TJ Holmes To Freelance on MSNBC Saturday…

Holmes posted the following tweet today…

MSNBC. 7 AM tomorrow morning. #backintheanchorchair

85 Responses to “TJ Holmes To Freelance on MSNBC Saturday…”

  1. Wow, I thought he had his own show on BET? I have no idea how well its doing. He would be a good get for MSNBC.

    Hmmm, that’s the lead-in for Chris Hayes… is he just filling in for Alex Witt?

  2. His Twitter profile still lists him as host of Don’t Sleep, but the show was rapidly reduced from five nights to one after a few weeks. My guess is BET hasn’t decided yet whether to renew, and he was told he could take freelance offers if they came along.

  3. I would love to see TJ Holmes on msnbc!! Like him and have missed him!

  4. Guess the grass wasn’t greener at BET, eh?

  5. I was thrilled to see T. J. Holmes on MSNBC (this format works best for him). CNN has not been the same for me since he left.

  6. Bet isn’t about the news hope tj can get on with MSNBC or go back to CNN. CNN needs him.

  7. CNN missed their chance. MSNBC should scoop him up. I’ve missed that face, and, oh, that voice. Love that voice!!!

  8. I think it is right on, I folllowed him on CNN and like to see more of him on MSNBC – great personality!

  9. I had to check my “info” button on my remote! I thought I had BET by mistake. Love seeing TJ on MSNBC. You mentioned freelance…Is this just every now and then?

  10. I’m an MSNBC nerd. I just turned on the TV and from the kitchen I was like, OMG, is that TJ? So happy to see him. I hope he gets a bigger gig soon. The BET thing wasn’t a good move. BET lost credibility with regard to news a long time ago after Tavis and all the rest were canceled. Plus, it came on too late at night.

  11. Good to see TJ on MSNBC my favorite station in South Carolina!!!!! I love the diversity that network has. Please stay!!!!!

  12. OMG couldn’t believe it when I saw TJH on MSNBC-I hope he gets a permanent show-it would be like Xmas every day!

  13. I knew it’s only going to be a matter of time TJ will get back to national stage. MSNBC should keep him.

  14. Way to go T.J. and MSNBC. It is good to see T.J. I hope MSNBC finds a permanent slot for him.

  15. great seeing tj doing the news!

  16. I was very happy to see TJ on MSNBC, I would like to see him get a permanent job there. I really miss him on CNN and he will be a big plus for MSNBC.

  17. I was so happy…I came on line to see if it was going to be a regular gig. I missed him so much…

  18. Per Wikipedia, TJ’s last appearance on CNN was 12/25/2011, so i suspect that there might have been a one-year non-compete clause which obviously didn’t apply to BET. Will be interesting to see what develops.

  19. Pleasantly shocked and surprised. Sorry but he’s too big for BET. Matt Lauer better look out! But for the time being, MSNBC is a great place for him. Since the election it seems like MSNBC has taken off. I’m black and rarely watch BET, although I enjoyed their rebroadcast of all the Roots episodes and especially The Next Generation and Queen. Also Bet’s teasers for the Husbands of Hollywood and Second Generation Wayans look like they have promise. Congratulations to MSNBC and TJ!

  20. He is way better off on MSNBC!!! I hope he gets his own segment. I love watching him, he is a breath of fresh air and a natural. CNN or BET don’t deserve him.

  21. Great to see TJ back doing the news. Very happy!!

  22. Love seeing him on msnbc, hope they find aspot for him;

  23. MSNBC…the bottom of the barrel in cable news. TJ is good in a hard news format. And there’s no chance of him ever getting on fox..hahaha.

  24. Holy cow, I never knew TJ Holmes was this popular. He’s obviously done a great job in getting such a great following from so many viewers. Considering all this great feedback, MSNBC would be stupid not to grab him when he’s hot.

  25. From his Twitter, which confirms my supposition. “Looking forward” means “don’t know if it’s coming back”:

    To clear this up: last “Don’t Sleep” episode of 2012 was last wk. Look forward to it in 2013. But, u can see me other places, like #MSNBC.


