Inauguration Day: Your Reactions

Post your reactions to Inauguration Day and the coverage thereof here. Fortunately, I’ll be working so I have a great excuse to avoid all the hype that will flow out unchecked on cable news today…


93 Responses to “Inauguration Day: Your Reactions”

  1. I wonder how Chris Matthews is going to get a full sentence out today with that thrill running up his leg. Six minutes in to MSNBC’s coverage and I’m already sick of his Obama worship.

  2. I’m waiting for the toilet cam.We are being shown pretty much every other movement by the president,his family ad any other remotely known name i washington.

  3. icemannyr Says:

    I wonder if O’Reilly & Hannity are going to get through their shows on inauguration day without bashing the President?
    Since re election O’Reilly is basically all in on Obama being the worst president ever.

    Lets be honest, as disappointed as conservatives and others are to have Obama win re election, they get another 4 years to criticize Obama.
    Imagine how FNC opinion shows would be if Romney was president.

    For the coverage today, CNBC is only live for for the inauguration 11am-1pm. FBN is apparently live all day.
    Varney & Co. is celebrating it’s 3 year anniversary today

  4. icemannyr Says:

    Commenting on the coverage,

    CNBC and FBN have their regular clutter on the screen.

    CNN and MSNBC have their news scrolls off, FNC has theirs on.
    CNBC is airing coverage in SD 4:3. FBNs video is SD 16:9 while all the other networks pool video is HD.

    Shepard Smith is anchoring coverage for the FOX Network.

    The ABC News Now channel is airing internet coverage from ABC News Yahoo! anchored by Dan Harris.

    FOX News Live is covering the event.

  5. well I dont have a problem with clutter with the biz channels

    secondly FBN has been on air on MLK for at least a couple years. It was two years ago on this holiday Apple thought they would’ve gotten away by sweeping the story that Steve Jobs took another medical leave of absense. FBN lead with that story and stuck with it all day and it was until about 4:00 CNBC ran a crawl of the story and I think Bloomberg was on taped reruns too.

    business breaks on bank holidays too!

    I watched like a few minutes of the coverage. I’m glad hockey is back because I’m switching over to a Boston Bruins game scheduled within the hour! There’s no need to tourture myself with watching this!

  6. I don’t remember all this hoopla in 2005 when Bush was inaugurated for the second time. We’re on our second day of full coverage on cable! In fact, in 2005 I remember many media elites complaining that the Bushes were “partying” while the rest of the country was suffering (see Sally Quinn). Today I’m hearing very little of that even though the country is in much worse shape. I’ve even read articles on why it’s imperative that President Obama have a second Inaugural Ball (see Sally Quinn, in a hypocritical reversal of her stance in 2005).

  7. MSNBC’s coverage has been solid. Rachel Maddow anchoring as if she’s anchoring the Tournament of Roses parade.

    Also, since we’re talking about picture format, MSNBC’s SD feed has been in 16:9, has been since 5:30am.

  8. Bloomberg is on reruns right now.

    Don’t they love Obama’s business policies?

    Didn’t that Julianna girl get the exclusive interview after his reelection?

    And yet they aren’t showing the inauguration live? What about their European/Asian feeds?

    Talk about class! I suppose they don’t care about reporting anymore if they can’t take two hours of their holiday to do some coverage!

  9. In un related news, the “This is CNN.” promo has returned to CNN voiced by James Earl Jones.

  10. FOX doesn’t even try anymore.

  11. Megyn Kelly should just say “Obama’s a bad person and Democrats are evil” and get it out of her system already. Good grief.

  12. Obama called Romney names and lied about him….

    Good grief Megyn. Get a shovel.

  13. On FBN you have Lou Dobbs doing his usual negative commentary on Obama.
    Here’s comes the Obama bashing from Krauthammer on FNC.
    We get it you hate Obama.

