Free for All: 02/04/2013

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64 Responses to “Free for All: 02/04/2013”

  1. As a six-year participant in Scouting, I’d just as soon politicians stay the hell away from it. That means all of them.

  2. How much flack is FOX News getting for the tough interview of Wayne LaPierre by Chris Wallace.
    Is FNC going to try and avoid talking about the interview?
    If it was NBC doing the same interview they would be ranting about the media bias.

  3. He seems to have forgotten his boss complaining about Rush, well before Fox was even a concept. Even when they are billionaires or the most powerful people in the world, liberals cannot stop being whiny little snots who can’t bear criticism.

  4. savefarris Says:

    Old & Busted: Faux Noise is SOOOO biased to the right. You can prove it by all the softball interviews of their friends and allies.

    New Hotness: Faux Noise is SOOOO biased to the right. You can tell because imaginary viewers are complaing about how mean the network was to an ally.

  5. That was only one interview, and it’s not like it was O’Reilly or hannity… Chris Wallace is actually one of the only Fox personalities who does tough interviews. He’s done it before and gotten credit from liberals, too.

    Moveon dot org.

  6. I’m not asking FNC to criticize Chris Wallace,
    would you agree though if they are going to be fair and balanced they should at least cover the FOX News Sunday interview as a story in the on going gun control debate?

  7. If it were a big deal, maybe. Didn’t grab me much.

  8. icemannyr Says:

    CNN apparently bans use of the NYC Studio 9am to 7pm.
    11am is always in the newsroom and Brooke is in NYC today and using the newsroom.
    It looks so small market TV.

  9. Media matters definitely isn’t giving Fox or Wallace any flack for the interview… he deservedly gets praise from them.

  10. I guess CBS isn’t making much of CBS’s lapse of power at the Super Bowl. Surprising.


    Just kidding, it’s soccer.

  12. Has Fox reported the end of the hostage situation in AL? Still in a commercial.

  13. icemannyr Says:

    All news channel are covering the breaking news that the kidnapper is dead and the child is safe.

    CNN is covering the story.

    FNC has The Five covering the story as they skip the regular show topics for now.

    MSNBC has stayed with Martin covering the breaking news.
    I’m guessing Hardball is being taped for 7pm and will be joined in progress during the 5pm hour.

  14. Martin Bashir is tolerable when he’s doing breaking news coverage. It’s strange to see him anchoring and not being a pompous.

  15. icemannyr Says:

    Does CNN still simulcast “The Situation Room” on CNN International?
    I noticed CNN News Room from Hong Kong is on CNNi.

  16. Hardball is on now.

  17. I’m shocked CNN didn’t spend all day talking about Beyoncé. Honestly, I thought that was the worst Super Bowl Halftime Show ever but everyone in the media and everyone on my FB thinks it was the greatest performance in the history of the world. I guess I didn’t like it because I like, well, music.

  18. icemannyr Says:

    I agree with you. For me the half time show was very boring.
    The NFL went away from having pop music artists after the Janet incident and went to more older pop artists and classic rock bands and now they are going back to pop artists.

  19. Halftime was lame. Beyonce hasn’t had a hit since that annoying “Ring On It” thing, and she’s a boring performer. She doesn’t connect with the audience, she just prances around impressing us with her supreme hotness. Boring.

  20. On the heels of Steve Capus resigning as President of NBC News late last week, WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin took it upon herself in a Sunday column to offer tips to the network. Among her pearls of wisdom:

    “[D]ump David Gregory as host of ‘Meet the Press.’”
    “[S]teal Jan Crawford Greenburg from CBS…”
    “Get some capable conservatives (instead of a left, lefter and leftist panel) and New Media liberals” for the roundtable shows.
    Designate MSNBC’s prime time lineup as “entertainment” rather than news.

  21. The Situation Room still airs on CNN International at 11:00 pm ET. At 10:00 pm after PMT live, CNNI replays a pre-closing bell business news show and then broadcasts the last hour of TSR. CNN International… the most trusted name in replays and delays.

  22. You’ll never find any Beyonce songs on my iPod, and there is a steely soullessness to everything she does. But it was an energetic, commanding ‘performance’.

