What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…

Post your nominations for this week’s What’s Hot/What’s Not. I’ll post the finalists on Sunday night…


52 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…”

  1. NOT HOT: CNN covering Beyonce’s press conference in it’s entirety when there’s breaking news in their backyard.

  2. The amount of coverage Beyonce got this week – it was journalistic malpractice. There are big news stories going on (especially in the Middle East) – stuff like that doesn’t even merit a 30 second blip in the 7am newscasts on HLN.

  3. Grandpa Dave Says:

    HOT: Steve Capus leaves NBC News.
    HOT: MSNBC creative editing
    HOT: Cuomo to CNN
    HOT: Whitaker, Carville, Matalin, Erickson leaving CNN

    NOT: Speculation and Rumors about further CNN changes.
    “Those that talk don’t know and those that know don’t talk.”

  4. NOT: The groundhog has a 39% accuracy rate. I feel so cheated.

  5. We’re gonna win that battle. Don’t worry, be happy.

  6. Still stupid after all these weeks.

  7. Right wing dumbassophere is underestimating progressive grassroots activism again I see.

  8. TYRANNY! Moron.

  9. Tales told by idiots and morons. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!

  10. Gee, let’s have a pointless, moronic “discussion” of gun control on the Hot/Not thread, because we’re all so fcking brilliant.

  11. Hot: Steve Capus dumped. Spending more time with his family. Pray for them.

  12. savefarris Says:

    Andy/Joe: if the left were winning, they wouldn’t be trying to change the subject to immigration.

    HOT: MSNBC’s editing bay.
    HOT: Roster turnover in Atlanta

    NOT: There’s a reason the MSM is spending all their time talking Beyonce. Otherwise, they might have to spend a millisecond on the smoking crater where our economy used to be.

  13. It wasn’t MY idea to dump that crap in this thread.

  14. but the poor kitty could resist playing with the thread.


  15. Don’t make me separate you two!

  16. You drop NRA lunacy on me, you’re gonna get pushback. Every time.

  17. For my Hot & Nots, see Grandpa Dave post above and add:

    Not: Soledad O’Brien. Her CNN status is… circling the drain.

  18. NOT HOT: Someone please tell MSNBC it’s time to pull the plug on Lockup.

  19. Andy why would MSNBC pull a show that on the weekends does better in the rating than there weekday primetime shows do?

    I should be a regular MSNBC viewer but about all I watch is lockup now days. Its like watching a AD for the DNC that plays over and over again I voted for Obama and I cant watch more than 5 min before it makes me sick. Last Sun’s 10pm sun Predator block did better than any show MSNBC has in primetime live all week by far….and we are talking 100th repeat.

    If you have a news network that almost no one turns to for real news what else can you do?

    If theres a breaking news story who would turn on MSNBC 1st?

  20. I enjoy Rachel and Lawrence – but Ed, Chris and Al get on my nerves in world record time.

  21. Very HOT: The MSNBC scandalous editing practice they hadn’t learned from the past. To be quite honest, it was pretty slick trick to layman viewer because I had a hard time looking at the difference between the original and the edit.

    Hot: Steve Capus leaving, this could be an interesting what will be happening to the NBC News division in the coming months.

  22. The MSNBC story is ridiculous. Those gun nuts were disrespectful a$$holes, and the extended clip makes them look worse.

  23. If the extended clip made them “look worse”, then MS would have shown the whole thing. Seems as though everyone recognizes the truth but you.

  24. still clings to his anti-gun and anti-bible philosophy of denial when confronted with the undeniable.

  25. icemannyr Says:

    Hot mess: CNN and the coming changes to shows and talent.

    Not: Wayne LaPierre was before Universal Background Checks in 1999 before he was against them in 2013.

  26. Anti-Bible? You’re an idiot.

  27. MSNBC shortened the clip to what they thought was the important part, because the longer version tells the same story: The gun nuts shouted at a grieving father about having their precious AR15s restricted. It was disgusting.

  28. Let. It. Go. Your precious liberal network lied to its audience, and you defend them because you don’t care. If Fox did the same thing, I’d admit it. You don’t care because you’re totally irrational, particularly since this event happened. You do not care what the truth is, so long as it makes pro-gun people look bad. That’s disgusting.

  29. The retreat on “Whatever-it-takes” as an appropriate ends-accomplishment strategy was a tactical retreat from a moment of raw honesty. Deception okay if you can get away with it? Well hell ya, baby! … Even when you can’t.

  30. Alert: Occupy San Francisco sabotage of power at Superbowl a blow to corporations!

    See, I can lie for the cause. GO RAVENS!

  31. NOT HOT: Superbowls played indoors at night.

  32. ‏@jaketapper
    Zeppo Harbaugh, the 3rd and unloved brother, off somewhere cackling

  33. I’m right, you’re wrong. That’s the way it is. Go Niners. Today would be good..

  34. The lie is acceptable as long as it supports your cause. The ends justify the means. Whatever it takes.

  35. I believe what I say. And the Niners heard me. So there.

  36. Try to follow the conversation. MSNBC lied. You’re okay with it because you don’t like the people that they lied about. What you “believe” is irrelevant. You’re okay with a network that lies, as long as it feeds your irrational hate. Yay team.

  37. And this game..I couldn’t begin to care less, but it’s funny. You could almost predict it as they sat there waiting.

  38. agree… with all points.

  39. I believe Obama is a Communist alien from the planet Twilow. Prove me wrong.

  40. I’ve defended you against the accusation of not caring, so back off. I don’t believe MSNBC thought the different clips sent different messages. They don’t.

  41. I don’t need your defense, thank you!

  42. Hint, the entire band isn’t out of step, you are.

  43. Aside from calling be a liar, you’ve made the accusation of “not caring”. So thanks a bunch for the “defense”. And how about drop the damn subject, for once.

  44. SH|T. “calling ‘me'”.

  45. savefarris Says:

    NOT HOT: Superbowls played indoors at night.

    NOT HOTTER: You’d rather next years, at night, outdoors, up north?

  46. icemannyr Says:

    Andy, on Fridays MSNBC has returned “The Last Word.” to 10pm and replays the prime time shows overnight instead of airing old shows.

  47. “The band” is 5 people. I think I can manage to disagree with 5 people without straining anything.

  48. MSNBC doesn’t have to worry about a bunch of media writers whose word is taken at face-value when they criticize Fox. As long as they give the viewers what they want…sound familiar?

  49. Funny that MSNBC is truly faux news.

  50. and you lost the damn game too!

  51. It would have been a nightmare if San Fran won. Baltimore would have burned to the ground, and the conspiracy theories were probably set before the game was over.

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