  14. I don’t know what I’d do without Chris Matthews’ brilliant commentary. Why the hell does anyone care what Romney would’ve said? He wasn’t elected. Not sure how he was able to fire that cheap shot off with that thrill running up his leg.

  15. It’s as if they have too much time to say stupid stuff since they’ve been commercial free since 10am.

  16. Obama is the lowest-rated re-elected president since WWII. Even the NRA has a higher rating than Obama does. Yet the networks are gushing over him like he’s the Second Coming, which some have already called him. Bill Weir of ABC said that history is keeping everyone warm today and Josh Elliott, also of ABC, called Michelle Obama’s new hair, “the bangs that thrilled the nation.” On MSNBC Maureen Dowd talked of the president’s “super-brain” and on NBC there was a lot of talk of Republican disarray. What is it about Obama that turns these “journalists” into mush?

  17. The NRA’s always going to have a high approval rating carolmr. The Second Amendment really is the only one most of the country cares about.

  18. I’m not saying FNC can’t be critical about Obama or MSNBC should be all positive,
    can we at least save the biased bashing for the FNC opinion shows tonight.
    FNC went to a long break and is missing coverage on the remarks and the inaugural lunch. CNN and MSNBC are covering the speeches, FNC is back and not covering it.

  19. gotta love all the whining on fox. really! report the are suppose to be fair and balanced hahahaha

  20. Republican Michael Steele is on MSNBC, it’s nice to have a discussion about Republicans and The President that’s not just about bashing Obama.

    FNC is still whining that The President’s speech was to partisan.

  21. Republicans hate women? Jesus, Ed Schultz……….

  22. Carol, Presidents are always praised by the media on Inauguration Day. That’s nothing new. Actually, what is bizarre is hearing FOX go out of their way to criticize him.

  23. Eating crow????

    What purpose does Ed Schultz have anymore?

  24. The bottom line is there is no news channel without any bias.
    When MSNBC’s coverage is anchored by all it’s opinion hosts you expect a liberal bias.
    On FNC I also expect a conservative bias because the they to play to their base audience.

  25. Difference is, one network says it’s a POV network with a liberal bias and the other says it’s a news channel with no bias.

  26. “that turns these “journalists” into mush?”

    ^^ Ehh! They don’t work for Fox News. 😉

  27. That epic MSNBC music never gets old. Sounds as great today as it did eight years ago.

  28. FNC covers the stories the MSM will never touch with a 10′ pole. But should they be aggressive all the time and covering those same stories? No.

    Remember during the Bush years, FNC had less viewers, still lead, but with a smaller margin. Its hard to be in opposition when they are in office.

    For the last 16 years since it’s launch, half of it was split between a republican or democrat presidency.

    Am I tired of their bashing, and scripted reporting? Sure. Would I love to see other stories other than Obama politics and the negativity? Sure, but I know they won’t listen to me.

  29. to Steven: was about to say that. WTF Bloomberg taped on the day of the inauguration. I know the market is closed on MLK Day, but this year is different despite that. Even CNBC FWIW took out 2 hours for this event today. Guess Bloomberg TV is in its final death spiral. If Deirdre Bolton and Pimm Fox (both longtime Bberg vets) get fired/leaves I will lose all of my respect (the rest of it) for them. I predict Bloomberg will get sold to ABC/Univision later this year (ala Current) despite what Dan Doctoroff said in the NYMag being “committed to BTV.”

  30. that theme package that MSNBC/NBC News uses is like the Official Soundtrack For the Obama Agenda.

    I don’t like it at all. Makes me sick.

  31. Steven, it’s hard to take FOX’s “opposition” seriously when they spent eight years basically saying you’re anti-American if you don’t support the President of the United States.

  32. Huh? The theme they use debuted in 2004.

  33. I can’t fanthom the death of BTV. I just don’t get it. They made mistakes along the way like getting rid of that (IIRC) “Information Screen 2000” that had the L-bar format. I knew people who actually liked it. Maybe going a little too far to the left? That turned me off.

