Erin Burnett to Mornings?

Deadline Hollywood’s Dominic Patten speculates that Erin Burnett is headed to mornings…

The chess pieces are certainly in play at CNN today. Managing editor Mark Whitaker is out, 20/20’s Chris Cuomo has been poached from ABC and now sources are telling Deadline that new CNN boss Jeff Zucker is about to move Erin Burnett from primetime to a new morning show. Insiders say that the morning show slot is where former Today Show executive producer Zucker wants to start making his mark at the network. Burnett would co-host in the AM with Cuomo, who’s role in the as yet-untitled morning show was announced with his hiring by CNN this morning. No word yet as to who will take over Burnett’s 7 PM OutFront show, which has been struggling in the ratings like most of CNN’s primetime. Burnett joined CNN in April 2011 from CNBC. Her primetime show debuted in October 2011.

What do you think?


15 Responses to “Erin Burnett to Mornings?”

  1. CNN should have never hired Erin in the first place. She comes across as a clueless kid with a primetime news show.
    She was painful during coverage of political nights. She made a fool of the network’s almost non existent coverage of Mali, especially after when considering her OutFront promos which are a marketing fail. I was so happy to see her confined in Ohio on election night as I kind of knew Obama’s reelection was inevitable and I thought sending her away in a state where ground reporting would not actually be necessary would allow the grown-ups in Washington to breathe freely.
    People compare her to Paula Zahn and Campbell Brown, but the only things they have in common are their failing CNN shows and their gender. Zahn and Brown are good journalists and were simply, in my opinion, victims of a bad CNN management that couldn’t even counterprogram 8pm.
    Sending her to mornings alongside workhorse Cuomo would be a tacit recognition of her lightheadedness. She will be the Kyra to Chris’ John.

  2. CNN should’ve moved Robin Meade off HLN on to CNN long ago. Erin Burnett was a mistake of a hire.

  3. I agree! This is a joke all the way around, and what world does these two who were moved off network mornings shows or not picked for them going to do for CNN Mornings? The current CNN Morning offerings are a train wreak because it was never developed, so now 4 of their anchors look like damaged goods, as well as the 3 they threw under the bus with AM. This is John roberts and Kirian all over again. Who’s going to watch? Zucker should’ve poached Muir or Holt from NBC, to make a real difference.

  4. ^^ctrlway, HERE HERE!! I wholeheartedly second that motion!

    Andy, great idea. Robin Meade’s HLN isn’t exactly my cup of tea but she is fun, likable, and has energy. Her ratings are enviable by CNN’s standard.

  5. -Not in mornings but to put on later on in the day. Cuomo is a waste of money, and after this whole experiment his value will be damaged. 20/20 was a nice coasting gig.

  6. This is absurd. OutFront was becoming a decent primetime newshour; now they’re going to ditch one of the few semi-ok programs they have so Erin can disappear in the mornings. The morning cable viewers will continue to watch Morning Joe, HLN, or crap (Fox & Friends); CNN will continue to be ignored. They should give up this charade and counterprogram CNNI in that slot.

  7. If they move her to mornings they are stupid. That is all.

  8. i dont get it too.. Outfront’s ratings have become much stronger following the sacking of King, sometimes they are even higher than Cooper’s. I don’t see the reason why they move her to morning. and even if she is moved, CNN has to find a slot for soledad, i can see her taking a spot during daytime, just like Megyn Kelly on Fox. CNN’s daytime is also their weakest link anyways,

  9. lonestar77 Says:

    I watch Burnett more than I watch any other cable news show at that hour.

  10. I’ve watched a fair amount of ‘OutFront’ from the beginning, and I don’t think it’s changed that much. It’s never been terrible and has always been watchable and decently produced, but also wholly unremarkable.

    I think a better fit would have been to bump ‘OutFront’ back an hour earlier, and put Tapper in the current slot. It could have made for a decent bridge between dayside and early prime, Sharpton’s MSNBC show is weak, and Burnett would have made for better counter-programming against ‘Special Report’ than she does against Shep. She wasn’t working as a lead-in for Cooper, but neither is Cooper working at 8 ET. Her re-air at 11 ET was actually doing okay. I agree that giving up on the show now seems a waste.

    Mornings are a terrible idea, and she isn’t the kind of ‘relatable’ ality that works there. They needed to get Soledad out of A.M. (she might do well in late prime against Greta particularly), but this is a foolish replacement.

  11. ^ personality, not “ality”

  12. I think moving Burnett to AM with Cuomo is a good gamble. Both are comfortable working with a co-host in a morning slot. The question is what is the format?

    I don’t see them trying to copy Morning Joe (as if anyone could) and so a F&F or a Today style format would seem a better fit. I think the show could work if given a year or so to grow. Whether they get a year to develop an audience and relationship is unlikely.

    I also don’t any show with Cuomo and Burnett being a threat to Morning Joe. That show has a very loyal, specific and limited audience.

    For the same reason I don’t see Joe and Mika having any real success at CBS, if they decide to move to CBS, for the same reason – their potential audience is never going to be big enough to compete in a ‘Today’ style morning show on a major network.

  13. It’s a mistake to cancel Starting Point to replace it with a show that will probably resemble American Morning. Either way, it won’t get bigger ratings. I agree that Robin Meade would be a better choice, but what does that leave for HLN?

    I think it makes more sense to keep Starting Point where it is, and build a show for Cuomo and Burnett in the 9-11 am eastern slot. That time slot is more watched anyway, and CNN could probably put together a decent competitor to America’s Newsroom.

    From there they could rebuild the entire dayside lineup in the same way that FNC rebuilt its dayside programming with the launch of AN.

  14. CNN reminds me of that YouTube video showing a little dog endlessly slamming the stick he’s carrying in is mouth into a narrow doorwall opening because that long stick is just never going to fit through that way.

    “Dumb” is the CNN brass who repeatedly try the same failed format over and over again. “Dumber” are the on-air talent who, despite witnessing these many failures, still sign up for an already-circling-the-drain gig.

    This is CNN?

  15. I think Zurawick said it best, Burnett should grab this chance because it is her best shot at being a tv star, which is what she desperately wants. Pairing her with someone who can provide grown up supervision is the best format for her. I guess Cuomo and Burnett have a reasonable shot at success ASSUMING they make significant changes to the format and editorial direction. If its just shifting personalities into the same Starting Point, it won’t work. The story selection on Starting Point is bad and the panel never really gels. Soledad tries to pull it off but as soon as they get any decent conversation going, they cut it off to commercial or kill it for the next segment. If they do the same thing with Cuomo and Burnett then it will still be bad and awkward. Just because Zucker suggested this doesn’t mean its golden – which seems to be the conventional wisdom among so many media types. I dare not get my hopes up about anything CNN.

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