    You will find a lot of classic rock on my iPod, but they’ve overdosed on aging baby boomer favorites, with very mixed results. As I recall them, grades since the infamous 2004 meltdown:

    2004 (Janet Jackson etc.): F
    2005 (Paul McCartney): D
    2006 (The Rolling Stones): C
    2007 (Prince): A
    2008 (Tom Petty): B
    2009 (Bruce Springsteen): C
    2010 (The Who): B
    2011 (The Black Eyed Peas): B
    2012 (Madonna): C
    2013 (Beyonce): C

    Oh crap wait, this is a cable news blog.

  23. ^Black Eyed Peas got a B? You’re joking, right?

  24. icemannyr Says:

    It’s bad enough Hannity starts his show with insulting names for the President “Campaigner in Chief.” and “The anointed one”.
    He follows that up with the awful Ann Coulter as his first guest.
    Two far right loons.

  25. icemannyr Says:

    Another flop flop, Wayne LaPierre was for gun free school zones in 1999 before he was against them in 2013.

  26. Gun-free zones are bullsh\t. Background checks are useless, but at least arguable. Gun-free zones do nothing but harm.

  27. That one makes no sense to me. I’m all for children not being in an area that has guns, but I wouldn’t announce it to the world.

  28. I was going to put a ‘Mosquito Free Zone’ sign in my back yard hoping that by wishing it so would make it so.

  29. A Jehovah Free Zone might be nice. I’ll buy your cookies, but my church is fine.

  30. I might try to convert those Watch Tower porch ploppers into the First Church of God and Amway.

  31. icemannyr Says:

    Bill O’Reilly’s reaction to the Taco Bell Superbowl ad was comical.
    He was literally outraged that seniors were being mocked because he did not get the concept of the ad.
    Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams disagreed with him of course Bill was right and they were wrong according to Bill O’Reilly.

  32. the Super Bowl blackout afterall was all George Bush’s Fault! It’s always the previous administration that has messed up everything!

    I didn’t watch much of the general news today, I’m glad that 5yr old is safe.

    @icemannyr, do you mean the NYC CNN newsroom is more like a network O&O station than a “small market station”?

    Please apologize to the “small market” viewers. I’m offended, as someone who lives in a borderline small market himself! 😛

  33. icemannyr Says:

    Ok, small market might be a bad word choice as some of their news rooms might work better as a studio. 😛

    To me it just looks bad that CNN won’t do their 11am NYC based show or the 2pm-4pm when it’s done in NYC from an actual studio.
    Like I said when they have a guest on the shows done from the NYC newsroom the background on the camera shot is not very attractive.

  34. I’ve seen video of the NYC based newsroom, and its a pretty open workspace behind the backdrop. Its not that bad of a newsroom, maybe its bad when it comes to a decent studio.

    I’m a little lost since I didn’t know they went to NY in the midday. I’ll need to see some video or watch it tomorrow if I don’t forget and have the time. I also don’t know the studio arraignments for CNN NY, which makes it a little difficult for me to figure out.

    BTW: Was the current newsroom area or adjacent studio part of the old CNNfn? IIRC, to the right of the newsroom is the large glass window showing Columbus Circle or am I off?

  35. By Michael Isikoff
    National Investigative Correspondent, NBC News

    A confidential Justice Department memo concludes that the U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be “senior operational leaders” of al-Qaida or “an associated force” — even if there is no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the U.S.

    o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

    And you thought pouring a little water down their nose was so bad?

  36. jackyboy: Oops, that was supposed to be a D, my mistake.

  37. What’s CNN advertising for tomorrow’s Situation Room? Alcohol + Diet Soda could be harmful to your health.

  38. Fox News Alert: FNC has gotten a new graphics package I am assuming began yesterday? I knew something was in the works as I noticed the Eurofont used on the upper right live bug late last year and some News Alert crawls was using Eurofont too.

    I don’t think its the best font the way its being used.

  39. I like the subtext used in the Fox Facts ROTS graphic, that could be a decent font to use on the lower thirds…

  40. On this subject listen to me, not the idiot-moron. Only chance of a gun control measure making it into law is background check enhancement. Not a bad thing in my opinion, but doubt much good will actually come from it.

  41. icemannyr Says:

    Steven, if you are talking about “America’s Newsroom” They have had the new graphics package since last week.

  42. Gnome, Beyonce only got a C? But Michelle Obama tweeted after halftime that Beyonce was wonderful and she is so proud of her. Proud?

  43. @icemannyr. Yes to your question. I haven’t watched that program in a while.

    Is this yet another gfx package that is going to roll out in the coming years? Some of the taped programs are still using the 2009 package and never got the late 2011 update.