    Going off of E! network for the mornings, as that was actually the highest rated program? If you can beat the Kardashians, that should be an awesome ratings brag!

    I think that last paragraph explained their sudden death.

    They still get freightloads of profits for the 300,000+ screens that many users lease, I always thought the BTV was a kinda like a free service or added bonus, dunno how else to explain it.

    My Xfinity box where I get digital basic in one room, I can now get BTV in the mid double digit spectrum. I wonder if that has to do with anything. I used to have to receive it on the next tier up. Translation: Bloomberg is essentially on basic cable at least for my Comcast market.

    Maybe Bloomberg needs a clean slate of management and bring back the late 90s mid 00s vibe that made people like me want to watch them and not being forced to watch the Peacock Business Channel.

  34. @ Andy,

    Opps that was my bad. Still that theme stains my respect for NBC, since that theme was unforgettable during the 2008 elections. The package shouts Obama into my ears.

  35. I wonder if the nets will air the parade. I always enjoy that.

  36. Once again FNC is in a commercial break and missing the Inaugural Luncheon and the comments of John Boehner.
    They missed most of the speech only airing the last 30 seconds when they came back from break and are back to ignoring it.

  37. Speaking of not touching stories with a 10′ pole, Mediaite is butthurt over Chris Matthews bringing up REDMAP. It’s actually interesting what’s going on there and it’s a big story that I’ve noticed the other networks are avoiding like an infected wound.

  38. FOX isn’t even trying. Now they’re bringing in a bunch of Bushies to talk about how bad Obama is…..

  39. FBN is just as cranky about Obama.
    Tracy Byrnes said it was a very liberal inauguration speech.

    FBN and FNC are pushing the talking points that since Obama is not running for re election he can push his agenda and not work with Republicans.

    FNC finally goes back to the Inaugural Luncheon for the comments for the Vice President.

  40. It’s one thing if someone like Bill O’Reilly or Rachel Maddow were to editorialize the Inaugural Address. It’s another when it’s coming from Megyn Kelly. She’s CLEARLY auditioning for a primetime show … it’s just obvious.

  41. That brings up the question, should Megyn Kelly who has an obvious conservative bias be co-anchoring FNC’s coverage?

  42. Well I understand it is best to not have one’s personal opinions, but if you have been unemployed for many years and you watch the soundbites, you could be feeling the same.

    I personally think our economy will never be the same again.

    I turned to FBN to see what they covered, and they have a report of Jeff Flock on remote and almost got sick because the camera is not on a tripod.

    Are the tripod industry going out of business? the way the two networks abandon them, it makes me wonder. 😛

  43. Megyn “conservative”? I’ve heard she was leftie during Election Night.

    I love seeing everyone’s opinions of the opinions of the air talent. I loved the emails on the days after the Election on O’reilly and it was interesting to see how the viewers perceived Bill as a liberal, a conservative, not too hard on Obama, or being too hard on Romney or some other contradiction I can’t name off.

  44. There are plenty of jobs out there. Some people, see:entitlement society, thinks it’s better to collect a handout than to take a job that pays less money. Lots of other people have taken responsibility and taken jobs that pay less.

    And it’s not Obama’s fault the economy isn’t improving. Corporate profits are at record highs. Big business is making more money than ever. They’re not in it to “create jobs” (like they claim they are), they’re in it to make money. And you being unemployed makes money for them.

  45. FNC had to stop covering the Inaugural Luncheon so Britt Hume could summarize the events today telling us that Obama is more liberal today and going to push his liberal agenda. FNC then went to a commercial break while CNN and MSNBC are covering the event as it’s not over yet. It’s very tacky FNC did not show the closing prayer.

    I can predict Bill is going to open his show with a talking points memo about how The President confirmed in his speech that his going push his radical liberal agenda.

