The Gift That Keeps on Giving…

Page Six continues to dip into that seemingly bottomless well that is CNN and Jeff Zucker…

As speculation hits fever pitch over whom Jeff Zucker will woo next to try and reinvigorate CNN, sources tell Page Six he’s eyeing ABC’s prime-time news lineup. After poaching senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper, insiders say Zucker’s looking at further ABC talent, including “20/20” co-anchor Chris Cuomo. (Cuomo, who co-hosts the show with Elizabeth Vargas, is also ABC’s chief law-and-justice correspondent and the brother of Gov. Andrew.) “Jeff’s still looking for an anchor he can basically make the centerpiece of the network,” a source says. We’ve previously reported that Zucker’s been eyeing former “Today” host Ann Curry, but an NBC rep insists she’s under contract. The onetime NBC head’s also reportedly aiming to beef up Hollywood coverage, and might move CNN’s Erin Burnett to mornings to battle “Today” and “Good Morning America.” Another source sniffed, “Jeff should be careful how many people he tells will be the face of the network.” Reps for both CNN and ABC declined to comment.

The only thing remotely newsworthy here (don’t believe the Chris Cuomo hype…I can’t see him leaving ABC after just getting 20/20) is that Zucker is looking for a “centerpiece” anchor. Extrapolating on that, one would conclude that Anderson Cooper will be losing his “face of CNN” status. If this story is true of course…


9 Responses to “The Gift That Keeps on Giving…”

  1. Zucker shares something in common with that “Wreck it Ralph” character: “I love wrecking things.” I tell you he hasn’t learned his lesson at NBCU, he’s going to create YET another shipwreck at the cable net in Atlanta.

  2. The REAL ‘face’ of CNN is Wolf Blitzer and his 15 hours a week on the air. Plus, he always hosts special coverage.

    On a related note: Can you name the anchor at FNC that gets 10 hours a week and is 1000% better than Wolf?

    So, why doesn’t FNC have Shep on for 30 hours a week? Right. Because they’re not stupid and realize over saturation of even a good anchor is asinine.

  3. Aaron Brown will remember when he was “the face of CNN”, and some kid showed up and became his co-host. Next thing he knew, Newsnight had become AC360, and Aaron was offered a late shift. He’s going to enjoy this…

  4. Caps is surprisingly coherent, today. I’ll leave my original snide comment aside.

  5. hey heres a thought….make NEWS the face of cnn. wow what a thought..NEWS on a cable NEWS channel!

  6. Why are you polluting this thread with a link to a site devoid of new information? They just regurgitated what the Post and others have already written.

  7. I thought it very interesting how the little remark about wanting a new centerpiece anchor was just kinda slipped in there. Damn, that should have been the headline! CNN has a lot more timeslots to fill besides Andy’s 8pm slot. I guess it is clear, Zucker is going to dropkick AC. Perhaps Andy will end up with CBS – ya know, the place where they are doing real news. And what about Wolf? did he just get demoted, too?

  8. I’d steal as many people from Nightline as legally possible.

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