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What’s Hot/What’s Not: 01/06/12

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What’s Hot:

The Fiscal Cliff – It dominated the previous weekend and the holidays.

Al Jazeera buys Current TV in order to secure cable and satellite bandwidth – This has the potential to be big for international news consumers and will put pressure on CNN US to be more internationally focused than it has in the past. The one caveat is how many operators that currently carry Current will carry the new Al Jazeera network when it launches? Already Time Warner cable, which is not affilliated with the Time Warner empire anymore, has pulled the plug. But DirecTV and Dish network are still onboard for now.

Palau – Palau is hot…very hot. And so is the water. More on that soon…

What’s Not:

CNBC US – The “World Leader in Business News Worldwide” was the only network to not cover the final House vote on the fiscal cliff. CNN, MSNBC, FNC, FBN, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC World all covered it. To say this was a pathetic display by Englewood Cliffs would be a massive understatement. It was shamfeful…

CNN – Another New Year’s Eve…another reason to tune out of CNN rather than subject oneself to the insufferable Kathy Griffin.

Bill O’Reilly – O’Reilly opining on the state of Hawai’i and speculating about why the state is so liberal shows once again that ignorance of subject matter has never scared the dominant force in cable news primetime from opening his yap and shoving his foot in it. Here’s a suggestion Bill. Go spend some time on Moloka’i or Lana’i and talk to the people there. Then maybe you’ll understand how many Hawaiians really live and feel and you won’t generalize quite so much about a subject you obviously know so little about.

Time Warner Cable – Killing Current the moment Al Jazeera bought it says more about TWC wanting to just drop the channel anyways than it does about any thoughts it may have on the Al Jazeera purchase. Certainly BBC World News is happy about this development as that network recently got added to TWC’s lineup and won’t have to contend with the new Al Jazeera channel’s news competition.


BBC World News Set To Launch In New Facilities…

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On January 14th BBC World News will begin broadcasting from Broadcast House and January 14th as part of the relocation plans of the entire BBC broadcasting empire into the new facilities. The network put out this picture of the newsroom yesterday. BBC World also put out a splashy video on YouTube highlighting the move…