What’s Hot/What’s Not: 2012 Hot Edition…

What’s Hot for 2012:

FBN Overhauls Primetime – The network gutted its current primetime lineup (save John Stossel’s one night a week show) and will replace it with repeats of earlier in the evening business shows. In addition the network is moving Geri Willis to early prime and adding a show for Melissa Francis at 5pm ET.

Larry King and CNN part company? – Word emerged that CNN wasn’t going to be doing any more Larry King specials.

Sarah Palin on CNN for Stupid Super Tuesday – CNN sending a reporter up to Alaska to stake out a specific polling place in the hopes of corralling Sarah Palin was a stroke of genius. Palin is a contractual FNC contributor but has shown occasional tendencies in the past to “go rogue” off FNC’s reservation when a non FNC camera and microphone are shoved in her face. Any normal high profile FNC contributor would have kept their comments to a terse minimum, but not Palin. One could literally feel the frustration emanating from the Avenue of the Americas as executives at FNC watched helplessly as their contributor actually answered questions relayed by the Alaska reporter from John King on CNN’s air. The only thing more surprising than CNN’s extended exclusive with Palin was that she wasn’t banished for the evening by FOX. If I had been in charge she would have been punished for giving CNN all that buzz. She turned up later on with Neil Cavuto where the big scoop for FBN was Palin revealing who she voted for. Too little, too late. CNN had already stolen the show.

Biting the Hand – Greta Van Susteren put up a Gretawire blog post bitching about a planted TVNewser story that took a shot at Erin Burnett’s show on CNN. Odd thing is that story pitch in all likelihood came from FNC PR which makes Greta’s tirade interesting to say the least.

MSNBC says Martin Bashir’s show isn’t a “news show” – Welllll…we already understood that as a given. Still, the fact that the network came out (finally) and said it makes it noteworthy.

Current fires Keith Olbermann – Shocked…shocked I am that this totally unforeseen possibility could manifest itself…

Taxmasters – Bankruptcy has caused Taxmasters to stiff the cable networks which broadcast its ads ad nauseam. But at least we don’t see their idiotic ads on cable news anymore thank God…

Wolf Blitzer destroys Donald Trump – The Donald decided to do his best non-birther birther impersonation again and Wolf Blitzer just scorched him rotten. I haven’t seen Trump look that feckless in a long long time.

Jacqui Jeras and Reynolds Wolf out at CNN – The CNN meteorology on air staff shrank considerably…

Dylan Ratigan to Exit MSNBC – His show was one of the few bright spots in an all too predictable POV TV world.

CNN unveils new DC digs – And they make the old Situation Room look like market 10 by comparison.

Glenn Greenwald vs. CNNI – The back and forth between Greenwald and CNNI over a Bahrain doc that never aired on CNNI got drowned out by the Convention coverage writing which is a shame. I’m going to give this spat to Greenwald on points because of CNNI’s evasiveness in its responses to Greenwald.

FBN’s New Graphics – They haven’t even debuted yet but word leaked out, first via ICN and later in a story on RBR.com, about FBN changing up its on screen graphics big time and going 16×9 on its SD broadcast.

The case against covering car chases live – Was emphatically made when FNC botched a five second delay and allowed a suicide to appear over its air…

Karl Rove vs. FNC’s Decision Desk – It was the most interesting thing to happen all election night, coverage-wise.

Jeff Zucker to CNN Worldwide – And now we shall see what we shall see…

Jack Cafferty out at CNN – Even more surprising is that the news of Cafferty’s exit managed to stay suppressed for weeks after his last day at the network.

Jake Tapper to CNN – Easily the best hire by that network in over a decade…


20 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 2012 Hot Edition…”

  1. Hot: Fox & Friends First debuts and dominates in early morning ratings.

  2. ^ Which is a huge victory for the always neglected “hot blondes with shiny legs” demo.

  3. Oh come now, Joe.

    I think we all wish we had shinier legs.

  4. You apparently don’t watch a lot of morning shows, do you Joe.

  5. Sarah Palin on CNN for Stupid Super Tuesday – CNN sending a reporter up to Alaska to stake out a specific polling place in the hopes of corralling Sarah Palin was a stroke of genius.

    This is why Palin should not be tied to FNC. She was likable during this interview. Charming, even.

