Eric Bolling Named New Cashin’ In Host…

The Orlando Sentinel’s Hal Boedeker writes that Eric Bolling will be the new host of Cashin’ In on FNC…

Rollins College grad Eric Bolling is taking on new duties at Fox News Channel, the TV Guy has learned exclusively.

Fox News confirmed that Bolling, one of the co-hosts of “The Five,” will bring his business expertise to hosting “Cashin’ In” starting this weekend.


8 Responses to “Eric Bolling Named New Cashin’ In Host…”

  1. Anyone else find the description of Cashin’ In as a program “which offers advice on how people can make their money grow” hilarious?

  2. How much of those Saturday business shows actually talk about business and finance vs politics?

  3. motownman Says:

    Fox rewards being an arrogant, obnoxious a$$hole.

  4. harry1420 Says:

    im saying. fox is all politics all the time..all obama bashing all the time..all whining all the time..and hey im not an obama fan. but they name their shows the craziest names…and it has nothing to do with what the name is. why not just call yourself…fox political channel..where we make everything obama’s fault!

  5. Did Cheryl Cassone leave FNC?

  6. ^Sorry, just read the whole article.

  7. icemannyr Says:

    Here’ her response on Facebook to those that are not happy with the change in hosts,
    Cheryl Casone (15 minutes ago via mobile)
    “Thank you for all the support and good wishes. In my 3 years hosting Cashin In I raised the ratings each year! I am so proud and I am going to be doing some new and exciting things at Fox News and FoxBusiness! Stay tuned…..”

  8. I miss Terry Keenan. I assume she was demoted, back a few years ago. They tape this program on Friday afternoons, and I don’t get why this is such a big story.

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