  27. There are quite a few people worthy of their own timeslots. Veronica De La Cruz and Craig Melvin have more than earned it. TJ Holmes would be a great addition as well. Personally, I think it’s past time for Martin Bashir to go. And there’s just nothing left for Ed Schultz to add to that network.

  28. “There are quite a few people worthy of their own timeslots. Veronica De La Cruz and Craig Melvin have more than earned it. TJ Holmes would be a great addition as well.”

    ^^ There are only a handful of of non opinion slots on MSNBC: Alex Witt, Chris Jansing, MSNBC Live, Tamron Hall, Thomas Roberts (I know, I know) and Way Too Early and there are a host of straight news subs on call. TJ Holmes (despite all the positive comments from his fan club above) would be low on the list unless they dump some people.

    “Personally, I think it’s past time for Martin Bashir to go. And there’s just nothing left for Ed Schultz to add to that network.”

    ^^ I agree it’s time for these two plus Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry and one of Chris Matthews slots to go but they will be replaced by opinion hosts like Ezra Klein or Joy Reid and not TJ Holmes.

  29. I like Melissa Harris-Perry but her show is god awful boring. And so is Up with Chris Hayes.

    The countdown clock (which, BTW, I’m tired of those things on cable news) to Matthews’ retirement is on. I’d put Smerconish in one of his two timeslots.

    Tamron Hall, not an opinion show? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Chris Jansing, Thomas Roberts and Andrea Mitchell are all considerably less POV than NewsNation.

  30. TJ Holmes is one popular dude.

  31. Andy, I’m totally with you on Bashir and Ed. I don’t like either of them. Ed has the good fortune of being sandwiched between Matthews and Maddow so that is the only reason he holds on in the ratings. MSNBC has so many talents, no need to keep Ed. Fritz is right, there is no need for a Hardball rerun either.

    But I can’t let you pick on my boy Chris Hayes 🙂 I watch Up religiously. Its my favorite MSNBC show. The guy knows how to get his wonk on.

    I confess, I love Chris Hayes, Soledad O’Brien, MHP, and Ezra Klein. Is this when I get the blog equivalent of being shoved in a locker?!?!?!

  32. I’m with Elle on Chris Hayes. His show can be over the top wonky at times but, in general, his show is quite watchable. MHP is just way too earnest and her topics tend to be pretty limited. Joy Reid was much better when she subbed last week.

  33. I liked Bashir a lot, now I can’t stand him. They should drop that show and give TJ a news hour. Then drop Ed, move Rachel to 8, and put Ezra in her old slot.

    I love Chris Hayes’ show. They actually finish a conversation instead of acting like every topic is only worth 10 minutes before “we’re gonna have to leave it there”.

  34. 8pm isn’t a winnable timeslot as long as Bill O’Reilly is still on air. I wouldn’t put Rachel on at 8pm, instead I’d just shoot darts and try something completely different.

    Since I see a dream schedule post coming along — since Spud loves these. This is what I’d do:

    5am: First Look
    5:30am: Way Too Early with Bill Karins
    6am: Morning Joe
    9am: The Daily Rundown
    10am: Jansing & Co
    11am: Live with Thomas Roberts
    12pm: Live with Craig Melvin
    1pm: Andrea Mitchell Reports
    2pm: NewsNation with Tamron Hall
    3pm: The Cycle
    4pm: Live with TJ Holmes
    5pm: NOW with Alex Wagner
    6pm: PoliticsNation
    7pm: Smerconish Live
    8pm: Hardball with Chris Matthews
    9pm: The Rachel Maddow Show
    10pm: The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell
    11pm: MSNBC Final Report with Ezra Klein and Alyona Minkovski

  35. TJ Holmes would be a scary addition to MSNBC (scary in a good way).

  36. As long as TJ is on the list somewhere (preferably at a reasonable hour), I’ll be happy. And the reason he is so popular @Kevin E., is because he’s smart, cool and so down to earth (just my opinion).

