Chris Cuomo to CNN?

FTVLive is reporting that Jeff Zucker is making a play to lure Chris Cuomo from ABC.

Insiders tell FTVLive that Zucker has his sites set on ABC’s Chris Cuomo and he’s pulling out all stops to land him.

We also hear that ABC is doing all they can to make a decent counter offer to get Cuomo to stay at the alphabet network.

Zucker has cast his early focus on the mornings at CNN and he wants to bring in a heavy hitter. He thinks Cuomo fits the bill.

Update: TMZ is hearing the same thing…

Sources connected with CNN tell us … Cuomo will host a morning show. The buzz is his co-host will be Erin Burnett — interesting, because we’re told Erin’s contract at CNN is to do a prime time show … so if execs move her to an earlier spot, they might have to do a little convincing.


4 Responses to “Chris Cuomo to CNN?”

  1. Since I’ve never been a Good Morning America or 20/20 viewer, what does Cuomo bring that would improve CNN?

  2. danoregon Says:

    ABC shouldn’t be surprised, but their bench is getting awfully thin. I’ve got to think they will go after John King.

  3. I doubt it.

  4. Ice cold & ice cold in the mornings huh?! Cuomo and Burnett will do nothing for CNN mornings. Maybe Zucker should name Glick as morning anchor, I hear she’s the future of “Today Show” …oh wait I’m dating myself again huh.

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