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Al Jazeera And The “Global South”

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The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik revisits a piece on Al Jazeera he wrote last August. Recommended…

So, to those who wrote in response to my piece last week asking if I understood how biased Al Jazeera is. The answer is yes, and I wrote about it in August. You can read it below, along with two experts’ analyses of that point of view.

But you should know it’s not the kind of bias some fools are talking about when they recklessly throw around words like “terrorist” and “terrorism.”

The bias is toward a geographic orientation or consequent set of narratives described as “Global South.” And given U.S. history, it is one we desperately need to understand and think about if we are truly going to function globally in the new world order.

In some ways, it is a reaction to the history of “Global North” colonialism, which is the underpinning of the structure and the orientation of the BBC. Think of it as a counterbalance to that bias, particularly in the Middle East.


Free for All: 01/09/13

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