back, and to F&FW specifically, it’d be an exciting “yawn” at best.

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