Free for All: 01/31/13

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  1. The weather is on my mind today

    I’m glad that the massive storm that effected Eastern Seaboard is making its way out in the sea!

    I’m disappointed with the coverage from The Weather Channel, they have focused too much in their backyard in Georgia with those tornadoes. They rarely cover the interior Northeast (like New England) which drives me nuts. I know when I turn it on, they won’t represent my area, its really a “heartland” type of channel.

    It was a crazy storm system, snowed one day, then was spring the next day, and it will come back to winter tomorrow.

  2. icemannyr Says:

    David Letterman got into the CNN mocking doing a Top Ten Changes at CNN. Before he started the list he talked about Zucker calling him a not so nice name, going from NBC to CNN.


  3. OMFG – did anyone see tht Megyn Kelly interview on if girls should be in the Selective Service as a mandate?

    I just want to flippin vomit after that.

    I hate the sexism of this country! Girls are being degraded and being forced to being vulnerable citizens! It goes back to CNN and Zucker and how he views his audience!

    The Selective Service should had been abolished to begin with! I find it sexist as a weaker than usual male to sign myself up for SS back when I turned 18 nearly 8 years ago! In fact my local DMV did it without my full knowledge!

    This woman I am filing under one of the dumb blonds on FNC. I used really admire and respect her. Now shes one of the sexist morons on FNC.

    I am so (seriously) inferorated. I made a new years resolution to stop watching the news. I cracked, and now I am going to try again to stop watching the BS in the MSM.

  4. Megyn has changed from a news anchor to a biased conservative talk show host.
    Her first segment today was a FOX News Alert that the Obama Administration was closing its job council and FNC trying to make it a big failure for the Obama administration.
    The story was not worthy of a FOX News alert or being the first story on her show.
    CNN and MSNBC were covering the Chuck Hagel hearing as their first story at 1pm.

  5. savefarris Says:

    The story was not worthy of a FOX News alert or being the first story on her show.

    It’s “above the fold” on the USNews and ABC websites. In the current working definition of what qualifies as ‘news alert’-worthy (which I agree is ***WAAAAY*** overdone), it’s not outside the realm.

  6. Steven: I have not heard anyone else bring up the idea of the draft with women. I thought Megyn asked tough questions of both people involved and yes at the end did say she was concerned about her daughter maybe someday having to register for Selective Service.

    So.. do you have a problem with the discussion of the draft for women? Or do you just want them to be able to compete equally IF they decide to enlist but still continue to make men register? Is that separate but equal? I think it is a perfectly valid question and may get some thinking if there are double standards involved with this particular issue.

  7. Her daughter shouldn’t be brought up on the clock first of all.

    I am not against women! What really drove me over the edge, was her opinion about if this law was to pass, mandating women to join the Selective Service, she went on not a rant, but some opinion of how do we talk to our girls about the new law? Second of all, why are as a society raising girls to be vulnerable synthetically? I don’t give a bleep about statics. That statement Kelly made about raising their young daughters gave an inference that parents are raising girls to a different standard than boys (i.e. more vulnerable than boys.)

    And boys can be vulnerable too. 4 out of 5 cases of autism are effected by boys. And according to the Centers for Disease Control 1 and 110 children are going to be diagnosed with autism. And in some cases, these individuals also are vulnerable people. So males could posses weakness similar to females.

    I would love to see more females doing jobs that typically are done by men, but at the same time I don’t want to see a LABEL attached in the future. We as a society need to be more stronger, and encourage strengths across both genders.

    Personally I find the Draft outdated and illrelevant to todays society. But if they don’t make the law outdated, then I PERSONALLY believe women should be mandated to join the service.

    I suppose this is one of my liberal views even when I am 65% right on other issues,

  8. I don’t know if I am really overreacting or I missed something out of context or what, maybe I need a new pair of red or blue tinted glasses to see the issues a little bit better. 😉

  9. I’m surprised the media isn’t covering the flooding in Virginia but it’s not NYC or LA so I guess they don’t care.

  10. @ Andy,

    C’mon they aren’t camped out in Staten Island (part of NYC) after Sandy. Don’t blame this on regional egos please!

  11. Actually TWC does a better coverage of anything other than NY or LA! They had owned the Georgia Tornadoes through their coverage of this storm!