  46. Steven, elements of the far-right think EVERYTHING is liberal. I’ve seen people say FOX is liberal and Bill O’Reilly is a lefty.

  47. Then you have the libertarians that think all American media sucks and that BBC covers real stories and ignores the celebrity stuff. It’s laughable – the British media is the most celebrity-centered media in the world.

  48. icemannyr Says:

    FNC’s pool feed coverage has switched to SD.
    All other networks have HD video.

  49. to steven: I saw a NYPost article saying that BBG’s terminal growth has slowed to a crawl and may eventually shut some of its unprofitable units (like BTV). They has been layoffs and defections from BTV other BBG operations (like Bloomberg Gov.) And FWIH some Bloomberg execs hated the TV thing from the start.

  50. “I can predict Bill is going to open his show with a talking points memo about how The President confirmed in his speech that his going push his radical liberal agenda.” – Manny

    The president DID confirm in his speech that he will push a much more liberal agenda this term. No mention of jobs in his speech? There are more people out of work now than when Obama first took office.

  51. “Megyn “conservative”? I’ve heard she was leftie during Election Night.”

    Next to Karl Rove and the others on FNC election night coverage she might look “leftie”; but next to a moderate like Shep Smith she looks far right. It’s all about context.

  52. “And it’s not Obama’s fault the economy isn’t improving. Corporate profits are at record highs. Big business is making more money than ever. They’re not in it to “create jobs” (like they claim they are), they’re in it to make money. And you being unemployed makes money for them.” – Andy

    So during the years when the jobless rates were low, big business didn’t want to make money on the unemployed? What are you talking about?

  53. And, Andy, I’ve been out of work for almost 4 years and there are NOT plenty of jobs out there. Believe me, I know. Especially not for people like me who are in their late 50s. I will gladly take a job that pays less; no one will hire me. My company went bankrupt a few years ago and my work friends and I are in the same boat: out of work, in our late 50s, willing to do anything for any amount of money, and still not able to find work.

  54. icemannyr Says:

    Credit to Eric Cantor (R-VA) for not bashing the president in his interviews on the various cable news channels and broadcast channels.
    Neil asked about Obama pushing his liberal agenda in his speech and Cantor basically said it’s inauguration day he was not going to criticize the President and pushed the message that the President and Congress need to work together.

  55. Chris Matthews told Rachel Maddow that the only way Repubs can win elections is to rig them. He was serious.

  56. Martin Bashir just zinged Chris Matthews.

    Elijah Cummings, the Democrat from Maryland, said he got chills when President Obama spoke about a little girl in poverty having a chance. Bashir asks Matthews, “did it give you chills?”


  57. Obama is going to push a liberal agenda? Well golly, that’s just shocking. He’s a liberal. The people who voted for him are kinda counting on him staying one.

  58. Msnbc asking their audience if Obama will do a good job would be like me going to the pits at a racetrack and asking everyone if they liked racing. What answer do they think they’re going to get????

  59. Twitter go kaboom.

  60. icemannyr Says:

    FNC and MSNBC at 4pm turned over coverage to their regular show hosts.
    FNC misses the entrance of the VP to the reviewing stand.

    Now on FNC is Ben Stein to talk about how awful Obama’s speech was. Whine Whine Whine!

  61. icemannyr Says:

    Ben Stein takes the low road saying the President must have written his speech this morning. Classy.

  62. Video already, LOL. ZING!

  63. Ben Stein has every right not to like the president’s speech. Did every liberal commentator or every Democrat say they loved Bush’s 2005 Inaugural speech?

  64. icemannyr Says:

    Does anyone remember if during the last Inauguration Parade FNC and MSNBC did their regular opinion shows and used the parade as b-roll?
    Besides C-SPAN, CNN is the only one actually covering the parade.

  65. “Lincoln-esque”
    I see Chris’ thrill is at 100% today.

