CNBC US (Once Again) Gets Caught Flat Footed On A Holiday…

As I’m typing this, the House of Representatives is voting on the Senate’s bill for averting the Fiscal Cliff (even though we technically have already gone over it). FNC, CNN, and MSNBC are all live covering it. So is FBN. Even Bloomberg TV is covering it via its simulcast of Bloomberg Asia.

CNBC, however is sticking to American Greed tape. Once again this network re-enforces the theory that it just can’t get it going for breaking news on a weekend or a holiday. It could have switched over to CNBC World’s coverage of the vote. Yes, you read that right. CNBC World, which doesn’t air in a lot of places in this country, is covering a story that CNBC US won’t.

Update: AT 11:22pm ET the President addressed the media about the vote. Again everyone was live; FNC, FBN, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, and CNBC World…except CNBC US which couldn’t bother to tear itself away from a repeat of Mob Money. It should be noted that CNBC World itself broke tape (a scheduled Jack Welch documentary) to cover Obama.

CNBC US is the laughing stock of the news networks tonight. First in business news worldwide? How about “Tape or bust”?

Update 2: Apparently someone is still alive in Englewood Cliffs. From an emailer:

Someone at CNBC figured out how to turn the news scroll on and the message says the bill has passed and stay tuned for coverage at 4am ET.



7 Responses to “CNBC US (Once Again) Gets Caught Flat Footed On A Holiday…”

  1. icemannyr Says:

    Al Jazeera English and BBC World covered the vote.
    CNBC does not. 😛

  2. I don’t get either of those so I didn’t know…

  3. icemannyr Says:

    A good thing about the cliff coverage is it preempted a Hannity special where he and mostly republican guests complain about how biased the liberal media was in 2012.
    It’s first airing is tonight at 12am ET.
    Yawn! Time to get a new act Hannity!

  4. Hannity should look at being a janitor because those kinds of people believe and watch such programming. People with no college degrees in journalism or their first on air job as a disk jockey shouldn’t be a newsman as Hannity thinks he is. He’s a Total Jerk if you ask me.

    I miss the days when Alan Colmes was on, much more enjoyable to watch.

    He’s a scumbag.

    They were on live on Sunday night which is rather interesting. Most of the CNBC reporters are NJ snobs, so it wouldn’t take them no less than an hour to show up to go live.

    I have CNBC World on my cable system, but because I don’t have the foreign plan, I can’t get CNBC World – weird since its an English speaking news channel and all the others are non-English speaking…

  5. I won’t forget when it was FBN that broke and lead with the story on MLK Day 2011 when Steve Jobs gave his last leave of absence for his medical condition. Both Bloomberg and CNBC (US feeds) was stuck on a taped playlist, and it wasn’t until late that afternoon they issued updates on their tickers.

    If that was a lesson for both networks, they seemed to forget that. Yeah it was a bank holiday and the markets were closed, but they should’ve learned to have backup plans when there are news emergencies of such significance.

  6. savefarris Says:

    And it’s not even a “emergency” in a traditional sense. A school shooting, a natural disaster, an important death are all unplanned and come with little or no notice. But we’ve known about the fiscal cliff for over a year now. CNBC didn’t think to have a broadcast team on standby in case something happened?

  7. Well if CNBC can preempt /their/ programming to show the Patriots Sunday Night Football because the Presidant must take presidence for his speech about Newtown on the network, then I suppose the master control at CNBC or 30 Rock must /have the same powers/ and can do the same thing by preempting to go to CNBC World.

    I suppose its about importance. Showing the president on network TV over an important football game was higher on their priorities.

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