Anderson Cooper vs. CNN over Ann Curry?

The National Enquirer’s Roger Hitts speculates that Anderson Cooper is none to enthused about the possibility that Ann Curry could replace him on the air…

AN irate Anderson Cooper insists he’ll retire if former “Today” co-host Ann Curry replaces him at CNN, sources say.

While his syndicated daytime talk show was canned in October, the silver-haired newsman still helms the prime-time program “Anderson Cooper 360.”

But incoming CNN news chief Jeff Zucker – former boss of NBC’s “Today” show – is reportedly eyeing Curry for Cooper’s slot.

“Anderson knows his days as a CNN anchor are numbered, and he’s spitting mad,” a source told The ENQUIRER

Even if this story is accurate; a pretty damn big “if” when you consider that Curry is A) still contractually bound to NBC and B) hasn’t joined CNN yet, there’s no certainty that her rumored primetime arrival would automatically translate into Cooper losing his show. But even if it did, Cooper’s threat is a hollow one.

What would Cooper’s alternatives be? Not MSNBC. Not FNC. No anchor positions available at ABC, NBC, or CBS (at the moment). There is 60 Minutes but consider this from the Enquirer story…

“They’ve talked to him about being a reporter-at-large, where he’d cover stories from hot zones and war areas around the world. He’s always loved doing that but considers anything less than heading up CNN’s prime-time news coverage as a demotion. He’s saying he’d quit first.”

Going to 60 Minutes full time would essentially be the same result as being “demoted” from CNN. Cooper still wouldn’t be anchoring.

Besides, there are two hours of 360 that air on CNN’s primetime. One is tape. So CNN doesn’t have to drop Cooper to bring Curry on board. Not that bringing Curry onboard to CNN prime would work. It wouldn’t.


10 Responses to “Anderson Cooper vs. CNN over Ann Curry?”

  1. lonestar77 Says:

    I agree that giving Curry a primetime slot wouldn’t work. In fact, I think it would be a disaster. Who would watch?

    And, why don’t you think Cooper would go to MSNBC?

  2. If CBS This Morning continues to grow, I could see AC going there when Charlie Rose leaves.

    Ann Curry should not have a 5 day per week primetime show. But she would be a great addition.

    Am I the only one who thinks Erin Burnett is Campbell Brown 2.0?

    If I were Zucker I would consider breaking up some of the schedule. Why not appointment TV one night per week with different hosts. The Ann Curry interview on Tues. An investigation program on Weds., etc. Something to bring in unique viewers to one time slot each day of the week. Obviously, breaking news would bump it. But on slow news days what reason do I have to watch each current program report on the same stories?

    More expensive? Maybe, depending on how behind the scene resources are devoted. But I do not want a 5 day per week commitment. And, who wants to DVR 5 hours of a show per week.

  3. I fail to see how Curry getting one of the 360 slots is “replacing” 360. AC ran at 10 for years with a succession of Big Names preceding him at 8. His show will continue to do well in its original slot, and this Big Name will crash and burn like the last three (or four, I’ve lost track) did.

  4. Let’s be honest here, this is just a space filling article. Cooper will most likely retain one of his hours as once they repeated the 8PM program his ratings split in half, allowing 10PM to take a hit. That was a huge mistake and CNN should’ve run specials at 8PM instead.

    Cooper isn’t a great defining talent, because if he was, then he would be beating ms and fox. He’s just there, and survived because he has been cnn’s only go to guy, and Klein pushed tons of advertising dollars behind him. I honesty thought abc was going to poach him to be robin roberts co-anchor on GMA, and he would be good on morning tv or on CBS evening news. But there’s no open slots and pelley’s show has seen the most growth.

    I would build cnn out the other way focusing on mornings and dayside and have him in the mornings with brook baldwin or kate boldun and build prime shows around piers. In primetime and as the face of CNN I just don’t see him as effective as he’s portrayed.

  5. Anderson’s position at CNN almost seems like an interesting question to bring up considering his program isn’t the strongest in the ratings, but the network also has been carting him out alongside Wolf as on of their major anchors throughout the election. The other day they carted on Anderson while covering a shooting in the middle of the day, I wasn’t tuned in fully to understand why. He’s there, but what does he really offer if Zucker plans to mix things up?

  6. And, why don’t you think Cooper would go to MSNBC?

    No room really. But why would Cooper want to go there? They don’t do journalism over there, especially in prime.

    Am I the only one who thinks Erin Burnett is Campbell Brown 2.0?

    Nope. I have been thinking that ever since CNN announced her hiring.

  7. lonestar77 Says:

    You’re probably correct but being that there are no slots available elsewhere, it seems like MSNBC could be a logical choice. And, there are others at MSNBC who used to pretend to be down-the-middle journalists (although everybody knew they weren’t) – like Andrea Mitchell and Thomas Roberts.

    He could take over the Hardball rerun time slot.

  8. There is no way Andy goes to MSNBC. Won’t happen. MSNBC focuses on politics and that is clearly not his wheelhouse. CBS News seems like the best fit for him outside of CNN.

    This does seem like manufactured conflict. One of the 2 hours of AC360 has got to go. Whether its Curry or anyone else, it is crazy to run tape in one of the three hours of primetime. Curry’s entrance, which Spud again points out, is still speculative. Andy just needs to learn to share.

    As for who Cooper should be “mad” it, he should try looking in the mirror. His ratings have fallen, he isn’t helping CNN boost their audience, and his daytime misadventure has negatively impacted his primetime show. I am not saying he should leave CNN – it still is the best place for him to be but he needs to get in gear. His news first approach is a great alternative to FNC and MSNBC but he needs to step up his game. If he wants to be the face of CNN, he should start acting like a leader.

  9. Unfortunately, AC’s New Year’s Eve antics and daytime flirtation have diluted his brand, possibly beyond repair. His giggling talk show appearances haven’t helped, either. When Brian Williams goes on Letterman or The Daily Show, he’s hysterical, but he always retains the veneer of a serious newsman. Anderson has lost much of his.

  10. The daytime experiment would’ve worked if his agent got him Regis’s gig with Kelly vs. on his own. The success rate would’ve been better for both parties. I think the problem is that what cooper’s brand have become is a news version of Ryan Secrest, in that people know him for being on shows and more of a broadcaster now instead on news, on the last-news-news channel.

    So his persona now would work better on say a Today, Cbs This morning, GMA than a nightly news style program. His show kinda doesn’t fit him well anymore, it’s marketed as a newsnight, but is tabloid to get ratings. He doesn’t seem 100% in love with the formula and you can tell he’s just being a team player. It almost seems like he gets more pleasure out of doing other jobs like 60 etc and that CNN is just his regular paycheck/vehicle now. He was great on Abc Overnight as the program allowed him to wear many hats. I just don’t think the stories, and the marketing of “keeping them honest” etc and other segments are really who he is either.

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