A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

What do we make of the people chosen to be included in this CNN ad and who got left off…(via TVNewser)


15 Responses to “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…”

  1. They are all here to stay in some form?

  2. Kate Bolduan is going places. Or is that Brianna Keilar? They are impossible to tell apart.

  3. icemannyr Says:

    That’s Kate Bolduan who has been a semi regular co-host on The Situation Room.

  4. In other news: CNN hired Erin McPike. Good move IMO.

  5. icemannyr, Josh: Kate Bolduan has been an apparent unofficial co-host of the 3pmPT/6ET hour of The Situation Room for awhile, or at least every time I’ve tuned in around that hour.

  6. I guess I’m not seeing a big omission. That’s the entire daily lineup from 6 pm ET onward, plus Soledad. The surprise inclusion is Bolduan, but they have been prominently grooming her alongside Blitzer for months.

  7. Where’s the gal who won the second debate for Obama? Candy Crowley?

  8. While everyone else looks positively giddy over the news, Anderson Cooper seems conflicted. Or constipated.

  9. No John King

  10. King has been a bit player since his show was dumped last summer. Might as well be like “No Ali Velshi” or “No Isha Sesay”.

  11. Baldwin, Banfield.

  12. gnomesayin, Isha Sesay is a HLN personality at this point anyhow. I wonder if Ali would be a better anchor than Banfield to be honest, though I suppose I missed my chance seeing that when he was hosting a few years ago regularly.

  13. lonestar77 Says:

    I like the no holds barred Laura!

  14. bolduan is actually a fresh breath on air on the network, as well as Baldwin, and if I were Zucker I would move them to mornings. Banfield would be good in baldwin’s slot, obrien in burnett’s. I hope she goes back to CNBC, and they most likely would take her back given their ratings slump, and talent exodus.

    Lemon, Morgan, Tapper and berman are their best male talent.

  15. missy5537 Says:

    Not to be Captain Obvious, but does anyone really think we FNC viewers would flock to see the re- inauguration of the socialist, Marxist, usurper in chief? I believe I was cleaning out my socks drawer and then Missy’s litter box that day. And these two tasks were much more enjoyable than watching the pathetic display which was on TV that day.

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