  12. FOX covering breaking news from the Atlanta school shooting, CNN (in Atlanta) airing breaking news coverage of Beyonce’s press conference at the Super Bowl and MSNBC on air with The Cycle.

  13. Oh, my bad, CNN is airing NFL Network’s coverage of Beyonce’s press conference. SMH.

  14. There is a hell of a lot of news going on right now…. and THIS is the news? Oy.

  15. Welcome to the new CNN. You wouldn’t know about the other stories today unless you turned on FOX News Channel. This is laughable.

  16. I don’t intend to destroy the career of Jeff Zucker, but his minions choosing to go with a ditz over serious news in their backyard, is just beyond uncomprehendable.

  17. Karen Finney on MSNBC for Martin Bashir … has she ever anchored before?

  18. Yeah, if I was ever the president of a cable news operation, stories like Beyoncé would never make it on the air. That was a joke.

  19. Finney has subbed here and there a few times, including for Bashir. One could only hope that Bashir’s sudden vacationing after the video edit scandal means that he’s on thin ice.

  20. Bashir needs to go – along with Tinglelegs, the Reverend and Big Ed.

  21. With all the news coming from CNN this week, we forgot one important development. CNN has launched its first broadcast network. Granted, it is in Spanish and it is officially called a ‘programming block’ in press releases, but the launch ads for CNN Latino say it is a ‘new channel’, presenters refer to the network as a new network and the business model is the same as NBC, CBS, Univision, etc. The eight hours ‘block’ has 2 hours of news, an ‘Inside Edition’-like tabloidy show and lifestyle and gossip programming.
    Surprisingly, lifestyle programming from CNN Latino is original and not a mere replay of the pop culture shows that plague CNN Espaool.

  22. Bashir has a brain tumor, you dolts. It helps to follow what’s going on in cable news if you’re going to comment on it ON A CABLE NEWS BLOG.

  23. I follow cable news, no need for the name-calling. I’d seen the stories about his tumor before, didn’t make the connection. My apologies if that’s the case. When I see him tweeting every five minutes but not hosting two days straight directly after the Monday controversy, I wonder.

  24. No worries, Gnome. I was mostly busting Andy’s chops ’cause we’re friends who disagree about Bashir. You kinda got caught in the crossfire. Sorry about that.

  25. This woman I am filing under one of the dumb blonds on FNC. I used really admire and respect her. Now shes one of the sexist morons on FNC.

    Too much irony. 😉

  26. icemannyr Says:

    A note to FNC, the media is not ignoring the Senator Robert Menendez story as they said on The Five yesterday.

    CNN and other channels have covered the story.

    Some did not rush to cover this story because the story came from a source who went to the conservative news blog The Daily Caller that like other political news blogs is trying to find the next big scandal to publish first.

  27. What Megyn brought up – a lot of people are talking about it – just not in the media. The “Equality” crowd IS treading dangerous waters, no matter how you put it. The equal pay for equal work is one thing. But the equal cost health insurance law — that was dangerous. And this selective service thing is also dangerous water.

  28. In terms of social issues, I’m ultra-liberal. However, there are times when doing something for “equality” to help bring one segment of society up does, as an unintended consequence, punish another segment of society.

  29. icemannyr Says:

    Speaking of irony, Roland Martin was just on CNN’s “Out Front” for a debate segment on if the new Coke desert ad is racist.
    I guess with his twitter comments that makes him an expert.

  30. Is there anyone on television who’s more racist than Touré? I wish SE Cupp would beat the racism out of him, and then I wish Krystal Ball would beat the stupid out of SE.

  31. icemannyr Says:

    The next time Jesse Watters tries to ambush a liberal at a public event as he does on tonight’s episode to Al Gore at a book signing,
    they should respond with it being ironic Watters goes after liberals when he donated to the Obama campaign.

  32. Well then we need to put prefixes to “equality” then. In this case gender equality.

    Earlier today, I had shouted out to my set of some of the comments from the 3 people (including Megyn Kelly.) I think Kelly hit a nerve for me, hence my criticism. To me, I personally believe they need to do one or the other but not both. Require 18 year old women to go into Selective Service or abolish it all together, and I am for the latter.

