Press Releases: 12/28/12

CNBC (1)


With the fiscal cliff still looming over the American economy and the clock quickly ticking down, CNBC will broadcast a live special, “CNBC Special Report: America’s Economy Held Hostage,” on Sunday, December 30th beginning at 8PM ET. The special will be anchored by CNBC’s Amanda Drury & Brian Sullivan from CNBC Global Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, NJ with live reports from CNBC’s John Harwood and Eamon Javers in Washington, D.C., Steve Liesman from CNBC Headquarters and Rick Santelli at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

4 Responses to “Press Releases: 12/28/12”

  1. Oh great, a special where CNBC’s cast of characters each has a stroke on live tv. If only.

    What, no Bartiromo? How can it be an official fiscal cliff b!tch session without the Queen Money Honey herself.

    What ever will CNBC do when the fiscal cliff is resolved? Wouldn’t possibly be report real business news.

  2. Is CNBC really that bad? Try getting business news on FBN during Varney & company, it’s two hours of Varney complaining how bad the Obama policies are and not much business news.

  3. ^ when it comes to good business news, I find tv really lacking. Marketplace by APM,, Bloomberg (BusinessWeek and their phone app), Financial Times, and the business section of The Atlantic are all infinitely better sources than CNBC or FBN.

  4. @Elle Grantham

    I’m not too into many online sites because they aren’t the best for financial information. Business is a little bit better, I just don’t like how many media outlets have dumbed down the financial and market news. I miss the old Wall Street Journal, when they put serious emphasis on the markets. Thanks to Rupert, he’s marketing the paper to people who think the markets are boring, as one can tell by the prettiness on the front page of The Journal, and also printing a right leaning NYT.


    You’re right in the fact a viewer might have to take Varney in doses. I find it really annoying how fast paced his show is compared to the Markets Now wheel. He can go into civics lecture, and their target viewers know whats wrong with the economy going onto a rant and lecturing don’t appeal viewers.

    I watch FBN over CNBC on most days because of the following:
    CNBC has really gone down the gutter in terms of business news. Its bunch of fluff, with trying to have party debates from dem vs republican, bull vs. bear, and technicals vs fundamentals. Squawk Box hasn’t been the same a) when they let Mark Haines go to the NYSE and b) his death last year. I really can’t fathom how they can have 6 hours of Squawk, half the trading day is virtually at the NYSE. I can’t stand Melissa, Carl and David’s dialogue about the markets. I feel so much smarter after watching 10 minutes of their yuppiitie way of reporting the opening markets.

    Personalities is another turnoff at CNBC. They need to demote Amanda Druey, Seema Moody, the British Boy Simon Hobbs and Brian Sullivan. The latter is the one that sucks the most because he’s really stiff, I don’t think he will gel well over time, I think he’ll be gone when his contract ends. I like Amanda/Mandy, but the others I’d love to see get demoted the most.

    I’d love to read the ticker, but they have made it smaller and smaller and a sans-serif font that isn’t attention grabbing and friendly to ones eyes

    If I hear “headquarters” or “HQ” one more time – it can get very irritating…they should be at “HQ” to begin with!

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