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Business Booking Wars…

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on January 14, 2013 by icn2

The New York Post’s Claire Atkinson writes about the booking trench wars going on between CNBC and FBN…

According to On the Money’s CES snoops, former CNBCer Liz Claman is gaining a reputation as the go-to reporter for high-level CEO executives, even earning the nickname “Red Fox.”

So when Fox bagged an interview with the Jets’ future ex-quarterback Tim Tebow and TiVo chief executive Tom Rogers, who, incidentally, used to be president of NBC’s cable unit, CNBC had a hissy fit. Tebow stars in TiVo’s TV ad campaign.

The war between the two networks continued over Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, who granted Fox Business News journalists an interview despite a CNBC producer and cameraman going crazy trying to lure Hirai to CNBC first.

That news infuriated CNBCers, who went into “hysterics,” said one witness.