What’s Hot/What’s Not: 01/03/13

What’s Hot:

Chris Cuomo – Cuomo bolted ABC for CNN. Score another hire for Jeff Zucker…

Mark Whitaker departs CNN – Can’t have too many chefs in CNN’s kitchen I guess…

James Carville, Mary Matalin, and Erik Erickson depart CNN – Will the last person departing CNN please turn the lights out?

Steve Capus – Must be the week to depart news networks or something because Capus is leaving NBC News…

What’s Not:

MSNBC – MSNBC got caught again using edited video in its daytime news operation. MSNBC’s response to this was to not address the matter at all other than to play the whole video.

Starting Point – Can you say “Dead show walking”?

Dining on Ashes? – Leaks (apparently) from Team Starting Point paint a picture of promises unfulfilled by CNN brass.

The Most Trusted Name in Beyonce News – CNN’s decision to cover Beyonce’s press conference live shows the not so invisible hand of Jeff Zucker at work. Up next? The latest on Justin Bieber no doubt. There’s absolutely not truth to the rumor that Zucker is working hard to bring Mary Hart out of retirement. Hopefully…

5 and 1 – No comment.


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