No Ann Curry…

TMZ is saying that Jeff Zucker doesn’t want Ann Curry for primetime and does so in typical TMZ fashion…

Well-connected network sources tell us … reports that Zucker is courting Curry to be the next CNN star couldn’t be further from the truth. Fact is, Zucker doesn’t believe Curry is the answer to CNN’s problems and is continuing the search elsewhere.

As one source tells TMZ, “Ann has been sainted because of what happened to her [on “Today”]. The fact is … she definitely can’t carry a prime time show.”

We’re told it’s possible Curry could come over to CNN to be something like a foreign correspondent, but it’s “highly unlikely,” because she’s making around $10 mil at NBC and no way no how will Zucker pay anywhere near that.


2 Responses to “No Ann Curry…”

  1. Well, that was swift and brutal. Almost as bad as NBC.

  2. Anything that kills this absurd, stupid story is welcome. The whole charade must have been pushed by Curry’s reps and no one else from the beginning.

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