  6. Karl Rove vs. FNC’s Decision Desk – It was the most interesting thing to happen all election night, coverage-wise.

    I happened to catch this live and I am glad I did. If you had any doubts that FNC is a propaganda network, this was enough to erase them.

    Now, I know the case has been made that marching Megyn Kelly down the hall proves fnc choses news. I say it shows the opposite. It shows that opinion is so strong and news is such an afterthought to the network and viewers that when reality contradicts the narative a camera has to go looking to find where the news is actually sourced in the building.

  7. Zucker’s late year hire from CNN will be an interesting start to 2013 if he’s going to turn the CNN logo and add eyelashes and trying to fight with management with his dummy-down, cut,cut,cut the top line by cuting the serious “news” that made CNN what it was.

    I think this year the changes at FBN had made them an established business news outlet. I DO NOT like the graphics package change from September. I loved the old one, but hell, CNBC can’t say they had a package last that long. (Their theme package has been used exactly for 7 years….tho they have replaced it with yuppie punk music and Top 40 for their bumpers.)

    Their daytime programming changed slightly from Fox Business to Markets Now, with a “wheel” format such as “Markets Now” on the quarter hours.

    Dylan Ratigan’s departure was disappointing, not that I watch MSNBC that much, he was better at CNBC. Who in the right mind would want to watch Bashir?

    Don’t be surprised New Yorkers if Cafferty could make a comeback to local TV since being axed at CNN. He was a fixture for many many years in the NY market, not surprised if he was the first casualties from Zucker. I had to take Cafferty in small doses, not that I watch much of CNN ether. He was a fine news anchor, didn’t like his opinions, and a rusty personality.

  8. @dvschase

    That’s a really dumb conclusion. Completely nonsensical and illogical.

    It could not be more obvious your desire (need) to wrap the situation to fit your pre-determined conclusion… and no matter what happened, odds are high, you’d have said the same thing.


  9. Jacky, your sarcasm radar needs work.

  10. I think we all wish we had shinier legs.

    Something you want to share with us Blue?

  11. TJ Holmes‏@tjholmes
    MSNBC. 7 AM tomorrow morning. #backintheanchorchair

  12. A lot of adjectives there, blue.

    A true news organization would not let a paid republican contributor determine their coverage. The behind the scenes at America’s Election Headquarters were less than enlightening.
    You may think news won out because news will always win out at FNC. I doubt it. There is too much evidence to the contrary.
    The only reason news won out this time is because there was no other choice. What were they going to do? Run a Chryon that says:
    “Free World RPTS OBAMA elected rove not sure?”

    The question truly is Rove’s role at FNC and what it does to its credibility.
    Have you ever seen him on Fox News Sunday? He runs the show. But that is only because his POV is also the POV of the man in charge.

    And FNC is POV, not news.

  13. Just my shiny legs, Spud.

  14. The question truly is Rove’s role at FNC and what it does to its credibility.

    Throughout the election cycle FNC had Rove paired with Joe Trippi and their respectful disagreements on how the polling was playing out was highlighted with their every appearance. While I didn’t watch, I’d be surprised if this wasn’t also the case on election night. Rove certainly was wrong but FNC viewers weren’t limited to only his take on the election.

  15. ^ To FNC’s credit, Megan Kelly pretty well issued the smackdown on Rove on election night. As she said, “Awkward!!!” But, more importantly, Rove didn’t get away with his BS for very long (at least on election night).

  16. Joe, my sarcasm radar doesn’t work well on the internet. My only true weakness really.

  17. Meanwhile, in non-TJ Holmes news, MSNBC brought in Chris Jansing to continue Fiscal Cliff coverage this afternoon (Sunday).

  18. Allow me to pollute the thread with this bit of non-news.

    Political commentator Sean Hannity was one of the big losers in the 2012 election
    The right-wing Fox News host lost half his audience in the weeks after Obama’s win

  19. ^ Ha! Don’t know why, that little tidbit brightened my day.
    So, is it because of the Obama victory or might it be that Hannity said Conservatives need to be nicer to the Latino population? Just wonderin’

  20. I love being right. I’ve said for years that shows on FNC like Hannity’s spend too much time telling people what they want them to accept as Truth, rather than simply voicing opinions. Now Hannity is paying the price. You can say you don’t like the president..that’s an opinion. Blindly insisting he had no chance at re-election based on nothing but your own crazed hatred..not very interesting these days.

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