Internal Strife?

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter sums up CNN’s day of news but offers up a few previously unheard of nuggets. Like this…

Soledad O’Brien, the anchor for the last 12 months, has been widely praised for her political interviews despite the program’s relatively low ratings. The show’s defenders say it never received the internal support and the external marketing it had been promised. They imply that it was not given a chance to succeed.

Uh oh. Someone’s not happy. Read between the lines and it would seem someone on the Starting Point staff or brain trust is squawking out of school and putting the blame on CNN’s upper brass for failing to deliver. Now who would have something to gain from trying to position the story that way?


2 Responses to “Internal Strife?”

  1. Oh, with all the changes coming I bet there will be lots of internal strife. This is just the shot across the bow. In some ways it is good – it shakes everyone out of their complacency, which CNN sorely needs to have happen.

    Might I suggest one potential home for Soledad…
    The new Univision/ABC cable channel coming out later this year. Could be a career killer if the channel is a flop but she is a big name and is liked in the latino community. Just a thought.

  2. But Spud, The rollout of the Early/Starting Point Shows had to be the worst rollout of any cable news show in history, aside from Daniels and Detal fridays on MSNBC.

    The show has no idea of what it was: a morning Joe copy, and half of the show never fit O’brien’s strengths of being an interviewer. The show was thrown together, and while all about evolving a show, this was day by day. Then my guess is throw in multiple more’s views on what the show should be from talent to brass and the show is questionable. There are public access shows that have had more prep than CNN morning shows.

    Early Start which is nothing more than CNN Newsroom should’ve been branded separate as that, and not part of Obrien’s show. That way her show would’ve been elevated as right now it looks like a 4 hour show.

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