    My earlier comments probably peaked in the loudness to some readers, and I realize it is a proposed law that has to go through its process. And its really easy to get opinionated during something that is plain speculative. And this is one of the dangers of talk radio on cable television.

    Sadly there is so many other pressing news, and of course the news that is covered are mostly political.

    Again, I still stand on my growing disrespect for Kelly. She’s progressively gotten worse, and this may be the tipping point. She was great until early last year, and now she’s just a joke. Sorry if I am insulting, I am just being direct.

  33. Hannity on why he needs a gun that shoots more than seven bullets.

    “What if there are three intruders and I need to shoot them more than twice?”

  34. I agree with you Steven. “Gender equality” means, just that, “equality”. Some of the things they’ve done have, IMO, unfairly punished males (even if that’s not the intention). You have to go all the way with it. I have no problem with women in combat as long as they meet the physical requirements needed (not a special set of requirements) — our military needs the best of the best. And, yes, women should be required to sign up for Selective Service.

    I have no problem with equal healthcare costs. Actually, I do, because statistically women use healthcare services more than men. Most of my male friends are like me … if you get us in a doctor’s office, you can bet it’s serious and if you get us in a hospital, you can bet it’s life threatening. But, if we’re going to go down that road, why stop at discriminatory health care costs (which aren’t discriminatory at all)? What about auto insurance (which is also mandatory)? Why should I pay more solely because of my gender?

    The “gender equality” movement really is hitting dangerous territory right now. It’s gotten to the point that they don’t think things through. And I’m ultra-liberal on social issues.

  35. — Hannity on why he needs a gun that shoots more than seven bullets.

    “What if there are three intruders and I need to shoot them more than twice?” —

    Which fresh ass did he pick that from?

  36. Unfortunately, he got it from yesterday’s hysterical hearing. The new NRA talking point is bizarre imaginary scenarios in which an individual is being attacked by a small village, and has to shoot his/her way out of it. So now we have to abandon any limits on firepower because an action film may break out in our living rooms.

    Which is horsecrap. These lunatics consider the Second Amendment a carte blanche to arm the country for a war against our own government. They will never stop until stopped. We’re going to stop them.

  37. re Hannity: I just thought his math was funny – three intruders; two shots each is six bullets. He still has one bullet left after shooting each of them twice. He thought his gun would be empty. 😉

  38. Three hundred and fifty million guns privately owned in the USA, and those are just the legally-obtained ones that are known about. Millions of those are high-powered semi-autos. Drugs have been illegal for generations and their proliferation has increased exponentially. Limiting firepower with silly laws won’t even slow it down.

    Lunatics are those who desperately push for laws that have no chance of ever actually solving a problem. Maybe someday you’ll stop the shadow-boxing and begin advocating for changes that really will save lives.

  39. Maybe you’ll stop giving me condescending BS about what you think works and what doesn’t. We disagree. Obviously.

  40. Just last month, the talking point was putting armed guards in schools and arming teachers so a madman with a machine gun would be killed by the mob of good guys with guns. Now, one good guy with a machine can kill a mob of bad guys with guns?

  41. But this talking point about a woman killing five armed intruders with a war weapon does sound like it would be a good scene in a movie. Cast Anne Hathaway for the role of the heroine with the war weapon. 😉

  42. @Joe Because those war weapons are going to protect them from Apache helicopters, F-16s, tanks and drones.

  43. The words are perfectly rational, the response is like that to a fork being stuck in an anthill. 😀

  44. And I see some on the right are badmouthing Gabby Giffords as well, saying she has no right to speak about gun violence since she’s brain damaged from the assassination attempt on her life. Yeah, morons, I’m pretty sure a bullet being placed in her head gives her a right to speak about gun violence.

  45. Kurt Schlichter tweeted some crap like that. Something about “being shot doesn’t mean I have to listen to her trying to take my gun”. Uh, yeah, genius. Her and her husband are gun owners, and they are not proposing taking yours. Dumbfck.

  46. I’m sorry, Al. I get a little bent on this subject. You didn’t deserve that.

  47. Some people don’t understand it. I grew up around DC. The sniper attacks, I was a freshmen in high school. That was terrifying – an entire month knowing you could be shot in your high school parking lot by a madman with a machine gun. No child should ever grow up in that kind of fear. This is the United States, not Afghanistan.