  66. I’ve never seen MSNBC cover the Inaugural Parade.

  67. CNN is covering the parade like a live news event, without any stupid partisan commentary. I started with MSNBC’s bunch of babbling idiots..gave up after 5 minutes. I have no interest in a pro- or anti-Obama connection to an historical event.

  68. FOX should’ve given their commentators some Preperation H before going on air to help with their butthurt.

  69. icemannyr Says:

    “Ben Stein has every right not to like the president’s speech.”
    True, did he have to say it sounded like it was written this morning?
    Even Cavuto though it was a bit much and joked about Stein’s whining to try and lighten the mood.

  70. Manny, that’s Ben Stein being Ben Stein.

  71. Hi, Joe! Glad you’re back.

  72. Funniest line today, I think, from Greg Gutfeld: In his speech, President Obama was able to “bridge the divide between the left and the hard left.”

  73. Side-by-side coverage of the news? CNN always comes up with the stupidest, most worthless ideas.

  74. icemannyr Says:

    I had to laugh when this was the top story on “The Willis Report” on FBN at 6pm.
    “PA Girl suspended for making ‘terrorist threats’ with Hello Kitty bubble gun.”
    The Inauguration of The President is not the top story?

  75. icemannyr Says:

    Someone at MSNBC needs to color balance the cameras for Hardball to indoor light settings.
    Everyone has a bad yellow and pick color tone. 😛

  76. The Gettysburg Address???? C’mon Chris Matthews. That thrill’s running up his leg at full speed tonight.

  77. icemannyr Says:

    Besides Lou Dobbs’ stance on immigration reform I don’t remember his CNN shows being so political compared to his FBN show.

  78. Was President Obama chewing gum?

  79. Nicorette seems to be the consensus amongst onlookers.

  80. I felt my IQ gain 20 points when I turned msnbc off.

  81. I’ve got this strange, unexplainable reflex. When Ed Schultz comes on, my arm instantly reaches out and grabs the remote and then my thumb flips the channel.

  82. Even CNN’s turned around and turned in to all political commentary.:(

  83. Nicorette? I thought the president had given up smoking quite a while ago. Surprised no anchor or commentator mentioned the gum chewing. It didn’t look very presidential, especially on Inauguration Day.

  84. CNN talks (in depth) about gowns, and Hannity does the same show as every other night of the week. Back to Pioneers of Television, on PBS.

  85. I love Michelle Obama’s gown.

  86. icemannyr Says:

    I don’t have a problem with CNN covering the balls instead of biased interviews and debates on MSNBC and FNC.

    I’d expect nothing less from Hannity then his entire show bashing Obama.
    FNC has to cater to it’s base of people that are mad that Obama got reelected. Just as MSNBCs coverage is not going to be critical of the president.

    In a preview ad for The Factor, tomorrow pretend conservative reporter Jessie Waters has a segment on O’Reilly asking questions to the celebs at the inaugural events.
    I’m sure it will be just as useless at the Hawaii segment.

  87. Wow! This kinda speak for itself.


    It hasn’t been picked up yet on cable news but i imagine it will be discussed tomorrow on MSNBC.

  88. icemannyr Says:

    CNN trying to do interviews from a large hall with very loud music in the background was not a good idea.

  89. I don’t have a problem with CNN covering the balls…

    I prefer they keep ’em well covered.

    CNN trying to do interviews from a large hall with very loud music

    Balls to the wall, so to speak.

  90. Spent most of the day with CNN, they really need to move Wolf off of the anchor position. Don’t know how many times he interrupted a contributor making an interesting point/anecdote about inaugurations with insightful “reporting” like “there is the President, he is getting out of the car, he is walking” like he didn’t realize that television shows pictures. Didn’t seem like most of the on-air staff was prepared with any material and Blitzer kept interrupting the people that actually could add something to the conversation.

  91. Fritz, even the Virginia news outlets are ignoring this, minus the ultra-liberal Roanoke Times. Big story.

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