Press Releases: 01/22/13

What’s on your mind?


47 Responses to “Press Releases: 01/22/13”

  1. “Press Releases: 01/22/13
    What’s on your mind?”

    ^^ Whats on my mind is why this is “Press Releases: 01/22/13” and
    not “Free For All”?

  2. What’s going to happen to CBS’ news director, John Dickerson, for writing in Slate that the Democrats have to “pulverize” and “de-legitimize” the GOP? Does anyone care? Could he get away with saying the GOP should do the same to the Dems? Will he get blamed if a GOP politician gets shot, the way Sarah Palin was ridiculously and immediately blamed after the Giffords shooting? On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing he spoke his mind – I think it’s good when we know the political leanings of those in the media.

  3. ^^ Carol, here is yet another comment taken out of context by right wing blogs and spread on the web as fact by true believers like yourself.

    Read the article on Slate and you will see that it is a discussion of Obama’s options going forward in dealing with an obstructionist GOP. The option described above is the one that most political observers believe he will take and, given the last four years obstructionism, the correct one.

    Dickinson doesn’t advocate this as his personal opinion; just the way that he, and most other political experts, believe the POTUS should proceed if he wants his policies to become law.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    ^^ At what point did it become “unbiased” to provide political advice and strategy to a specific politician, especially when the advice is on “pulverizing” the opposition?

    Even if your spin is true, it shows a huge lack in judgement from her.

  5. Give him a break. Typos happen all the time, just look at the Leon Panetta chyron mishap last week.

  6. Fritz, I guess a “true believer” like myself finds it odd that there wasn’t more, if any, criticism about his use of words like “pulverize” and “de-legitimize.” My goodness, a bland term like “binders full of women” got talked about on cable for days. (From the looks of Obama’s new team, he could use some binders full of women.) BTW, the title of Dickerson’s piece is GO FOR THE THROAT – OBAMA MUST DECLARE WAR ON THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. The article didn’t read to me as if it were just a discussion of the president’s options. It read as if Dickerson can’t wait for the GOP to be destroyed by Obama.

  7. Jon Scott is whining that the mainstream media was not critical of
    Obama on inauguration day.

    Did anyone really expect the anchors and reporters to be negative?
    Where the reporters supposed to be yelling questions to the President about the economy?

    Were these same reporters being negative about President Bush during his parade route 4 years ago?

    Regardless of who is president we are celebrating the peaceful transition of power.

    We have all the days after the inauguration to criticize the speech and as some say his liberal agenda for the second term.

    FNC should not even bother doing segments on MSNBC’s inauguration coverage.
    We all know it was biased for Obama just as FNC’s coverage was against Obama.

  8. “Were these same reporters being negative about President Bush during his parade route 4 years ago?” Probably.
    Reporters should also not act like groupies as they did yesterday, calling to Obama and waving to him on the parade route. Aren’t they supposed to be neutral?

  9. lonestar77 Says:

    There was never ending whining from the press in 05′. They questioned the celebratory nature of the inauguration because we were in a war, a Tsunami had hit Asia and most importantly, they hated the President.

  10. FNC, and I’m sure the other news channels, have not learned from the last school shooting and are reporting un confirmed reports on the situation.

  11. RE: Houston

    Msnbc reporting it was a gun fight between two people.

    Guns, guns, guns!!!!

  12. And in 2009, the media criticized having an inauguration because it was pricey during a recession. They did the same in 2012.

    Get your facts right before firing off on your keyboards.

  13. “Jon Scott is whining that the mainstream media was not critical of
    Obama on inauguration day.”

    1.) The media rarely criticizes the president on Inauguration Day. FNC’s over the top criticism of Obama yesterday was the exception.

    2.) As stated above, Jon Scott’s own network spent the entire day criticizing President Obama.

  14. lonestar77 Says:

    You’re out of your mind if you think the press whined about anything regarding Obama’s inauguration. The Press is genuinely in love with Barack Obama. They hated George Bush. That’s about it. The mainstream press is a corrupt group more interested in activism than they are doing their jobs. If you can’t see it, it’s because you are blind. No serious person would argue otherwise.

  15. Oh gawd, MSNBC’s 3pm Breaking News coverage kicks off with SE Cupp. This is gonna be a cluster.

  16. icemannyr Says:

    MSNBC is back to formatting for video and graphics for SD 4:3.
    Come on MSNBC start formatting your graphics and video for 16:9.
    It’s bad enough CNBC continues to broadcast video in the outdated 4:3 SD.

    MSNBC please stop letting your opinion hosts cover breaking news!

  17. It took her 18 minutes but SE Cupp is starting to get wanky.

  18. Netanyahu re-elected Israeli PM. Now, that’s news.

  19. Is CNNs new approach going to be carting out Anderson anytime something big happens? They have him on with Brooke covering this shooting.

  20. icemannyr Says:

    Usually it’s Wolf Blitzer that comes on early or holidays to cover breaking news.

  21. lonestar77 Says:

    Wow, those “facts” would matter if I didn’t have eyes, ears and a brain. Or, if I just woke up from a coma, was born yesterday or stepped out the cave I’d been living in for the last couple decades.

  22. danoregon Says:

    Thought Piers Morgan was actually quite good last night covering the inaugural balls.
    I think the parade coverage though (on the networks that did cover it) was lacking. Would have been great to spend time talking with the people marching in it while they waited to get it rolling, instead of endless people on the street asking them how they were staying warm. Maybe a camera in or on the Presidential limo?