  48. So, yes, children being shot in schools tends to upset other people. The fact that elements of society care more about the war weapons used to kill and the rights of the killers than the children upsets people. The fact that the people advocating more war weapons in the hands of people who are not trained to use them and don’t feel any sympathy at all for the families of those being killed by war weapons upsets people.

  49. I’m gonna have to push back a little on that last one, Andy, at least as it applies specifically to Laura and Al. I don’t believe their stance on gun control translates to “caring more about the war weapons used to kill and the rights of the killers than the children”. Laura in has first-hand experiece with the results of gun violence, and Al has been on the receiving end once the ambulances get to the hospital. They care.

  50. lonestar77 Says:

    “War Weapons”

    Awesome. Except they’re not war weapons. Although, you and Piers Morgan wouldn’t know that.

  51. Brian Stelter‏@brianstelter

    NBC News president Steve Capus, the longest-serving head of a network news division, is leaving. He says it’s his choice.

  52. I can’t take any more of the smirk. Alex Wagner is ANNOYING.

  53. This is for Lonestar, and no one else. Page-down about 15 times, and you’ll see a picture from Chicago Sun Times. It’s worth it.

  54. Bye bye Steve Capus. There is a God.

  55. Jeffrey Goldberg ‏@JeffreyGoldberg
    In honor of Daniel Pearl, Ed Koch’s gravestone will read, “My father is Jewish. My mother is Jewish. I am Jewish.”

    That’s a neat trick. I copy/pasted the tweet, and the link magically appeared.

  56. Alisyn Camerota hosting American Live is a nice break from the overly hyper Megyn Kelly.

  57. Ali is one of my list of the few remaining air staff that is decent on FNC.

    Btw: RIP Ed Koch, the ex-NYC Mayor one of the few remaining true democrats. I saw a story last night he wasn’t doing too well and I was worried that he wouldn’t make it. Its sad day in NY. It’s interestign that he passes on the day a documentary on him releases (was too sick to see the screening earlier this week) and the 100th anni of Grand Central Terminal.

  58. kirsten powers‏@kirstenpowers10

    yes, b/c nobody was conservative b4 –> Al Gore: People Hostile To Liberalism b/c Of Fox News, Talk Radio

    I am SO sick of this act. Every time someone criticizes FNC, Kirsten snaps back just like the conservatives there. Is it in their contract?

  59. ^Well, when the President and a former VP criticize your network a response doesn’t seem excessive.

    I mean those are pretty big guns firing at you, don’tcha think?

    As to the other lesser critics, yeah she needs to know when to move on.

    On Gore’s point: for some reason liberals seem to think that Fox News and talk radio have such a dominance in America that the liberal message can’t get through. Or is being distorted. Or given a bad name.

    There are 150 million or so adults in America. Less than 5% watch Fox or listen to talk radio. If liberalism has a bad name it’s because – fairly or not – its been earned.

    And I’ll add that conservatism, right now, is running a huge risk of tarnishing its brand too.

  60. It would help if Kirsten could stick to the facts. Obama said that Fox News and Rush attack Republicans who compromise to get bills passed. She reacted by saying he was attacking Fox because he was mad at Hannity. It made no sense, and shows her reflexive need to defend The Mothership at all times.

    It’s a weird martyr complex that seems to permeate the entire organization. They have a bunker mentality as an entity under siege, and lash out any time their precious “integrity” is questioned. Cancel Fox & Friends, then tell me about integrity…

  61. “I can’t take any more of the smirk. Alex Wagner is ANNOYING.”

    I didn’t see her show today. Did she have that stupid little grin on her face while reporting on the Middle East Situation Normal??

  62. FOX & Friends is nothing more than a right wing snarkfest. Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy are just too stupid to be on television. Hell, a lot of my conservative friends can’t even tolerate that show.

  63. And Joe, I don’t think Laura and Al want more war weapons on the street. But the NRA does. They don’t care, at all, about the children that were killed. The NRA cares more about the weapon that murdered those children in cold blood.

  64. lonestar77 Says:

    Thanks, Laura. 🙂

  65. Also, it amazes me how much right wing politicians attack the media and the right wing base rallies and cheers and FOX goes on to attack the mainstream media that they’re a part of… but when a left wing politician attacks conservative media outlets, they throw a hissy fit.