  37. TJ Holmes is a competent straight news host in the Don Lemon mode. I don’t see him as any better or worse than Craig Melvin, Richard Lui, Veronica De La Cruz ,Paige Hopkins or any number of other relief hosts MSNBC has on call.

    The network may hire him like they have other bench hosts but I don’t see him getting his own show anytime soon. My guess is we see him on occasion just like we do the other relief hosts.

  38. Bill Karin’s was terrific as the host of “Way Too Early”; I wonder if Joe Scarborough could take it. To my my
    Ind, Thomas Roberts is great and Tamryn Hall is the weakest link. Michael Smerconish should get one of Matthews’ hours. Alex Wagner is a breakout star.

  39. He would be great in one of the Hardball slots! We don’t really need a rerun of Hardball.

  40. TJ – you’ve been missed. Great to see you on MSNBC. Hope we get to see a lot more of you.

  41. I’m selling TJ Holmes t-shirts (“TJ is A Okay”) and coffee mugs (“Start your Day with TJ”).

    Post me off list. Reasonably priced. All major CCs taken.

    What is going on here?

  42. “What is going on here?”

    ^^ When you see more than a dozen new commenters expressing their ‘happiness and joy’ at a new sub-host appearing at MSNBC on a single post it comes to mind there may be a bit of planning involved.

  43. I love to see and hear report the news! Lively and refeshing!

  44. MSNBC can add T.J. to their weekday or weekend lineup and keep their current hosts. By the way I am a big Martin Bashir and Ed S. fan. Lawrence O. is the best host on TV

  45. Millissa Rehberger on MSNBC. 🙂

  46. Andy, I like your MSNBC lineup. Not sure MSNBC is going to pick up Smerconish – he only seems to fill in for Hardball. I like the guy but I just don’t see it happening. I love the idea of Ezra and Alonya in an evening show!!

  47. At 8pm Chris Jansing is live on MSNBC.
    CNN is oddly on tape.
    FNC is live with The Five. Kim, Bob, Andrea, Dana and Stewart.

  48. CNN was doing live coverage of fiscal cliff. It was strangely entertaining – Don Lemon and Ali Velshi sitting around b!tching about the fiscal cliff. That and Lemon kept mocking Velshi about his “slippery chicken” chinese takeout dinner and coke zero. I kid you not. Going to tape at 8pmET saved their sorry butts. As for MSNBC – they have rerun Meet the Press like 4 times today. Ok, I get it, you interviewed the President. Whaddya know, Obama, like Lemon and Velshi, sat around kvetching about the fiscal cliff. D@mn shame no one in tv news could talk to someone who could do something about this so-called fiscal cliff. Anyone? Anyone? F$ck it, I am ready to go cliff jumping.

  49. Oh, holy sh!t, HRC hospitalized with blood clot. CNN breaking news.

  50. CNN came back on the air around 8:15pm with the Hillary news and decided to stay live for the rest of the 8pm hour.

  51. Won’t be surprised by tomorrow morning from the non-reporters saying that it was fake so Hillary an excuse herself from the Bengahzi-gate hearings in D.C.

    Gimmie a break!

  52. There is absolutely nothing for Clinton to fear about the Benghazi witch hunt hearings. They will ask her some questions, she’s going to shut them down when they try and pull some BS, and we’ll all move on from this hyped up propaganda. It’s sad how these attacks have been politicized up the ass by the GOP and right wing media combination.

  53. Wow Spud… where did you get linked to?

    Is there a site

    Or perhaps that’s a purchase INB should make… hmmm…

  54. I hope MSNBC realizes what TJ brings to the table. We would love to see him with his own show, be it news commentary
    , whatever, just put him on!

