Free for All: 01/30/131

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42 Responses to “Free for All: 01/30/131”

  1. icemannyr Says:

    Opinion polls are now “Facts”? Come on FOX you can do better than this when putting only pro gun stats on the screen,

  2. savefarris Says:

    Let the Obama recession begin!

    Yahoo News top 3 stories as of this second:
    1. Deion Sanders beef w/ his daughter
    2. Cheerleader dropped from Super Bowl
    3. X Games participant hurt.

    GDP announcement? NOWHERE on the front page. Shameful…

  3. During Greta’s interview with Hillary Clinton last night, Greta mentioned Hillary’s recently deceased mom. Hillary said her mom enjoyed all the time she spent with Greta and Greta’s husband. Are Greta and her husband personal friends of the Clintons?

  4. ^^ But I’m just certain that the increased taxes, ObamaCare fees and regulations will fix us right up!

  5. Cute. MSNBC is “reviewing” its dishonest portrayal of what happened in Newtown as “heckling”. I dub thee ‘fake, but accurate”.

  6. While I agree it was not true heckling what would you call it?
    A disrespectful outburst?
    The audience should not have responded.

  7. I wouldn’t have done it, but it wasn’t heckling. And it’s nice to see a media-writer agreeing with the fact that O’Donnell conveniently redefined “heckling” to mean what he wanted it to mean, in order to prop up the dishonest portrayal.

  8. Jill Lawrence‏@JillDLawrence

    LaPierre: King George was a tyrant, similar fears today.

  9. I remember liberals talking about ‘King George’, some years back. Good times.

  10. Yes, carolmr, Greta’s husband was a former adviser to Bill Clinton.

  11. savefarris Says:

    While I agree it was not true heckling what would you call it?

    ‘answering a direct question’?

  12. Did Greta ask Hillary Clinton the tough questions that FNC bashed Steve Kroft for not asking?

  13. lonestar77 Says:

    “While I agree it was not true heckling what would you call it?”

    Answering a question. They didn’t answer him initially. Only after he asked again, basically challenging the audience to respond. And, it wasn’t disrespectful in the least.

  14. Time for another of my unrelated questions.
    Anyone else notice sometimes when FNC is going to and from break and they play a song that has a lyrics related to the next story that, instead of playing the popular version of the song FNC uses an unknown version by a less popular artist?

    They never use an actual Beatles song and just now they used a generic version of “That’s Amore” instead of Dean Martin’s recording.

    Are the fees to ASCAP that expensive if they use the popular versions of the songs it’s cheaper to use a cover version?

  15. Unspeakable.

    POLITICO ‏@politico
    A Chicago teenager who performed at inaugural events was shot and died on Tuesday:

  16. lonestar77 Says:

    That city is Fd up.

  17. But liberals will blame gun-running from Mississippi or thereabouts. Of course, you don’t have a similarly afflicted city in that state, so the theory might be flawed.

  18. Seems NJ might have a bigger scandal brewing with Senator Robert Menendez (D) then just one of his staffers.

    “FBI raids office of doctor tied to Senator Menendez prostitution allegations.”

    Are CNN and MSNBC covering this?

    I remember during during the power outage due to Hurricane Sandy listening to Mark Levin on radio talking about the story of Menendez having extra marital relationships and being a perv.

  19. savefarris Says:

    Are the fees to ASCAP that expensive?

    For Beatles songs, probably.

    Are CNN and MSNBC covering this?

    We know who is “covering this”: ABC.

    They had Menendez on Sunday and they asked him nary a question about it. Could you imagine having David Vitter on for his first interview post-hooker scandal and not even bringing up the subject? Not even FOX would be that brazen.

  20. lonestar77 Says:

    Those facts are hurting my head. The media isn’t biased! (Banging head against wall)


  21. lonestar77 Says:

    “But liberals will blame gun-running from Mississippi or thereabouts. ”

    Actually, they’re blaming Global Warming!