    Deal with it, FOX people. The TEA Party became “mainstream” because of FOX News literally promoting and organizing their hatefest rallies for them.

  66. While the US job market is improving ever so slightly, it’s still not enough to keep up with the rate of population growth in the US. The Obama administration can go around saying the US economy is improving but it’s not at a satisfactory level.

  67. Oh Obama cares as much about jobs as he does about debt reduction. The quasi-socialist had one main goal: grow government. Has done a pretty damn good job.

  68. I love watching the F&F parodies on /SNL/ because the real F&F is a sitcom!

  69. The President and his people have been on a crusade against Fox News for five years. This isn’t a one time occurrence.

    It stinks and he needs to get a thicker skin.

    I’d say that if it was a Republican president going after MSNBC or a liberal organization. And the progressives here would be applauding me – in between posting their own criticisms.

    Mr. Obama and Mr. Gore (to a lesser extent) aren’t just “politicians”. The are two folks with huge microphones and a great deal of influence.

    Kudos for Kirsten Powers for taking them on.

    Of course, she’s not a “real” liberal just like Scarborough isn’t a “real” conservative so she doesn’t count.

  70. President Bush and Vice President Cheney DID criticize MSNBC, publicly, a few times.

  71. No, she’s not a real liberal. She goes out of her way to appease conservatives, including taking a particular glee in being the token “liberal” at FNC who bashes other liberals. I have a gaggle of conservative followers on Twitter who seem to think I’m an ok guy, but I don’t kiss up to them by being a jerk about other liberals, or going out of my way to voice opinions I know they’ll like.

    Kirsten Powers is either a moderate conservative, or playing one on television, yet they label her “liberal”. It’s a weird game.

  72. How come the CNBC sticker only has one band for headlines?

    I don’t like Larry LayLow Kudlow, but this is really insane!

    Ether turn the ticker off or do the two band stock crawl!

    Not everyone gets their stocks on their apps or online! And sometimes in a ticker, you might catch a stock you wouldn’t think of checking!

    Memo to the Chyron op for LayLow, get the freckin stock ticker back!

  73. It irritates me the way Kirsten goes out of her way to defend FOX. She knows the things she says just aren’t true, but it’s as if she no longer cares.

  74. Move over Donald Trump. Page Six says Geraldo Rivera is thinking of running for Senate in NJ against Cory Booker or Frank Lautenberg. 🙂

  75. lonestar77 Says:

    President Bush didn’t criticize the press. The press absolutely destroyed him and conservatives wanted him to fight back but he never did. He also never demonized those that protested against him the way Obama does. Obama is as thin skinned as they come. He’s a child.

  76. The press destroyed him? What delusional universe do you live in? For years, the media fired people who criticized him and the moronic decision to invade Iraq.

  77. And drunk driving laws won’t prevent people from driving down 221 after getting hammered at the bar down the road. Guess we shouldn’t do anything about that eithre.

  78. Bunch of crap. It’s right up there with “they’re coming for all the guns”. They pretend we said something we didn’t say – like “gun control will stop shootings” – then mock us for the made up statement. Jerks.

  79. Good analogy, Andy. Neither purchasing alcohol nor purchasing a weapon necessarily means that eitehr will be used to kill someone, but both legal purchases can and are sometimes used that way. Maybe if we banned alcohol sales then drunk driving deaths would reduced.

    Or maybe don’t ban beer & wine sales, just the scary liqueurs because they’re so potent. Who needs to drink this military-grade stuff?

    For decades now we’ve had the ability make purchases using a plastic card that not only correctly debits our own accounts, but also can tell the merchant within seconds whether or not we have funds available. My drivers license also has a similar data strip so I suggest that the individual states mandate an in-store DL (or state ID) swipe for anyone wishing to purchase alcohol. If they’ve had just one DUI conviction, no sale.

  80. I’d respond to that if it made any sense. Sounds like a Bidenism.

  81. Oh…never mind.

  82. Ah well, my handwriting is worse.

  83. Al, the pro-gun morons don’t even want that in terms of guns. They don’t even want to install restrictions to prevent convicted felons from getting guns because “they’ll get them anyways”. It’s nonsense. The NRA doesn’t just oppose new laws, they oppose enforcement of existing laws because, the bottom line, when criminals get their hands on weapons, the gun manufacturers profit.

