What’s Hot/What’s Not: 01/27/13

What’s Hot:

Hail to The Chief – Inauguration day was Monday (although officially it was Sunday) and the cable nets did what cable nets do under such circumstances, go overboard.

AC vs. AC – The National Enquirer entered the Ann Curry fray by reporting that Anderson Cooper’s nose was allegedly out of joint big time about the possibility that Curry would displace him.

Eric Bolling – Was named the new host of Cashin’ In on FNC’s Saturday Business-less Block…

Rachel Nichols – Nichols jumps to CNN (and Turner Sports) and will get a weekend sports show. ESPN and NBC Sports Network are both quaking in their boots at the prospect of CNN’s competition. Or not.

Sarah Palin splits with FNC – The signs were pointing to a split coming anyways at some point.

What’s Not:

Clash of the Rich Gassbags – Seeing a pissing match between two rich people live on CNBC might have had the business crowd going gaga but for the rest of us it seemed more like watching Piers Morgan throwing Twitter daggers at Lord Sugar. We don’t care!

Long plane flights with multiple layovers – More on that soon…


8 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 01/27/13”

  1. “…NBC Sports Network are both quaking in their boots…”

    They should be. Nobody watches NBCSN and the ratings verify that.

  2. If nobody is watching NBCSN maybe its because its on a 3 digit channel spectrum, which is harder to get an audience.

    ESPN should be quaking in their boots. NOBODY should watch E$PN! They cover everything but sports!

  3. I know I am late to the game (I was busy with work) but what is NOT was last week I saw LayLow Kudlow’s show on CNBC not showing the two banded ticker. I am not sure if it was a technical mishap or what, but I didn’t get why they aren’t showing the stock quotes. Only the lower band was showing headlines.

    I assume they are trying to get rid of the clutter to show their pretty and arrogant faces. If my assumption is right, I am more ashamed of CNBC.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    Um.. you’re forgetting another sports network, Spud…

  5. ESPN should be worried about the combined threat of NBCSN (once they get NASCAR), FOX Sports 1 and CBS Sports Network.

  6. Steven, NBCSN is on basic cable on most cable providers. Their content is weak. They have NHL (which only four Americans watch), IndyCar (which nobody watches) and a bunch of fishing shows.

    EPL soccer and F1 might help but I think the boost for them will be if they manage to outbid ESPN for NASCAR or if they take over TNT’s existing contract.

  7. ^ I am not even going to talk about the content on NBCSN. I watch it for the hockey, and I am not the only 4 Americans who watch it. Hockey is well liked if you live in large market like the Original Six, so STFU.

    Anyways, I think there is a need of a new reality show:

    Nielsen Rehab.

    A bunch of media execs go into a rehab clinic and learn to go into a program of ending their morning addition to pron known as the “overnights” reading pages upon pages of excel sheets. Learn that numbers are a bunch crap and one can twist them to their agenda.

    That would be such an AWESOME show!

    Its this kind of BS that has destroyed the broadcasting world. Yeah those “consultants” ruined it too, but Nielsen is the contributing factor.

  8. Um.. you’re forgetting another sports network, Spud…

    It’s easy to forget about CBS Sports Network…

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