  22. I’d hate for Elle to miss this.

    Kensington ‏@NYKensington
    #TooEthnicCNNShows Soledad Train

  23. “Yes, carolmr, Greta’s husband was a former adviser to Bill Clinton.”

    Thanks, Elle.

  24. icemannyr Says:

    Maria Bartiromo on CNBC has a bad mic and they can’t seem to fix it.

  25. Not much talk about the US economy. When there is, it’s about how the numbers aren’t as accurate as they should be and when the corrected numbers are released, they’ll show slight growth in the US economy.

  26. The US economic has overall been mediocre.

    It’s seems like Greta is friends with everyone.

  27. ‘US economic growth has been mediocre at best.’ That’s what I wanted to write.

  28. savefarris Says:

    Outsider, HOW DARE anyone question the numbers’ accuracy!!! Don’t you know a comment like that borders on treason?!?


  29. Phew. Luckily I’m not a US citizen, then again, ‘progressives’ in DC may have a different understanding of what treason is.
    What’s irritating is the claim GWB ‘destroyed’ the economy for 8 yrs so it will take 8 yrs to fix it. It doesn’t make sense but for some liberals I guess it does.

  30. It’s nice that we have international news sources to report stuff like this.



  31. Huffpo and Chicago Sun Times seem to think otherwise, so tell them.

  32. Read the actual article, including Carney’s denial. “The University of Chicago is building a parking lot..some say in hopes of becoming the site for Obama’s library” is not what that stupid title implies. This has nothing to do with the Obama Administration, as anybody with basic reading skills would know.

  33. And if YOU had any “basic reading skills” you would know that I never said they did. I relayed the article, you assumed the rest. You’re welcome.

  34. Bull. The intention of the title, and everybody posting it on Twitter today, is to slag Obama for being a jerk to Reagan. It didn’t happen.

  35. I didn’t say it. Period. I don’t give a flying damn the “intention” of every whackjob you choose to follow.

  36. Manny, Greta was a little tougher than Steve Kroft, but that’s not saying much. Greta and Hillary seem to get along very well and, thanks to Elle, I now know why. I wouldn’t say it was a tough interview. Maybe someone else feels differently.

  37. You’re lying. Everybody knows why you were so thrilled the foreign press found This Awful Thing about POTUS that that darn liberal American media ignored.

  38. You’re cracked, and I’ve had enough.

  39. Speaking of Joe’s crack…

    The young man in the queue ahead of me at a little neighbourhood store in the big city – a big guy about my height but at least three times my girth – was wearing a DIshNetwork hat and trousers that would probably be better sized for a fat 10 year-old. The crotch had to be below his knees.. With his jacket on I just thought it was silly looking until he bent over to sign the credit card slip.

    WHOA! I did not want to see that. The young man waddled out without knowledge of how fortunate he was that I left my medical bag with a box of exam gloves in my truck. Odd – I would’ve pegged him to be a DirectTV kind of guy.

  40. If news programs are using anything other than a theme package, I don’t give them much respect. I’m sick and tired of the palsy walsy relationship the anchors are trying to engage with the viewers. Especially after 4PM/ET on After the Bell on FBN. Party s***ts aren’t watching business news. If I want to hear such music, I’ll go to my local Aeropostale or Amercian Eagle or tune to every FM station in my market that plays those same exact tunes!

    And for Maria Bartiromo – I’ll have to see video of that – maybe its an oman to the CNBC crew to come back home to “HQ” or “headquarters” or as I call it ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS! I’d love to CNBC to just call it by the town, just like how every viewer knew about the old Fort Lee studios, they never called it “HQ.”

    I miss seeing their large newsplex (that is severely ruined with that dark blue and pukey green studio.) the NYSE is getting very boring to see as a viewer.

  41. I happen to catch up on the BlackBerry saga and saw video of Bartiromo at the NYSE yesterday, and I was like who in the hell didn’t talk into Maria’s ear and say to adjust her mic?

    Bad, bad Q.A. at the audio board wherever they are based.

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