    You’d think their gfx system would be so tight knit that all programs would get it in days or weeks and not years.

  44. I’m so ambidextrous, I meant to say in an earlier comment, the newer live bug (local time/location) was on the upper left. I said right. Opps.

  45. icemannyr Says:

    That seems to be the FNC way that some shows use the same graphics package and others do don’t, though I believe only America’s Newsroom is using this new graphics package.

  46. I don’t see new graphics on FOX. They have the same, enormous, ugly graphics right now.

  47. as Icemannyr states, it appears that America’s Newsroom is using the “new” graphics package.

  48. Gnome, Beyonce only got a C? But Michelle Obama tweeted after halftime that Beyonce was wonderful and she is so proud of her. Proud?

    Beyonce is a black woman. Michelle is a black woman. It’s Black History Month. The First Lady did the proper First Lady move under these circumstances. It’s going to be ok.

  49. Black History Month:
    Fredrick Douglas
    George Washington Carver
    Martin Luther King

    Har Har Har

  50. FISHBOWL_DC reports John King is Safe on CNN Survivor:
    CNN’s John King, long thought to be on the outs with the network after “John King USA” went belly up and personal issues marred internal relations, has had his contract renewed. In the game of CNN Survivor, under the new regime of President Jeff Zucker, King is safe. Others may not be as fortunate. There are murmurings that Candy Crowley may be contemplating a change and that she’s not among Zucker’s favorites….

    Doesn’t appreciate eye Candy?

  51. icemannyr Says:

    Here’s the old and new FNC graphics, side by side.
    It’s not a totally new graphics package.
    They are using the same template with an updated theme.

  52. lonestar77 Says:

    Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe:

    Even I don’t think Ms. Obama was thinking about Beyonce’s skin color or Black History Month when she tweeted her. Lawd, you libs need to clear your heads every once in a while.

  53. Not totally new, but there are some tweaks to the gfx.

    My only gripe is can they establish character limits so someone (like my grandmother) can see the lower third clearly.

    FNC and other news nets tend not to and its annoying.

  54. @HowardKurtz
    Breaking: Fox News not renewing Dick Morris’ contract after he wrongly insisted that Mitt Romney would trounce Obama in a landslide

  55. Did she tweet the same thing about Madonna? I kinda doubt it, but you’re missing the point anyway. Carol seems to think it’s odd for Michelle to tell Beyonce she’s proud of her. I do not find it odd. In other news..


    Breaking: Fox News not renewing Dick Morris’ contract after he wrongly insisted that Mitt Romney would trounce Obama in a landslide

  56. lonestar77 Says:

    But, really, is ANYBODY proud of Madonna? Methinks not.

  57. Good point 😉

  58. Morris has all the credibility of the MSNBC Editing Department.

  59. Morris is scheduled to appear on CNN on Wednesday? Oh, Zuck me!

  60. Why does FNC insist on rolling out new graphics every year? The BBC managed to survive with the same ones for 4 yrs and their new ones are only slightly different from the previous ones. It’s not like FNC produces nice graphics most of the time. They too big and distracting.
    FNC could also reduce the size of the crawl. Does anyone read that thing? Then again, it’s the only place to get news on that channel during primetime.

  61. So, Zucker’s plan for CNN is to turn it in to FOX-Lite?

  62. lonestar77 Says:

    George Zimmerman’s brother just made Piers Morgan look like the activist fool he is.

  63. @ Outsider

    Yes FNC has made some really over the top graphics, but it isn’t as bad compared to the past, or even CNBC for that manner. I think CNBC tried doing that to get ratings, which has only gone down than up!

    I loved FNC’s graphics they used a decade or so ago. It was pretty edgy, colorful and a little sexy.

    You mention the crawl? Yes people read them. Should they be sitting to read a whole story that takes two minutes to stream by the crawl? No. Should they lay off the RSS wire feeds and go backwards and use a sentence or two to have a story there (ala a local morning newscast?) Yes.

    My real concern is not necessarily the distraction of the graphics, my concern is they font size and font itself is the issue. If you are attempting to put a full article on a lower third w/o any character limits I strongly disagree. Going back to the decade old graphic package used a nice Franklin Gothic (?) font with legible size. The crawl used that font for years before they went Helvetica (The Great Late-2006 Graphics Fail I call it) and made the crawl’s backdrop translucent!

    Someone should had been fired for implementing that horrific package!

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