  84. In most (if not all) states it is already illegal for convicted felons to possess guns. They continue to do so anyway. There are no provisions in any legislation thus far proposed that would change this fact. The current debate on the subject has not been focused on convicted felons, anyway. It has been about the recent rash of mass killings and, as best I can tell, none of the proposals include anything to address this problem, either.

  85. Did FNC become the Eric Bolling Channel? He’s on more than O’Reilly, the star of the network.

  86. Al, the thing is, background checks, for one, allow us to see if felons are attempting to purchase guns. Mandate universal background checks, that even the overwhelming majority of gun owners support, and impose mandatory sentences for convicted felons who attempt to purchase firearms.

    There are other things I’ve seen… such as gun rights advocates demanding people with illegally owned firearms be let off the hook because “guns save lives”. That’s the bottom line – they do not care if criminals have guns and they think the solution is everybody owning firearms.

  87. The NRA is made up of four million members like me that don’t need this dumbass, prick telling us what we think and want.

  88. “In most (if not all) states it is already illegal for convicted felons to possess guns. They continue to do so anyway.”

    ^^It is; but if you you can’t check to see if they are possessing guns the laws have no teeth. It’s as if you ban drunk driving but don’t allow the police to check for drunk drivers.

    Universal background checks are like breathalyzer checks; they can’t stop you from drinking and driving but they can catch some of those who do and prevent others from drinking and driving over fear they might get caught.

  89. Fritz, do you know thats the same logic the voter id people use?

    If we dont check for ids how do we know there isnt a large amount of fraud? You ban voter id fraud but dont allow elect judges to check id for fraud.

    I have no problem with background checks as long as they are free or at a low cost and easy to get.

  90. “do you know thats the same logic the voter id people use?”

    ^^ I have no problem with voter id laws as long as it costs the voter nothing, reasonable limits are placed on proof of id and there is plenty of time allowed to obtain the id. The states promoting the id restrictions were using it to suppress the vote not find voter fraud.

  91. You could also say the people promoting these Gun control laws are about supressing guns sales. Looking at Bidens stuff it NOT about safety.

    I would also point out that most of the people who want people to show id to vote are not about suppressing the vote. I would like to see everyone who is leagl to vote….vote…..but maybe since ive been a Elec judge in the past…I think its nuts that you dont have to show an id to do it.

  92. Universal background checks are like breathalyzer checks…

    No, not really. A breathalyser is used after an illegal act has been observed and is merely a method of putting a number on how much the arrested driver has had to drink for use as evidence in court. The background check for gun purchases, on the other hand, is performed without any reason to believe that a crime has been or ever will be committed.

    A fundamental precept of American freedom is that citizens are free to go about legal activities without encountering undo burdens from their government… assumed to be law-abiding unless convicted otherwise. The government has a big hurdle to get over in order for there to be an exception to this, and even then the restriction imposed must pose the least possible burden onto the citizen.

    Background checks for the purchase of a firearm can – even at a gun show – meet this requirement, but it needs to be almost instant. If i get pulled over for a traffic violation and the officer discovers narcotics in the bag locked in my trunk, it takes about a minute and a half for the officer to verify my DEA number showing my possession of those drugs is perfectly legal. So I don’t think it too much of a burden on the government to find a way of providing near-instant background verification.

  93. Al, the thing is, background checks, for one, allow us to see if felons are attempting to purchase guns.

    Only the stupid felons would try to purchase firearms through legal means. First because doing so creates a paper trail and second because guns are easier and much less expensive to buy through illegal means. As a deterrence on armed criminal activity, background checks do absolutely nothing.

    For those with diagnosed mental problems, though, that’s a different matter. Unfortunately, there is no reliable database available that would make this work. The technology exists but what about existing medical privacy rights? Would this database be public record? Psychiatric diagnoses are not the exact science we wish they were, so at what level do we mandate that the name goes on the list? Would the physician be held liable for patients pegged one notch below that level and who suddenly went berserk? If the physician errs on the side of caution, some f these patients will suddenly become unqualified for the jobs they hold – even if they had no intention of ever buying a weapon.

    But hurry up and pass something. Clean up the mess left in its wake later.

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