  55. Who’s TJ Holmes?

  56. I’m watching CNN now and I saw Don Lemon, I’m like, I thought he was at MSNBC… Opps, I thought TJ was Don…

  57. @ carolmr,

    a former anchor at CNN

  58. Countdown clocks galore on MSNBC today — somewhere, Spud’s having a heart attack.

  59. Also, how many times can MSNBC re-air Meet The Press?

  60. Thanks, Steven, but I was trying to be funny and obviously not succeeding!

  61. Made me laugh like an idiot.

  62. ^ No comment

  63. I thought TJ Holmes was a fictional television character played by William Shatner.

  64. Maybe if William Shatner played a porn star.

  65. TJ Holmes anchoring MSNBC Live right now.

  66. Wow. I’m overwhelmed.

  67. FOX should rename their network “Benghazi’s News Channel”.

  68. Benghazi is the most boring “scandal” ever.

  69. FNC has changed their prime time schedule.
    8pm Special Report replaces best of The O’Reilly Factor.
    9pm The Five Replaces a Hannity best of.
    10pm The FOX Report replaces The Five Special.

  70. CNN is the first to report via a press release that Hillary Clinton’s blood clot is between the brain and the skull between the right ear.

    Now all those who were on FNC mocking Clinton’s concussion can apologize.

  71. I liked Carol’s joke. But I’m biased.

  72. @Manny: We can hope but every pundit on US TV is way too proud to admit they’ve done something wrong.
    And good move by FNC. Honestly, anything that is the ‘best of…’ is a complete snorefest and yet somehow they still manage to do well ratings-wise.

  73. Checking the news and business channels at 7pm,

    MSNBC was on tape at 6pm and is back live with Chris Jansing anchoring.
    FNC was live at 6pm and is scheduled to be live to 9pm ET.
    CNN has Wolf Blitzer in DC and Ali Velshi in NYC at 7pm.
    CNBC is live.
    FBN was live at 5pm and 6pm. Oddly at 7pm they stopped covering The Cliff and are airing old outdated segments from Lou Dobbs tonight.
    Bloomberg is on tape.

    Opinion, FBN can’t bash CNBC for being on tape during holidays then FBN be on tape at 7pm when every other news channel and CNBC are live covering the Fiscal Cliff.

  74. CNN is the first to report there is a cliff deal at 8:55pm ET.
    Biden is en route to the Capitol to meet with the Senate Democrats and tell them to vote for this deal.

    At 9pm CNBC and FNC is totally missing it and not reporting on the deal. MSNBC and FBN are live reporting the cliff deal.

  75. Nice job TEA Party morons, you’ve single-handedly destroyed the American economy.

  76. It’s insanity. They’re intentionally crashing the economy so they can tell hardliners it’s all Obama’s fault, and “Hey, we didn’t raise taxes!” It’s a play for the 2014 midterms. It’s not 2010 anymore, and the voters have figured out what happens if they stay home..

  77. Going on TV and saying you voted against a tax increase won’t work in 2014, because they’re not voting against a tax increase anymore. Now, they’re voting against a tax cut.

  78. icemannyr Says:

    CNN is live all day.

    MSNBC was live to 1pm then has been doing live updates at the top for the hour for at least the first block then going back to taped specials from their regular week day shows.

    FBN is doing the same with updates at the top of the hour.

    FNC was on tape 1pm-3pm & 4pm-6pm.

    Unless I missed it CNBC is doing nothing and is on tape all day.

  79. “I liked Carol’s joke, but I’m biased.” – Joe

    Thanks, Joe!

  80. Brian Stelter took a shot at the cable nets on Twitter, Luke Russert just fired back.

  81. icemannyr Says:

    At 9pm ET,

    CNN has replaced a taped Piers Morgan special with Wolf Blitzer. The show is simulcast on CNN International.

    CNBC is on tape with no update.

    FBN is doing a live update with Diane Macedo anchroing then back to tape.

    FNC replaced a taped Hannity show with Special Report.

    MSNBC is live with Richard Lui anchoring.

  82. icemannyr Says:

    Hey CNBC, there’s a vote happening on the Fiscial Cliff Bill,
    is it asking to much for you to cover it? FBN is covering the vote per-empting taped programming.

  83. Go to the link and petition msnbc to hire TJ Holmes as an anchor

  84. I miss u TJ Holmes.. Please stay put on MSNBC…What is wrong ?…U HAVE MY VOTE!!!

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