  23. Lonestar, you were wrong, admit it. The media DID criticize Obama’s second inauguration and even his first inauguration. But you righties live in your paranoid “The evil liberal media iz mean to us” bubble and refuse to see objectivity. Because admitting the media is objective and fair would challenge your preconceived notions too much.

    Successfully brainwashed by FOX I see.

  24. BTW, remember all those predictions about how MSNBC would go under and fold after Keith Olbermann was fired??

  25. BTW where are the press releases?

  26. imnotblue Says:

    Yeah… they we’re very critical.

    *rolls eyes*

    They post an article or two online, and that’s the same as guests and “journalists” ranting or complaining on-air. Sure. Exactly the same.

    It’s almost funny how fast the left forgot… the left.

  27. SE Cupp is useless when the subject of guns comes up. In the middle of breaking news about a school shooting, she (inexplicably) asked the ex-profiler guy why Chicago murders don’t get more coverage. Aside from it being a cheesy dodge away from the story, she was asking a man with no control over what the media covers.

    SE loves her hunting, and has herself convinced any attempt at regulating guns is an infringement on the Second Amendment, and a slippery slope towards total consfication. She’s out of control, and should not be covering breaking news.

  28. imnotblue Says:


    Maybe those who thought MSNBC would fold, just assumed they wouldn’t find another angry liar like KO.

  29. lonestar77 Says:

    In other words, SE Cupp is an anti-gun freak like everybody else at MSNBC & CNN so she should just shut up.

    I knew the media was left to far-left before FNC existed, buddy. Don’t play that stupid Fox game with me.

  30. Found this link where people can get a 360 degree view of the BBC’s new home. The building is impressive. Must be a nice place to work in. The zoom-in function reveals the workers in the newsroom are working hard and not surfing the web.

  31. lonestar77 Says:

    Alan Colmes said he was suffering from the effects of oral surgery. It looked more like he died, was buried, magically rose and came back to life. He looked and sounded absolutely awful.

  32. icemannyr Says:

    Alan was on last week with extremely swollen lips and said he had a very bad fall.

    The Watters’ World segment on the inauguration was another biased hit piece.
    It’s even more laughable since he donated to the Obama campaign yet he does a segment to bash liberals. #Clown.

  33. imnotblue Says:

    Maybe Hannity’s been beating him up again.

  34. icemannyr Says:

    Hannity doing a Media Mash segment on the biased inauguration coverage with irrelevant Brent Bozell.
    What a waste of time. I can’t believe even conservatives are interested in the Media Mash segments.
    Come on Hannity get a new act and better segments.

    Plus as I mentioned before FBN is turning into FNC2.
    Varney, Willis and Dobbs are basically doing the lighter version of the Hannity show. With more coverage of politics then business.

  35. lonestar77 Says:

    How was it a “biased hit piece”? I watched it. It wasn’t a “hit piece” at all. It was just a fun segment. Jeez. Relax.

  36. imnotblue Says:

    ^ lone

    Ice watches FNC and whines and whines and whines.

    Cut him some slack. If he wasn’t pointing out some minor Liberal outrage! what would he have to talk about?

  37. lonestar77 Says:

    Brian Williams:
    “”We can say without hesitation there has not been this much fascination with a First Lady easily since Jackie Kennedy.”

    I’m assuming he’s speaking about the DC/NY press people? Is there some fascination out there with the public about the First Lady? I haven’t noticed it.

  38. “I haven’t noticed it.”

    ^^ Well when your sole sources of information are FNC and right wing blogs it’s no surprise you missed a lot of actual news. 🙂

  39. icemannyr Says:

    “How was it a “biased hit piece”?”

    Hit piece might be to strong of a word but it was biased.
    The only reason Watters’ was there was to ask snarky questions of the liberal celebrities and in the editing they picked out the most goofy people to include like the girl laying on the grass by the fence.

  40. Says fritz… without a hint of irony.

    As for the video… it was Hannity. Haven’t we heard a billion times leftwingers defending Maddow, LOD, Sharpton, Bashir, etc by saying, “They’re opinion guys. You know what you’re getting.” What’s the difference? It’s Hannity” of course it’s “biased!”

    And now you’re upset that the “goofy” attendee was the one who made it on the TV? Seriously? When did that start becoming a problem? Or is it only “against the rules” when they’re mocking a Liberal? Sheesh.

  41. icemannyr Says:

    I’ve never liked the Jesse Watters segments going back to when he was harassing Dr. Helayne Jones on 5/29/07 in her garage demanding she answer his questions because he works for Bill O’Reilly.

    That reminds me, on a show Bill O’Reilly did a few weeks ago when talking about gun control, he made the insulation if you trespass on his property ouy might get shot.

    So it’s ironic years ago Jesse Watters was doing that to Dr. Helayne Jones.

  42. Lonestar, I just had dental surgery and I look just as bad as Colmes. My face looks like someone threw me a beating.

  43. Joe, re SE Cupp: Gun rights advocates are just like pro-choice advocates. They feel if even something like partial-birth abortions are outlawed, that means their abortion rights are being slowly chipped away.

  44. Carol, both positions are ridiculous.

  45. ^I agree.

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