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Free for All: 01/23/13

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Facial Recognition Ratings?

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MediaPost’s Steve McClellan writes about Nielsen and facial recognition technology…

Nielsen, which has explored facial recognition technology on and off for more than a decade, is again actively exploring how to apply the technique to its TV ratings panel. “It’s an intriguing opportunity for the whole industry,” said Brian Fuhrer, senior vice president, national and cross-platform television audience measurement.

Given that many devices today have facial recognition capability, from phones to TVs to gaming consoles, “it’s so logical” for the ratings company to adapt the technology as well.

Fuhrer stressed that there’s nothing imminent; the effort currently is “a lab discussion.” The company still has to determine conclusively that the existing ratings panel would not be negatively impacted. That said, if the industry agrees that the technology should be used for TV ratings, the company could implement the technology “fairly quickly,” he said.

Anderson Cooper vs. CNN over Ann Curry?

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The National Enquirer’s Roger Hitts speculates that Anderson Cooper is none to enthused about the possibility that Ann Curry could replace him on the air…

AN irate Anderson Cooper insists he’ll retire if former “Today” co-host Ann Curry replaces him at CNN, sources say.

While his syndicated daytime talk show was canned in October, the silver-haired newsman still helms the prime-time program “Anderson Cooper 360.”

But incoming CNN news chief Jeff Zucker – former boss of NBC’s “Today” show – is reportedly eyeing Curry for Cooper’s slot.

“Anderson knows his days as a CNN anchor are numbered, and he’s spitting mad,” a source told The ENQUIRER

Even if this story is accurate; a pretty damn big “if” when you consider that Curry is A) still contractually bound to NBC and B) hasn’t joined CNN yet, there’s no certainty that her rumored primetime arrival would automatically translate into Cooper losing his show. But even if it did, Cooper’s threat is a hollow one.

What would Cooper’s alternatives be? Not MSNBC. Not FNC. No anchor positions available at ABC, NBC, or CBS (at the moment). There is 60 Minutes but consider this from the Enquirer story…

“They’ve talked to him about being a reporter-at-large, where he’d cover stories from hot zones and war areas around the world. He’s always loved doing that but considers anything less than heading up CNN’s prime-time news coverage as a demotion. He’s saying he’d quit first.”

Going to 60 Minutes full time would essentially be the same result as being “demoted” from CNN. Cooper still wouldn’t be anchoring.

Besides, there are two hours of 360 that air on CNN’s primetime. One is tape. So CNN doesn’t have to drop Cooper to bring Curry on board. Not that bringing Curry onboard to CNN prime would work. It wouldn’t.